23/09/11 - 3:30 PM
Singapore Grand Prix
Marina Bay Street Circuit • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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We'll be back for Free Practice 3 on Saturday at 13:00 UK time, before qualifying at 16:00 UK time. Join us then!


The timesheets look like this: Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Massa, Webber, Schumacher, Sutil, Perez, Kobayashi, Button


Di Resta on supersofts rushes up to 13th as the last drivers finish off their laps.




Di Resta trying to eke out a little more time on track in these dying moments - no such luck for Button.


Maldonado has missed the turn at 13 - luckily for him, there's enough run-off there to get around without causing the yellow flags to come out.


Hamilton posts a 1:53.5 - it's about a second off where Vettel is lapping. If this is any reflection of how the race will unfold, McLaren are some way off both Red Bull and Ferrari.


Hamilton, who has been ragged in this session, misses the chicane, but manages to get around the back of it without a bruising trip over the kerb.


Vettel finds a 1:52.4, so his pace is holding and even improving as he continues the stint.


Schumacher on his comparable run posts a 1:55 - that's some way off the pace.


Alonso's pace shows no sign of wavering - it certainly looks impressive.


The Renault team tell Petrov that his KERS has failed. Just what you need when your younger, less experienced team-mate is already quicker than you.


Di Resta is in the car and some fuel is being loaded up. Looks like he might get some running time.


Certainly surprising times on the face of it - you'd expect teams to be near full fuel capacity, as Singapore is hard on fuel - but they may not be running comparable loads.


Long run times - Alonso crosses in 1:52.3 (0.5 secs faster than Vettel), Hamilton 1:53.3 (0.5 seconds slower). Good news for Ferrari in the race?


Button-watch - still no sign. Everyone except Button, Alguersuari and Schumacher are out on track.


Webber half a second slower than Vettel on what looks to be the same sort of run. The German just seems to have found that edge almost all-season long.


Practice start for Alonso from the pits.


Vettel around in a 1:52.737, some way off his best time of the day.


Turn 7 exit kerb catches Rosberg out. Another car's floor scraped.


Di Resta still in the pits, no sign of Button going anywhere either. Time running out for the two British.


Vettel and Alonso back out, haven't seen the tyres yet but it may well be the 'long-run' test on the supersoft tyres, simulating the start of the race on Sunday.


A little lull in proceedings as the drivers prepare for the final 20 minutes - will we see any improvements in time or will the drivers revert to longer runs?


The multiple-world champion puts his Mercedes sixth with a 1:48.418. Rosberg down in 14th, but yet to go out on the supersofts.


Hamilton posts a 1:47.1 to move up to third - that's a bit more like what he had in mind. Schumacher looks much improved as well on this lap.


Hamilton abandons another attempt at a lap. Really struggling to put it all together for a lap.


Jaime Alguersuari has a mechanical problem and won't be continuing - coupled with Buemi's accident that's a poor ending to Toro Rosso's day in Singapore.


Surprise return to the pits from Vettel, who had backed off on the last lap. Usually racers tend to stay out on the supersofts for a little while longer.


Hamilton backs off his flying lap after making a mistake at turn 13. It's been a very ordinary session for McLaren so far, though there is still time to make amends.


That Vettel time is considerably better than his team-mate, who for the moment is nine-tenths behind in fourth place.


Vettel back on top: 1:46.374. Do either Ferrari or McLaren have any answers to that?


Stuil leaps up to sixth with a 1:48.8 on the supersoft tyres. A frustrated Paul Di Resta watches on as his team-mate flies, still no sign that the Scot is getting back into his car.


15th for Kovalainen, much better from Lotus after a hard afternoon.


Vettel was quickest of all through sector one, but then had to negotiate a backmarker, and has eased off. The German certainly appears to have more pace available.


Belting lap from Alonso! He makes some of the gains that team-mate Massa missed in the final sector, and posts a 1:46.575.


Sure enough, the flags are cleared. Big names on track at the moment are Massa, Vettel, and Alonso.


Buemi knew he was in trouble, but managed to get the car into a relatively good spot for the stewards despite not really being able to turn left. Should hopefully be a minimal delay to the session.


Yellow flags - Buemi loses it on turn 21 and puts his front right wheel into the wall. Big impact, and he grinds to a halt just before the end of the lap.


Whoops! Schumacher loses the rear of his car. He's really attacking the track, but manages to avoid a tangle with the wall. Interestingly, he's on regular softs, not the option tyre.


Despite the ungainly negotiation of the chicane, Kobayashi up to sixth on the timesheets.


Button is back into the pits. He's made it back cosniderably quicker than his car.


Kobayashi meets the kerb at the Singapore Sling chicane - without having had an accident, he's been involved in a few close shaves this session.


Massa loses a little of his advantage, but still goes quickest with a 1:47.120.


Massa quickest of everyone in the first sector - and extends that advantage in the second...


Senna up to seventh in a 1:50.241 - the first option tyre time, still some way behind the Red Bulls. Will he get a second, quicker lap out of those tyres?


Halfway through the session - it's been all Red Bull so far - can anyone make a dent on them in qualifying mode?


Senna, Massa amongst the first riders to put on the quick tyres.


We may well see the times start to dip - the supersoft tyres are going to get an outing or two.


Word from Force India is that Di Resta has been struck with a hydraulic problem. So that's delays for all three British drivers. Yellow flags are no longer flying.


All a bit subdued as Jenson hitches a motorbike lift back to the pits. The stewards, meanwhile, are trying to work out how to get the car off track and back to McLaren...


Button gets out of the car and walks away. He's far from happy. The car will have to be removed by the cranes, and is that the end of his session?


'It's not working', Jenson tells his engineers. That's not good news.


Jenson Button has had an incident - he's run wide at turn 14 and is facing the barrier - he needs to reverse out of trouble, but there's no room and his brakes are smoking...


Hamilton down to 1:48.390, but still more than a second behind Vettel. The yellow flags are out...


Di Resta set a decent time to sit 11th on his first run, but his seocnd run is held up as his mechanics remove the floor of his car to investigate a problem he reported.


Singapore really does show up the difference between top and bottom - Liuzzi has put in his best lap of 1:57.292 , but his HRT is almost 10 seconds down on Vettel.


Hamilton's car can't be in too poor shape - he gets around in a 1:48.906 to leap up to third in the standings.


Both Red Bull drivers are back out on track. Nobody anywhere near them at the moment.


Kobayashi's tyre meets the wall as well! He's not the first to do it this session, but again he gets away with it - just.


Whoops - Hamilton pushing too hard and runs straight over the top of the kerb at turn 14, with things flying out from under the car. Hamilton backs off.


Hamilton just under two-tenths slower than Vettel through the first sector - decent pace, and he's the only one of the top drivers running at the moment.


With just over an hour of the session remaining, Lewis Hamilton is out on track.


Alguersuari clatters both kerbs at the chicane! Not great for your back - or your car's bodywork...


Vettel pictured in the pits. He might still have his helmet on, but he looks supremely relaxed!


Alguersuari, well into his second run, creeps up to 13th, a place ahead of Schumacher. The German is out on track so has an opportunity to respond.


A little fillip for Bruno Senna, incidentally, he's currently outpacing team-mate Vitaly Petrov in the Renault - not bad when you've been dropped into the race seat mid-season.


As it stands, the top 10 is: Vettel, Webber, Alonso, Massa, Button, Kobayashi, Rosberg, Sutil, Senna, Di Resta


Word on Hamilton: The hold-up comes as they adjust his pedals 'to suit driver preference'. So he'll be out soon, then.


Kovaleinen's engineers have done their bit and got the Lotus out on track. Mind you, his first time of the session is a full 7.5 seconds down on Vettel's mark.


Button is back in the pits, sitting fifth, more than two seconds adrift of Vettel. He's followed the pattern of most drivers - a shortish opening stint of around three laps.


Vettel keeps on coming on this run - 1:47.375 is the latest leading time, and at the moment the German appears to be racing himself.


Hamilton going nowhere fast, however: he looked set to be going out for his first run of the session, but he's stuck in the garage as worried mechanics examine his car.


Webber goes into second place, four-tenths down on his team-mate. Alonso, meanwhile is really wrestling with the Ferrari. Button up to fourth with his latest lap.


Vettel takes another half a second off the fastest time of the day - he's down to 1:47.688. Who's coming with him?


Button 16th after his first run, but it looks as if he was taking it easy and seeking some space on the track for a clearer lap next time around.


Sparks from the Mercedes pair! Both Schumacher and Rosberg manage to hit the kerbs in similar incidents, causing sparks to fly up as the front wing catches the ground.


First sign of the McLaren duo moving into action. They fancy their chances in Singapore.


Vettel has flown up the leaderboard, by the way. The defending champion, who could seal the title this weekend, has set a 1:48.171. Beat that.


Massa living dangerously! Wheel brushes wall after turn 12, but gets away with it. He's currently in P4.


CORRECTION FROM FIA - It's the kerb on the apex of turn THIRTEEN which has been removed, not 14 as previously communicated.


Lewis Hamilton set the best time of the morning session, which was a 1:48.599, to give you some idea of the scope for those times to keep coming down.


Immediately, in fact - Alonso puts in a 1:49.071 to take the lead.


1:49.442 from Webber - a good early benchmark - but expect that to come down considerably.


Webber sweeping around and is set to go fastest by more than a second if he keeps up this pace...


First sign of some of the leading racers - Alonso out in the Ferrari, Webber follows in the Red Bull.


Nasty wheel lock from Pastor Maldonado as he tries to negotiate turn 5 - but he keeps away from the walls.


Some early times posted - the best of them comes from Kobayashi in the Sauber - 1:51.093. No sign of the top four teams as yet, though.


Camera pictures from the car of Alguersuari show just how tight these turns are - a thrilling circuit, especially in the floodlights of a Singapore evening.


Some more housekeeping - Kovaleinen had a brake fire in the Lotus earlier this morning and repair work is continuing as the session begins.


More than half the field on track - time was lost in the morning, and on an unusual street track the need to fine-tune is more important than ever.


Whatever happened, we are under way. A 90-minute session ahead, and several drivers out immediately for installation laps.


Plenty of maneouvring still being done - we hear from the FIA that the kerb on the apex of Turn 14 has been removed ahead of this session.


Hello and welcome to live coverage of free practice two ahead of the Singapore GP.