Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will race in Abu Dhabi on level pegging on 369.5 points after the current world champion won an incident-strewn Saudi Arabian Grand Prix to set up an incredible end to the F1 season.
The race was suspended twice and saw multiple incidents between the title contenders.
The Saudi Arabian GP was the first time Verstappen could have won the drivers' championship. He had, with one race after the Jeddah round - the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - an eight-point advantage and, thus, could have fashioned an unassailable lead. However, after a series of controversial incidents the pair go to the last round level at the top of the standings. The 24-year-old leads the championship because he has won more races this season, so Hamilton will have to beat the Red Bull driver to win an eighth world title.
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Verstappen started in P3 behind the pair of Mercedes after hitting a barrier in his last lap of qualifying on Saturday night. And, in the early stages, the Mercedes raced away and looked set to cruise to the win, but a Mick Schumacher crash forced the safety car out and changed the complexion of the race. Verstappen stayed out to take track position as Bottas and Hamilton went into the pits early for hard tyres.
A suspension of the race followed and that allowed the Red Bull driver to change tyres under the red flag period and retain track position. Hamilton passed his title rival from the standing start but the Red Bull forced the Brit wide as he hit back before another collision - between George Russell in the Williams and Nikita Mazepin in the Haas - brought another suspension.
From the restart - and following debate between Red Bull and the race director - Verstappen started third behind Esteban Ocon in first and Hamilton in second. The championship leader managed to pass Hamilton but there was much more drama to come, with the seven-time champion having a pace advantage over Verstappen.
And with 37 laps go came the moment that defined the race - and perhaps the title battle - as Hamilton attempted a pass, and appeared first into the corner. However, he was forced wide and went off track along with Verstappen. Red Bull were told to cede the lead to Hamilton. Verstappen did slow down but the Mercedes race ran into the back of him, meaning Verstappen retained the lead for a further six laps until he ceded, having been given a five-second penalty for leaving the track.
Of the incident, the Red Bull driver said:
I slowed down, I wanted to let him by, I was on the right but he didn't want to overtake and we touched. I don't really understand what happened there.
The seven-time F1 champion would win the race from there.
Both racers would be summoned to the stewards after the race for an alleged breach of Breach of Article 2 (d) Chapter IV Appendix L of the FIA International Sporting Code.


Hamilton kept his cool and his temper when others in his team were demonstrably losing theirs. Verstappen now needs to look at his rival and realise the cooler head has dragged him back in. For all the endurance and stamina of the Briton, Verstappen needs to be given a dressing down by his peers - if he keeps driving like this for the rest of his career, he could hurt someone seriously.


Lap 9/50 - Hamilton moving away from Bottas
As you might expect with a clear run ahead of him, Hamilton puts in another fastest effort. He is now 2.5 seconds ahead of his teammates. This is his to lose.
Lap 11/50 - Verstappen leads
Russell has moved past Stroll in the pits into 18th. The Mercedes are coming out, while Verstappen is set to stay out and he is now into pole.
Lap 12/50 - Verstappen radge
'Bottas is massively off the pace!' complained Verstappen. That held up Verstappen, and the stewards may look at that now. It's gamesmanship, clearly, but is it obvious enough to deserve censure?
A red flag. This is bigger than huge. It's large. The safety barriers need a repair, and that could be vital for Red Bull. The cars have to go back in to pit now, but that means Verstappen - who has pole position - can now change his tires. Oooooooooooooooooooh.
Lap 15/50 - RESTART
The lights go off! Hamilton pelts forward and Hamilton takes the lead, Verstappen comes back at him, cuts him off, Ocon is into second, and there is a huge collision somewhere at the back. Verstappen was super aggressive there - I think he's been naughty.
Red flag!
Lap 37/50 - Hamilton attacks
Verstappen refuses to yield as Hamilton uses DRS, gets into the slipstream, and Verstappen cuts into him again. 'That guy is crazy, man!' Verstappen may have invited an investigation.
Lap 37/50 - Hamilton runs into Verstappen!
Verstappen is told to give the place back by his team, and he puts on the brakes suddenly in front of Hamilton and the two collide. It breaks Hamilton's wings. Verstappen has appeared to be pretty cynical there.
Lap 41/50 - Verstappen and Hamilton's teams argue
The two teams are arguing over who told what, when. It's an absolute mess and Verstappen might have the benefit of the doubt if he didn't keep putting other drivers at risk.
Lap 43/50 Verstappen back in front
Verstappen lets Hamilton through, engages DRS, and then gets hit by a five-second penalty.


Verstappen refuses to yield as Hamilton uses DRS, gets into the slipstream, and Verstappen cuts into him again. 'That guy is crazy, man!' Verstappen may have invited an investigation.


Ocon and Hamilton touch! Verstappen goes into the lead, legitimately. up the inside. Ocon is in second. Mary Poppins!
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