Red Bull changes Ricciardo engine parts

Red Bull changes Ricciardo engine parts
By AutoSport

16/07/2017 at 12:48

Daniel Ricciardo will take several new engine components for the British Grand Prix, with Red Bull taking the opportunity to get a brand new MGU-H in to his pool of available parts.

The Australian suffered a turbo failure in Q1 at Silverstone, which left him bottom overall on the timesheets.

However, he was due to start from the penultimate place on the grid because of the 30-place grid drop Fernando Alonso was forced to take.

With little to lose for changing components, Red Bull has elected to fit a new internal combustion engine, turbocharger, MGU-H and MGU-K to Ricciardo's car for the race.

The MGU-H is the only component that goes beyond the four he is allowed for the season, so it means a 10-place grid penalty - although that is not enough to drop him behind Alonso.

Speaking about his problem on Saturday, Ricciardo said: "I think it was something to do with the turbo, that was the first noise I heard which didn't sound healthy.

"I have no idea how an engine works still but I know what a turbo sounds like.

"That started making some really strange noises and I was losing power with that.

"Then from an engine safety mode point of view, everything switches off."