Schumacher, the son of seven-times world champion Michael, is favourite to win the European F3 title this weekend.
The logical step would be for the 19-year-old to move to F2, an opinion held by F1 Managing Director Ross Brawn, but Stroll thinks that step could be skipped.
Stroll said “it’s very driver-dependent,” when it was put to him by RaceFans.
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“I don’t think there’s a right or wrong. Some drivers get a chance to get into Formula 1 and you have to go for it. Other drivers are in different situations. It’s very dependent from driver to driver, everyone has their own unique situation.”

Lance Stroll (Williams) - Grand Prix of Azerbaidjan 2017

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Stroll added that he had been impressed by Schumacher’s efforts with his former team.
“He’s done a really good job, especially in the second half of the season. Looks like he’s put it all together.” The Canadian added.
“The championship’s not over yet, I hope he can seal the deal.
“He’s got a pretty good gap. I hope for himself and the team they can finish it.”
Stroll, himself 19, also explained the differences between the cars driven in the different classes.
“Coming from F3 to F1 the hardest thing to get used to was not the power but setting up the car and adjusting to F1’s high-degradation tyres," Stroll explained.
“The power you get used to quickly, it’s really how to optimise the car. The tyres also.
“It’s definitely a big jump from Formula Three, you’re looking at like 15 seconds – probably more – 20 seconds of lap time depending on the track. It’s definitely a big jump.”
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