With around 100 hours of TV time in Europe, USA and Oceania SuperLeague is the organisation to look at when success is the goal.
One of the first sports to be included in the Olympic games – actually the first Olympic game was Pancratium known today as Pancrase, Vale Tudo, NHB, MMA etc. The fascination of fight sports is still very much alive and SuperLeague is leading the way and putting our beloved sport to the living room of hundreds of thousand people world wide.
McBet.tv is an online betting company and they are now the official main sponsor of Thai- & Kickbox SuperLeague. What this means is that all interested parties can now bet on the outcome of each fight and the sport betting is now not only just for the so called main stream sports.
Kick Boxing
The Battle of the Bosporus
23/09/2005 AT 12:43
The exceptional thing about SuperLeague is the league concept. Also on the internet is SuperLeague very strong with a brand new sports portal being launched early May 2005 with several content managers working daily to update everything from fight reports and fight analysis to huge in depth interviews with the fighters and an official world ranking system. This huge project also has a members area where high light movies and fight clips can be downloaded for free plus a lot more cool things which will be announced later this year.
Alexander Van der Gröben is the now handling the PR in Germany on behalf of Bauer Prosport which is the company that owns SuperLeague.
“I am quite sure that SuperLeague will conquer European market instantly. Ever since I commentated the first SuperLeague event I have been electrified and I can't wait for the next event. This event will be world class Thai- and Kickboxing brought to the everybody world wide.”
The promoter Mr. Bauer promises the fans of SuperLeague that Oberhausen will be an absolute highlight. Eight world class fights with the world strongest middleweight fighters are in the works. Professional athletes from fourteen different countries including USA, Denmark, Canada, Holland, Thailand, Brazil, UK, France, Turkey, Germany, Portugal and more will be fighting on this event.
All of the sixteen fighters are looking to end the fight with a KO and this is one of the differences from normal boxing. On the last SuperLeague event seven of the eight fights were won via KO!
Thai- & Kickbox SuperLeague is a must for every action fan!
Eurosport will broadcast 3 hours live from Germany!
Tickets are €18.00 to 89.50 at the door in König-Pilsener-ARENA or buy your tickets over the telephone +49 0208-82 000. For more information please go to www.superleague.tv.