The 38-year-old put together a string of impressive performances on his way to picking up a fourth World Championship title, a unique feat shared with French captain Jerome Fernandez.
The Paris Saint-Germain keeper was also named to the All-Star team at the end of the two-week tournament in Doha.
Joining him in the elite VII was fellow Frenchman centre-back Nikola Karabatic, who was equally important to his side's run to Sunday's final, which was won 52-22 against the host nation.
Tokyo 2020
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Two Qataris made the All-Star team: left-back Rafael Capote and right-back Zarko Markovic, while Spain's Valero Rivera claimed the left wing spot, with Slovenia's Dragan Gajic on the right. Polish line player Bartosz Jurecki completed the line-up.
The end-of-tournament awards were decided by a panel consisting of Frantisek Taborsky (Czech Republic), Paul Landuré (France), Zoltan Marczinka (Hungary) and Dietrich Späte (Germany).
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