25/09/11 - 2:00 PM
Singapore Grand Prix
Marina Bay Street Circuit • Race


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Thanks for your company as ever, and be sure to check out the race report, and all the reaction to the Singapore Grand Prix! All that is left for Vettel is to secure the solitary point he requires to seal the title!


Vettel is now just one point shy of securing the world championship title! Here is how they finished: Vettel, Button, Webber, Alonso, Hamilton, Di Resta, Rosberg, Sutil, Massa, Perez, Maldonado, Buemi, Barrichello, Kobayashi, Senna, Kovalainen, Petrov, D'Ambrosio, Ricciardo, Liuzzi. Retirements: Alguersuari, Trulli, Glock and Schumacher.


SEBASTIAN VETTEL WINS THE SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX! The Red Bull driver wraps up another clinical victory at the Singapore Grand Prix, and he holds off Button and Webber before punching the air in delight and celebrating with his team - what a win!


The final lap sees Vettel consolidate his lead from Button, while Alguersuari crashes into a barrier rather tamely and retires. This is now the victory march for Vettel, and there is nothing that can stop him now...


Button further reduces the gap to 3.7 seconds from Vettel, but there is traffic between the two drivers now, and the German looks to have this wrapped up...


Webber has really tailed off as he slips 18.4 seconds off Button, and he is not even close to putting pressure on the McLaren man in the final few laps.


Kobayashi passes Alguersuari, while Massa moves past compatriot Barrichello into 10th. The gap is 7.9 seconds between Button and Vettel!


Vettel still looks to have this race in the bag, despite the fact that Button is lapping a second faster than his rival at the moment!


Button is pushing very hard with a gap from Vettel of 9.6 seconds, and it looks unlikely he will catch him as he sets a new fastest lap - will Vettel respond?


Button locks up again, but he holds second place from Webber with Vettel out on his own and cruising to yet another victory now.


Di Resta again finds himself defending his position against Hamilton, who is in hot pursuit with the gap standing at 2.1 seconds right now.


Hamilton does indeed pass Rosberg for a third time, again exploiting the DRS zone to good effect, and how demoralising that must be for the German.


Trulli retires from the race, while Hamilton is now on the attack once more against Rosberg - this would be the third time he's passed the German today.


Button makes his mark late on with a new fastest lap to move 4.7 seconds ahead of Webber, while Vettel's lead is now 9.5 seconds.


Vettel now pits also, and his hand was rather forced by virtue of the fact that he might as well! Hamilton is suddenly behind Di Resta, and it's a rather chaotic few laps.


Hamilton loses his position to Webber under acceleration, while Button now pits for supersoft tyres, and that did not appear to have been part of McLaren's original plan.


Webber pits now, and Hamilton finds himself in fourth all of a sudden! Webber takes on supersofts, and now the question will be do Button and Vettel do the same?


Vettel sets a new fastest first sector, and he is utterly relentless in pursuit of this Grand Prix victory and the world championship title! Hamilton will have to pit again, and it's not his day.


Alonso looks pretty safe in fourth spot with the gap from Hamilton all of 11.3 seconds. There is surely not enough time for Hamilton to make further ground now...


Rosberg and Perez's incident at turn one will not prompt further action, but now the Schumacher-Perez crash will be the subject of an investigation after the race.


Button continues to hold off Webber to good effect, and the gap levels out at around 3.4 seconds with the McLaren driver holding his own.


Webber closes on Button with a gap of just 0.3s separating the pair, while Massa pits from 12th for another set of tyres. Hamilton, meanwhile, closes on Alonso.


Now the Perez-Rosberg incident into turn one is the subject of an official investigation as Vettel stretches his lead to 12.5 seconds.


The fastest lap thus far in this race is from Vettel with a 1:50.992, with Webber slightly off that pace. Button remains in second, however.


Di Resta cannot hang on any longer, and Hamilton eases past him going into the DRS zone to move in behind Alonso, but there is quite a gap.


Vettel eases off a touch as he protects his tyres, taking on the radio message that Button is also looking to remain on his current set until the end.


Hamilton easily passes Rosberg as he makes real ground once more, and Di Resta will be his next target...


Vettel extends his lead to 11.9 and Red Bull tell him that his current set of tyres could feasibly take him through to the end of the race if he treats them well.


Vettel posts yet another fastest lap as he unerringly establishes a mighty lead in this Grand Prix! The rest are trailing in his wake...


Vettel is building a massive lead now as Button slips further behind the front man. The lead is now 8.9 seconds as they begin the lap.


Webber beats Alonso through turn 10 and holds his position, and that's a superb move with the Ferrari driver utterly outfoxed there!


There is a lot of debris on the track as the safety car takes the drivers round, and everything is being cleared up now...


The yellow flag and safety car are out, and Schumacher climbs out of his wrecked car, clearly fine.


SCHUMACHER HAS CRASHED OUT! What a reckless move from Schumacher, and he loses his front wing flying into Perez and into the barrier!


Rosberg is putting huge pressure on Perez, and eventually the German passes with Sutil now in his sights. Schumacher is also making ground!


Di Resta moves past Sutil for fifth place, and he is let through by his team-mate to enable the strategy to work. He's now in behind Alonso with Webber having moved third.


Alonso just about keeps Webber at bay for the time being, but the Ferrari looks set to pit quite shortly to take on soft tyres.


Hamilton sneaks past Barrichello, and now he closes on Maldonado and Rosberg with the McLaren thriving after a very iffy spell.


Hamilton passes Massa! The Brit zips past his rival, while Alonso locks up going into the chicane at turn 10 after pressure from Webber.


Hamilton is back pushing Massa extremely hard, and another ding-dong battle between the two drivers looks set to ensue...


Red Bull inform Vettel that he has no need to worry about fuel at the moment, and he continues to consolidate his lead.


Vettel's lead now stands at a formidable 14.4 seconds as he continues to look completely comfortable out in front - everything is falling into his plan.


Hamilton is told by his team that he is racing for points with a safety car predicted for later in the race, while Kobayashi is finally passed by the Brit in the DRS zone.


Hamilton is back in 15th, but closing on Kobayashi, while Di Resta makes his first pit stop and slots back into ninth as Massa passes Buemi into 12th.


Webber and Di Resta battle for fourth spot, and the Red Bull driver is putting him under enormous pressure after having pitted to new tyres.


Di Resta is currently third, but he has yet to pit so it would appear he is executing a two-stop strategy today. Vettel is racing clear!


Vettel now has a 11.4s lead on Button, and he is thriving with the new tyres! Schumacher now passes Kobayashi!


Hamilton now finds himself down in 16th place and what a torrid time he has had since making a brilliant start off the grid!


Sutil passes Kobayashi, while Schumacher is also putting real pressure on the pair. There was 10.7 seconds between Vettel and Button on the last lap - extraordinary!


Vettel pits too, while Button also makes a quick stop off. The stewards are investigating the Massa/Hamilton inicident... drama!


Hamilton and Massa prepare to pit, while Webber heads in to get soft tyres. Hamilton stays out for now, with half a front wing!


Alonso pits after losing that place to Webber, and he takes on soft tyres while Massa also heads into the pits. Glock retires after losing his rear end under the stadium.


There is no let up whatsoever from Vettel, who continues to stretch his lead and pull away from the chasing pack. Meanwhile, Timo Glock is off the track at turn 20 and well gone.


Webber begins the 11th lap half a second off Alonso, and he closes significantly on the Spaniard and eventually passes him with a stunning attack!


Hamilton and Massa continue to jostle for fifth place with the Ferrari driver anxiously shifting to protect the passing move on his outside.


Webber looks to use his DRS to pass Alonso, but he can't get close enough to the Spaniard to make the move count and he shrinks back eventually.


Vettel already leads by 8.2 seconds as Webber closes on Alonso, and the leader is flying early on and leaving everyone else in his wake!


There's a real battle for third place as Alonso vies with Webber and Massa - Hamilton is not far off either! It's a fierce fight for that third spot.


Hamilton is told by his team that he has a three-second gap to close on Massa as he eases past Rosberg into sixth place with another classic move.


Massa is closing on Webber, who is 0.9 seconds off Alonso - it's a frenetic start to this Grand Prix, and mostly surrounding Hamilton!


Hamilton roars past Schumacher on the straight out of turn six - what a move! Vettel's lead is up to 3.5s all of a sudden, and Button is 0.5s up on Button.


There was contact between Massa and Rosberg earlier, while Ricciardo loses his front wing and ends up going very slowly. Vettel leads by 2.5 seconds from Button early on.


Schumacher nips past Hamilton, who now drops to eighth, and Button is being hotly pursued by Alonso in second with Vettel out in front.


THE SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX IS UNDERWAY! Vettel beats Button to the first corner, with the Englishman usurping Webber from the outset with a superb start. Hamilton struggles from the start, and drops to seventh!


Right, the tyre warmers are off, and the cars bolt out for their formation lap. The tension is palpable and the circuit is a picture with magnificent lights sparkling from all directions. We're all set...


How do you see this race panning out? Do you think Vettel will progress from pole to clinching yet another victory? How do you see the top three places ending up?


Vettel actually says he has been trying too hard so far in Singapore. Will he be crowned the world champion again today?


Having topped both Q1 and Q2 by half a second, Vettel carried the same margin through to the first runs of Q3, as he started the pole shoot-out with a 1m44.381s - while the McLarens and Ferraris were almost tripping over each other looking for clear space. Vettel did not improve on his final run, but his team-mate Mark Webber could only get within 0.4s, so the German's pole was safe.


Sebastian Vettel hailed what he labelled as a perfect qualifying session after securing pole for the Singapore Grand Prix. The Red Bull driver grabbed his 11th pole of the year to edge closer to his second title, beating Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber to the top spot by over three tenths of a second. Vettel, who could become the youngest ever double champion today, said after qualifying that he could have been quicker.


Welcome to live coverage of the Singapore Grand Prix with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel on pole ahead of team-mate Mark Webber and Jenson Button.