The DRS, an moveable part of the rear wing aimed at boosting overtaking during the races by reducing drag at certain parts of the track, was first introduced in Formula 1 in 2011.
GP2's new DRS will be tested in the series' development car for the first time October in Europe and again in December in the Middle East.
GP2 boss Bruno Michel admitted the introduction of the DRS was mainly aimed at making the series a better stepping stone for Formula 1.
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"We've always said that GP2 was able to produce some amazing races without the addition of DRS or any other devices, and once again the 2014 season has proved that with some close racing and exciting on-track battles," said Michel.
"However, we also have to make sure that we keep in line with our mission statement: preparing the drivers for the next step, Formula 1.
"Formula 1 is constantly evolving. It is impossible for GP2 to remain with the same car over a long period of time when its philosophy is to prepare the drivers for F1.
"Bearing this in mind, we thought that DRS was the best technical development to introduce and we discussed it with the teams over a year ago.
"They were all in favour of it as they felt it would make GP2 even more attractive to the drivers, but only if it was an identical system to the one used in F1."
Michel said it was 'imperative' that the system works exactly like that used in Formula 1.
"As I said before, we decided to add it to our cars in order to prepare the drivers for the next step.
"As such, it will not be a push-to-pass button or a way to be quicker on a lap. Our DRS will be the exact copy of the one used in F1, with the same DRS zones since we're racing on the same tracks."
Michel claims the DRS was not introduced in GP2 this year solely for economical reasons, and he is now confident it will not raise costs next season.
"We took the time to investigate ways to introduce it for a minimal cost, as our goal remains to keep on supporting our teams. The cost-cutting plan put in place this year will continue for next season in order to make sure that the introduction of DRS will not affect the teams."
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