With fighters like Fadi Merza, Malaipet Sasiprapa (pictured), Peter Crooke and Ole Baguio Laursen the Battle of the Bosporus in Istanbul is one of the premier combat sport events this year.
And you can watch all the action live on Eurosport!
Kick Boxing
Kick boxing on Eurosport
26/04/2005 AT 16:50
If you happen to be in Istanbul during the last weekend of September you can also meet some of the best Middleweight fighters in the world.
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The Battle at the Bosporus is a Middleweight tournament with eight fighters split into two two pools plus two fighters squaring off in a tournament reserve fight in case of injury. All combat takes place under the modified Muaythai rules of the W.F.C.A.
Eurosport and SuperLeague can now reveal that live streaming will once again be available to those who cannot access the TV pictures or merely to enhance your viewing of the tournament.
The live streaming is free of charge and will start at 20:00 cet.