20/09/13 - 3:30 PM
Singapore Grand Prix
Marina Bay Street Circuit • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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That's it folks. A rather familiar look to the final standings as Vettel and Webber head the way from the two Mercedes. Join us tomorrow for free practice three at 11am BST before the real action begins when qualifying gets underway. Over and out.


Out comes the chequered flag. Vettel will win the session with his 1:44.249.


Into the final minute. Anyone fancy putting in a lightning lap? Doesn't look like it...


A host of drivers going around the circuit in low 1:50s. That's pretty decent running with high fuel - certainly the sort of race pace we can expect come Sunday.


Mark Webber is on the prime tyre but it looks as though he's got a fair whack of fuel onboard still so his times aren't all that fast.


Got a nice little battle on track as Sutil is held up behind the Marussia of Bianchi. Go for the overtake!


Five to go. Still... 1) Vettel, 2) Webber, 3) Rosberg, 4) Hamilton. No one going quickly. Looks like the order will remain unchanged.


Maldonado has also called it a day. Tonight's social for the Williams F1 team... No, not sampling the delights of Singapore's nightlife but mending a rather battered car. Dream Friday night.


Ever the Wiseman Jenson Button is keen to gather data from his team via radio immediately rather than wait seven minutes.


Grosjean is cut a forlorn figure in the Lotus garage as he causally leans against a stack of tyres. No one will acknowledge him, let alone chat to him. Poor chap.


The clock ticks into single figures signalling that the drivers have under 10 minutes to gain the data they need.


Alonso's been pretty quiet in this session. The Spaniard sits in 6th, over a second ahead of Massa.


Vettel gets pretty grumpy on the team radio with Gutierrez, stating that the Sauber driver 'wants his own personal race.'


It’s all getting a bit congested as most of the drivers fight for space to get some clean running in.


Felipe Massa familiarises himself with the barrier Mark Webber clipped earlier. Elsewhere, Grosjean's session is over as he trundles back into his garage.


The Brit wasn't particularly quick on the option and, despite his best protests, the team opted to change his wheels.


Lewis Hamilton seems pretty unhappy about being sent back out on the medium tyre.


Hopefully we'll see another round of speedy laps before the session is up. No change at the top as Red Bull head Mercedes.


Even the Red Bull's non-fast laps look handy. A race isn't won on the Friday, but it would take a brave man to bet against a Vettel or Webber victory on Sunday.


Maldonado is pushed back into the garage by his crew whose expressions range from anxious to concerned.


Back to my earlier Maldonado point (the one about his nose penetrating a barrier). It’s happened. The Williams driver goes straight on early into a lap. He’s limping back to pit lane. It's a sorry sight.


And a quick note on the backdrop to this circuit. The lights of Singapore stand out in the jet black sky, the water shimmers aside the track and the whole scene is a mix of vibrant colours. It really is stunning.


It’s ridiculous how close these guys get to the barriers around this circuit, it can’t be more than a few millimetres. Guess that’s why this bunch are classed the best in the world at what they do.


Rosberg bounces over the curb at turn one, his front wing flexes, but he soon gets all four tyres back on the track and flies off down the track.


The qualifying lap record at Singapore is a 1:44.3. Vettel has already set a 1:44.2, albeit there have been circuit modifications for this edition of the street circuit race.


Fans of adverse weather will be disappointed. There's just a 10 percent chance of rain in this session, and it's meant to be dry for the rest of the weekend too.


Most of the drivers are out on track, driving around in race-mode with plenty of fuel on board.


Webber goes around in a 1:51. That's a full seven seconds slower than his best.


So the teams are done with setting fast times and are back on the harder compound accruing data for the weekend.


Can Rosberg shake up the order? Nope... He's five seconds off the pace in the opening two sectors.


So Vettel still leads with a 1:44.249. Webber is second, Rosberg third and Hamilton fourth.


Caterham's Gideo van der Garde - we've not mentioned him yet - has just locked up his front left but manages to avoid taking his nose off.


So can anyone get amongst the Red Bulls? Currently the answer is no, with Vettel and Webber way out in the lead.


Talking about Button, he's just posted a 1:45.7 to go 7th. That's pretty handy considering the current woes of the Woking-based outfit.


With McLaren announcing that they would be happy to take Fernando Alonso back, the battle is now on between Jenson Button and Sergio Perez to prove they too are worthy of a seat. With Button's deal looking done, Perez must up his game to swat away the rumours. He currently sits in 9th.


Jean-Eric Vergne's Toro Rosso is bouncing around on the tarmac causing sparks to spray in his midst. It looks good, but probably isn’t brilliant for his lap times.


The Red Bull team are taking a thorough look at Mark Webber's car after his bash with the wall. A few quizzical faces in the garage, looks slightly ominous...


It already looks like a Red Bull battle for the top two spots, with Mercedes left to squabble over third and fourth.


Hamilton looking decent through sectors one and two, but gets held up slightly towards the end of his lap and has to settle for a 1:45.5 - over a second off the pace.


Huge sparks fly off the concrete wall as Mark Webber gives it a cheeky bump. Aside from a loss of paintwork, it looks like he's been unaffected as he goes onto post a 1:44.8 to go second.


Vettel goes fastest by miles! The German improves by 2.3 seconds to post a 1:44.249. There is no stopping this kid.


Vettel has smashed the first and second sectors... This is going to be very quick.


It's a little worrying watching Maldonado. He's struggling to turn the front of his Williams into even the slowest corners. It looks inevitable that he will collide with a barrier if this understeer persists.


Grosjean nearly adds another crash to his growing catalogue in the tight final sector but escapes to go 7th fastest. Maldonado comes even closer to disaster in sector one...


So Bianchi and Chilton, currently occupying 20th and 21st, are out on the super softs. The only man behind them in the order, Mr Grosjean, is looking fast enough. Certainly quick enough to usurp the two Marussias.


Ricciardo flirts with the wall in the final sector before flying across the line in 1:46.4. That's a three second improvement - a huge leap.


Daniel Ricciardo is the first man out on the super softs... He did a 1:49.6 on the medium tyres.


So almost a third through the session, let's take a gander at the standings - 1) Webber, 2) Vettel, 3) Hamilton, 4) Rosberg, 5) Alonso, 6) Perez, 7) Gutierrez, 8) Raikkonen, 9) Hulkenberg, 10) Massa.


So a slight lull in proceedings as all but three drivers return to the pit lane.


Sauber's Esteban Gutierrez is performing pretty admirably. He's 7th, two and a half seconds off the pace, and well clear of his team-mate Nico Hulkenberg.


Alonso's Ferrari colleague, Felipe Massa, is sitting in the midpack. He's back in the garage after having his own near-miss with a Singapore wall.


Fernando Alonso loses the plot midway around the circuit. He starts to turn in, realises he's carrying far too much speed and almost flies into the barrier.


On the subject of poorly steering, Jenson Button has been on the radio to his McLaren buddies to complain about understeer. The Brit currently sits in ninth.


So aside from Grosjean, who has poorly steering, everyone has posted a lap time. Red Bull and Mercedes pack out the top four, surprise surprise...


Mark Webber looks like he's about to put in a tasty lap with purple first and second sectors. And he goes top with a 1:46.489. Impressive lap from the Aussie.


If you haven't heard... Vettel was earlier disciplined for pit lane speeding. But what was his punishment? Fined a week's wages? Demoted on the grid? Nope, an outrageous fine of 200 euros. I think it's safe to say he's learned his lesson.


Kimi Raikkonen plodding along nicely at the back, and after four laps the Finn sits 19th. His Lotus team-mate Romain Grosjean hasn't even made it out on track.


Wow - fast time alert. Sebastian Vettel has absolutely smashed the leaderboard to pieces with a 1:46.8. And he was meant to be upset with his setup...


Pastor Maldonado has a bit of a shocker and narrowly avoids smashing into the inside wall.


After the monotony of free practice one, it's great to see all the drivers out on the track. Jenson Button heads the way with a 1:49.2.


So Valtteri Bottas makes the times board a bit more respectable as he almost breaks into the 1:40s but has to settle for a low 1:50.


Sutil struggling to control his car which bounces across the curbs. He goes fastest, as he's the first to post a lap time, with a 1:51.5.


So Force India elect to send out both their drivers, with Adrian Sutil the first to start a flying lap.


The green light shines down the pit lane. We're off!


Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage of free practice two at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore.