Cameron Smith feels both the PGA Tour and LIV Golf have done some "petty" things during their ugly, ongoing dispute, and the Australian feels the war has gone on too long.
Smith is back in his native Australia, and will tee it up at the Australian PGA Championship on November 24 as the current Open champion.
His win at St Andrews gives him a five-year exemption to the majors, meaning his move to LIV Golf will not impact on his participation in the sport's big events for some time. But with LIV Golf not qualifying for world ranking points, Smith will slip down the standings.
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The current world No. 3 has called on the majors to remain neutral, and allow the best golfers to compete irrespective of where they play their golf.
“I think the majors really have to stand above all the politics,” Smith told The Age. “If they really want the best product and the best players playing against each other in the world, they have to let us play.
"There’s no reason other than playing another tour that should suggest we shouldn’t play.
“We’re definitely good enough players. We should have those spots.”
Unless there is a shift in tone, the war of words between LIV and the PGA Tour is set to end in court.
Smith does not like the way things have been handled by both parties, and wants to see common ground found.
“I think on both sides of the board there could have been a few things, definitely at the start, where they could have said different stuff,” Smith said. “There were things where ... there was just some petty stuff going on. It wasn’t just one side.
“I’m hopeful that all that is going to really die down. It would be nice because it’s not golf.
“I feel like golf has always been a sport to overcome all these different problems throughout the world, and it feels like it’s taken a step back.”

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Smith is relishing the prospect of seeing some familiar faces as he returns to play in Australia for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic.
“It will be interesting to go back and play those courses as a different golfer,” Smith said. “I’m really excited for that. The crowd, I hope they are just happy to see me. That’s all I really want.
“It’s been an epic year. It’s been unbelievable actually. It’s going to be a really hard one to top and it will be topped off going back down to Oz for the first time in three years.”
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