The British trampolinist came from nowhere to claim an emotional Olympic silver medal and gave all the credit to her lucky charm.
But that luck appeared to have deserted her in the aftermath, double surgery on her ankle keeping her off the trampoline for the best part of two years.
She only returned to competitive action late last year, but was soon back to her best in re-claiming the British title and is now dreaming of Tokyo 2020.
Tokyo 2020
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With exactly a year to go, the 28-year-old has had to overcome a lot just to be in contention for a place on the plane to Japan.
"I can't believe it is only a year to go now. It has just gone so quick since Rio because of my injury," she said.
"At the time it felt slow, the rehab work is repetitive and tedious, less exciting than jumping on a trampoline.
"But because you haven't been competing you haven't got that timeframe, the accomplishments, it is all just one block of rehab, it has overall gone quickly.
"So to get back on the competition floor last year, that felt like I was home again. I wasn't anxious or worried about competing I was just excited.
"I feel really grateful for the fact I can jump again, I am taking every opportunity that comes and trying to enjoy it, to learn from it and I am really looking forward to another journey and going through the Olympic process again."
The battle at the moment is for Team GB to try and qualify two spots for Tokyo, with Page, Kat Driscoll and Laura Gallagher all in action in the World Cup and with one eye on peaking for the World Championships.
"We have a qualification process that has changed from the last cycle. But even before Rio we really focused on working together and trying to get those two spaces," she added.
"We are all teammates and want them to do well anyway. It goes hand in hand, but we have that competition and keep overtaking each other at various points.
"Everyone is after that space, everyone upping their game all the time."
And after her double surgery, Page herself insists she has never felt better.
"I was quite quick to get back after the operations, I didn't have too much time before I needed to compete," she added.
"But now I have had a really good training block. I decided I wanted to up the difficulty of my routine, and I haven't done that for so long.
"It's so exciting to upgrade my routines, with new linking skills and a bit of exploration, that has been so exciting and I'm happy to try and do that.
"The year before Rio I was in a boot! I had some bone stress problems in my leg and that injury was closer to the games so I am in a better position this time around and I feel more consistent than I have ever felt before.
"But it is about peaking at the right time. I just want to keep helping to qualify a place."
And if she does make it back to the Olympics in Tokyo next year, will her lucky lunchbox be going too?
"I have had a few additions since then! I've got a Unicorn and a cat in addition to my dinosaur and then I got a giraffe as well!
"The primary school that my mum worked in also got me a ladybird lunchbox when I went in to do their assembly because they knew I liked them so much! That was really sweet.
"I have got so many now, probably too many! I will have to choose my favourite for Tokyo - the auditions begin now."
Tokyo 2020
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