22/09/13 - 2:00 PM
Singapore Grand Prix
Marina Bay Street Circuit • Race


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Alex Chick

So Sebastian Vettel moves cloer to another world championship, but that great performance from Alonso means the damage is limited to just five points. Still, there will surely be no catching Sebastian Vettel in 2013. Thanks for joining us this weekend.


Mark Webber gets a ride home on the flank of Fernando Alonso's Ferrari. That's nice of him...


Brilliant, brilliant drives from Fernando Alonso in second and Kimi Raikkonen in third. Rosberg and Hamilton come fourth and fifth, Massa sixth and Button struggles in seventh.


SEBASTIAN VETTEL WINS THE SINGAPORE GP! A masterful drive from the world champion!


Webber's Red Bull is on fire! He will not finish!


Webber has an engine problem, is short-shifting and is just limping to the end - Felipe Massa whizzes by...


And Hamilton is past Webber, a sitting duck. The Aussie down to P6 as Vettel starts his final lap.


Here we go - Rosberg passes Webber, who can do absolutely nothing. A dramatic difference in pace.


Webber is going backwards in fourth place - Rosberg could very easily catch and pass him by the end.


Button is going backwards - he has been passed in double-quick time by Rosberg, Hamilton and Massa. Webber being told to nurse his car to the end.


Hamilton finally makes it past Perez, who is now in the sights of Massa - the two McLarens really falling away now.


Rosberg past Perez, but as the Mexican holds Hamilton up Massa joins the fray! What a finish!


The two Mercedes are all over the back of Perez, and Hamilton has a go at Rosberg! No way through this time!


What a disaster for Paul Di Resta, who has gone into the wall in the final stages of a brilliant drive, his third DNF in a row. And it doesn't look like there will be a safety car, which is great news as this is shaping up to be a brilliant finish.


Both Mercedes go past Hulkenberg, and Di Resta has crashed!


Raikkonen, what a move! He goes down the outside of Button, narrowly avoids gettting stuffed into a wall and makes it into third! Terrific driving.


Webber overtakes Hulkenberg and takes P6 - next stop, Sergio Perez!


Raikkonen lines Button up in the DRS zone, but there's just no way through!


Webber is right on the back wheel of Hulkenberg - it's all very well being faster, but now he has to find a way past.


Webber has gained six seconds in two laps on Nico Hulkenberg, and we are starting to see the benefit of being on fresher rubber.


How they stand: 1-Vettel, 2-Alonso, 3-Button, 4-Raikkonen, 5-Perez, 6-Hulkenberg, 7-Webber, 8-Rosberg, 9-Hamilton, 10-Di Resta.


Raikkonen is all over Button, less than half a second but the Brit is driving his his usual unflappable manner and offering no way through for the Finn.


And now Hamilton gets through - Webber gains a small advantage but not much...


Webber uses DRS and gets past Gutierrez but the two Mercedes cannot follow him past... Rosberg goes through coming out of turn nine...


Webber, Rosberg and Hamilton are running 8-9-10 and the trio are bearing down fast on Gutierrez.


Kimi Raikkonen is just six tenths behind Jenson Button, and has a slim chance of a podium if everything falls for him. Not bad considering he started 13th on the grid.


Alonso is still running faster than Jenson Button, but both men could become vulnerable if they try to go the distance - that would be a 36-lap stint.


Alonso is also going to try to go to the end, and a tetchy Rosberg is once again told to put his foot down.


Lewis Hamilton pits - it's a long stop, 4.1 seconds, because he overshot his mark - and gets out just in front of Paul Di Resta. Meanwhile a fastest lap of 1:49.656 is set by... Adrian Sutil!


Nico Rosberg reacts somewhat shirtily to being told he needs to push. He will be furious at having lost position to Mark Webber.


Apparently Jenson Button's McLaren team are considering nursing his car through to the end on the current set of tyres. A bold move, that would be.


Nico Rosberg pits from second place. His stop is a shade longer than usual because he needed to clear the rubber from his front wing, and he loses position to Mark Webber! The pair are P11 and P12 right now, but when it all shakes out we should have a Red Bull one-two.


So 20 laps to go and a shade under 40 minutes - unless we see another safety car we should go full race distance here.


Relentless from Vettel, who leads by over 20 seconds now - incredible considering the safety car has only been in 10 laps. Meanwhile, Rosberg is holding up the rest of the pack.


Romain Grosjean pits and retires - Lotus chief Eric Boullier said his air problem had returned, and his chances of a points finish were over anyway.


Apparently Nico Rosberg has rubber in his front wing which, as you'd imagine, is having an effect on his aerodynamics.


Gutierrez goes very, very wide over the run-off area but just about manages to regain control and returns to the track.


Vettel's lead is up to a commanding 13.3 seconds. Amazing. He sets a new fastest lap of 1:50.1.


Daniel Ricciardo tells Sky Sports his crash was his fault as a result of pushing too hard, but not before having a little whinge about the car.


How they stand: 1-Vettel, 2-Rosberg, 3-Webber, 4-Hamilton, 5-Alonso, 6-Di Resta, 7-Massa, 8-Button.


So Grosjean resumes dead last in 21st place, about half a lap down on the leaders. At least he's got fresh tyres...


Hard luck Romain Grosjean, who has a problem with air consumption and he is forced to pit. "What is wrong with this car?" moans Grosjean as an engineer removes a hatch and pumps air into the car. This is taking an age, and it's killing what looked like a fantastic race for the Frenchman. Poor guy.


DRS will be enabled at the end of this lap - hopefully that should bring some overtaking to what has been a fairly humdrum race.


Vettel sets a fastest lap of 1:50.641 - over two seconds faster than Rosberg and he goes five seconds clear!


Just 18.3 seconds covers the entire field from Vettel at the front to Jules Bianchi running last.


Restart! Vettel holds position with ease, as you'd expect. In fact, there don't appear to be any drivers caught napping as they get back up to speed.


The safety car will come in at the end of the lap.


The safety car raises the possiblility that this race won't be done within two hours, in which case it will be reduced in length. We could see proceedings come to a close at 58 laps or thereabouts.


The safety car has been deployed in every Singapore GP, and the cars continue to trundle round. Vettel is told to mentally rehearse the restart.


Of the top eight, Alonso, Grosjean and Massa have stopped. That means Hamilton is provisionally up to fourth. Worked out well for Alonso, though, who was committed to a three-stopper.


The safety car prompts a massive glut of pit stops...


Ricciardo went into the wall at the relatively slow turn 17 - he just braked late, locked up and couldn't get round.


Crash! Daniel Ricciardo stuffs his Toro Rosso into the wall and out comes the safety car!


Problem or none, Kimi Raikkonen has closed to within half a second of Jenson Button!


Tom Jones sits down in the Lotus garage and starts shaking hands with the pit crew. For goodness sake, Tom, let them do their job...


Kimi Raikkonen has reported a problem to his Lotus team, but is told they cannot see anything wrong in the telemetry.


Race order after 22 laps: 1-Vettel, 2-Rosberg, 3-Alonso, 4-Webber, 5-Grosjean, 6-Hamilton, 7-Massa, 8-Button, 9-Raikkonen, 10-Perez.


In comes Di Resta at last. A great first stint and he deserves some credit for this bold two-stop strategy. He started the race in 17th on super-soft tyres.


'These tyres are terrible' is Lewis Hamilton's verdict. But his pace remains OK....


Paul Di Resta has yet to pit and continues to run third with Fernando Alonso right on his back wheels. It's good stuff from Force India but it threatens to ruin Ferrari's day. Hamilton is P7, incidentally, not P6 as stated earlier. He has leapfrogged Massa, though.


Hulkenberg is told to give a place back to Perez after overtaking him in that massive ding dong. Hulkenberg's reaction: "WHAT?! FOR WHAT?!" Not happy.


Vettel's lead is eight seconds ahead of Nico Rosberg, and you feel he could extend that whenever he and his team wish.


Lewis Hamilton is on medium 'prime' tyres and is told he must go four laps further on this set.


Vettel pits... and comes out well ahead of Nico Rosberg. Not even close, and the German remains well clear.


Massa comes out of the pits behind Lewis Hamilton! The Brit has leapfrogged the Brazilian and is into sixth.


Three abreast! Maldonado, Perez and Hulkenberg! Three cars pile in where there's space for just one, but somehow they avoid major contact!


Ah, there's Tom Jones on the pit wall. He looks bored. Maybe if he faced away from the action and only turned round when he heard a car he really liked?


Hamilton has risen to P5, but only because of pit stops. Mercedes tell him his pace is good.


Webber, Button and Hulkenberg all come down the pit lane... and Webber rejoins right behind the Toro Rosso of Daniel Ricciardo.


Massa pits now - medium compound tyres for him.


Raikkonen, incidentally, came out of the pits in 19th place which was a decent result because he has found a clear stretch of track.


Lock-up for Lewis Hamilton as he pursues Felipe Massa. He runs a little wide before coming back onto the track, but that has cost him time and tyres.


Here comes Gutierrez whose Sauber is fitted up with some super-softs.


So Kimi Raikkonen is clearly on a three-stopper, but he is still the only man to have come into the pits.


Kimi Raikkonen is the first man into the pits on lap 11 - the stop is a brisk 3.5 seconds, with his entire pit lane visit lasting 29.4 seconds.


Webber is over two seconds behind Fernando Alonso, with Grosjean just eight tenths behind the Australian. Considering Vettel's pace, this is puzzling.


There's a bit of a queue forming behind Mark Webber, who has dropped back behind Fernando Alonso. This, of course, helps Vettel even more.


Depending on whether teams opt for two- or three-stop strategies, we should start to see cars coming in for new tyres from about lap 11 or 12 - certainly those that started on super-softs.


Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are in seventh and eighth, and unless you're Fernando Alonso the overtaking opportunities really are difficult to come by around this track.


Vettel's pit radio instruction is to look after his tyres. Small wonder given the astonishing pace he has set at the start of this race.


Kimi Raikkonen is up to 11th place - the Finn started 13th on the grid.


How they stand: 1-Vettel, 2-Rosberg, 3-Alonso, 4-Webber, 5-Grosjean, 6-Massa.


Mark Webber's pit crew tell him to look after his tyres as he goes round in fourth place in pursuit of Fernando Alonso.


Blimey, the lead is four seconds after two laps, and this race really is Vettel's for the losing. He sets a fastest lap of 1:52.866. DRS has been enabled.


Lewis Hamilton is ordered to give the position back after he cut a corner to overtake Felipe Massa. No real surprise.


Such a shame that Rosberg couldn't make that move stick. Vettel already leads by 1.9 seconds, and it's tempting to say 'race over'.


Alonso is already up to third from seventh on the grid - fantastic driving. And now he's all over the back of Rosberg as Vettel looks to build a lead.


GOOOOO!!! Rosberg outbrakes Vettel and gets into the first corner, but he runs wide and Vettel re-takes the lead. A thrilling couple of corners!


It's just gone 8pm in Singapore and the floodlit track really is a picture...


They're off on the formation lap...


Vettel holds a 53-point lead over Fernando Alonso in the championship, and as long as the German gets round that margin will surely increase today. Tough to see who can stop Red Bull today - it's nearly race time!


An absolutely massive scrum surrounds David Beckham, who has to tread his way over some important-looking equipment around Lewis Hamilton's car to get off the grid.


Ferrari gran formaggio Stefano Domenicali predicts a tough race for his drivers on account of issues with the medium compound tyres.


Vettel reports a problem with his drink bag - namely, that it wasn't in the car. That having been remedied, the German is a happy man.


Celeb-watch: David Beckham is down on the grid with Bernie Ecclestone.


Having claimed pole position in cocky fashion yesterday, this feels very much like a day for Sebastian Vettel to take another big step towards his fourth consecutive world title.


The cars have just left the pit to amble their way round to the grid for the usual pre-race ceremonials.


Welcome to LIVE coverage of the Singapore GP from the spectacular floodlit Marina Bay circuit!