20/09/13 - 12:00 PM
Singapore Grand Prix
Marina Bay Street Circuit • Free Practice 1

Free Practice 1

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Vettel stays in third despite that final flying lap. So it's Hamilton from Webber from Vettel in a practice session characterised by complete inactivity for the drivers for much of the first 30 minutes and a lack of action on the time-sheets for the final 30 minutes.


Vettel is on one last flying lap as the clock ticks down to the zero minute mark on this first practice session in Singapore...


Not too many drivers stil out on the track. Alonso seems just to be cuising round although Vettel is still on for another flying lap before he heads back in.


Just 10 minutes remaining of the session and Webber, Hamilton and Rosberg head back out on to the track. Vettel is the only driver in the top seven not currently out on the circuit.


Grosjean enters the fray 70 minutes in to the session, having been held back in the pits by problems with his car.


Still no change at the top of the order as Alonson heads back out on to the track in a bid to improve on his fifth. Massa remains way down the list with just the 13th fastest time so far.


Hamiltn and Webber join Raikkonen back in the pits lanes while Rosberg completes another lap but fails to improve from fourth. He promptly heads back into the pits as well, followed by Vettel.


Vettel finally gets himself up into the top three with the third fastest time of 1:47.933 after a typically slow start to the practice session.


Webber goes top again with a new lap time of 1:47.699, 0.173 ahead of Hamilton, who remains in second. Rosberg is third with a lap of 1:48/239 while Raikkonen returns to the pits with the fourth fastest lap of 1:48.354 under his belt.


Hamilton goes quickest with a lap of 1:47.872 setting the fatest time in sector one and sector two in the process. Alonso, maenwhile, can only manage 17th fastest after his first flying lap.


Rosberg is quick to depose Webber though with a lap of 1:48.684. We're about half-way through and the order is Rosberg, Webber, Hamilton, Maldonado, Bottas, Button, Perez, Raikkonen, Guitterez and Hulkenberg.


Webber edges towards Raikkonen's lap record of 1:45.599 with his first flying lap of 1:48.865 to put him now top of the time-sheets.


Webber and Vettel are back out on the track...


Button bumps Maldonado down to third with his first flying lap of 1:50.838 before the South American responds by becoming the first driver to go sub 1:50 with a second lap of 1:49.827.


Pastor Maldonado goes second fastest with his first flying lap of 1:50.932 as Jenson Button heads out on the track and Perez heads back into the pits.


Perez further improves his time to 1:50.103 at the top of the time-sheets while Hulkenburg reports "somehow the acceleration and the power feels quite poor".


Van der Garde demotes team-mate Pic down one spot to third with his first flying lap of 1:57.090. Again, still a lot slower than Perez.


Perez tops the time-sheets with a lap time of 1:53.245 with Charles Pic following him round in 1:59.152, quite a lot slower from the Frenchman.


One hour left of FP1 and Perez is finally, finally about to set the first flying lap...


Sergio Perez is the first driver to head back out on to the track after 15 minutes of absolute inactivity from all teams.


Still no-one out on the track. So instead let's talk about Lotus. They have said today that they are ready to race their long wheelbase car from the Korean Grand Prix onwards after concludign that it is a step forward over its current version.


Still no flying lap and the track is now completely empty with every driver having been out and completed one lap to bring data back into the garages.


Ten minutes into FP1 and no-one has set a time yet. Mark Webber is the latest driver to head out for a gentle look at the track.


Hamilton has completed one comfortable lap of the track and has gone back into the pits. Vettel meanwhile heads back out for a second look at the track.


Turn 10 has been re-designed for this year's race. The Singapore Sling has gone and instead been replaced with a left-hander, the hope being that the cars will actually stay on the track a little better. The drivers are also hoping that the turn will make it easier for them to overtake at turn 13.


Here we go then. The next 90 minutes will be a chance for the drivers to re-familiarise themselves with the track in Singapore.


Hello and welcome to live coverage of free practice one at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore.