Switzerland's Fanny Smith was furious with the judge's decision to award her a yellow card in the women's ski cross final, causing her to drop off the podium.
In the last stage of the final, Canadian Marielle Thompson appeared to land on Smith's skis, pushing her into the slower line.
Smith managed to stay on her feet in third place by spreading her skis, but they clashed with fourth-placed Daniela Maier, causing Maier to wobble.
Beijing 2022
Naeslund claims gold in controversial ski-cross final as video review relegates Smith
17/02/2022 AT 08:35
Sweden's Sandra Naeslund, outside the drama, finished first, with Thompson in second and Smith in third.
But while onlookers wondered whether Thompson may face disqualification for landing on Smith's skis, it was Smith who was handed a yellow card for destabilising Maier on the final jump.

'Landing on top of each other!' - Huge controversy over ski cross finish leads to demotion

The penalty meant she finished the competition ranked as last, with Maier promoted to the bronze medal position.
Smith, bronze medallist in 2018, was not happy at all with the decision after race, asking: "Who is the f*****g judge" to stewards.
Maier herself, despite being promoted on to the podium, was frustrated with the outcome.


The German said after discovering Smith was handed a yellow card: "What? What? What? No! No, no, no, no, no! This was correct! This was totally normal skiing."
Smith (later): "I had to do it like this because Marielle was in between."
Judge: "We had a look at it…"
Smith: "No! This is a joke!"
Smith again later: "But who is the f****** judge? This is a joke! Really?!
Judge: "We looked at it several times, you go too far with your ski…"
Smith: "But this wasn't on purpose! My ski was on the edge. Does this judge know how to ski? They have no idea."
Maier: "No… this is unfair."
Smith: "Look, she also says this is unfair. We are the riders! That's totally wrong."
Maier: "This is s***"
Smith: "That's not correct."
Judge: "I can't change anything about it."
"That is a huge shame for Smith," said co-commentator Ian Findlay on Smith's yellow card.
"I'm not sure about it but that is ski cross racing. Neslund is the winner here. She takes the gold medal. Thompson will take silver and Maier a surprise bronze medal.
"Smith with that little move before the final jump caused a destabilisation to Maier. It's relegated Smith. The result will stand but Neslund is the Olympic gold medallist at Beijing 2022."
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