Greatest fightbacks: Brad Binder talks Jerez

Greatest fightbacks: Brad Binder talks Jerez

01/12/2016 at 11:08Updated 07/12/2016 at 16:06

Brad Binder finished the 2016 season as Moto3 world champion but his greatest achievement may have come at Jerez earlier in the season.

Binder, 21, started the Spanish motorcycle Grand Prix last on the grid before slaloming his way to the win – the first of his career.

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“I don’t think I’ve ever qualified last in my life, so it was a strange feeling lining up behind everybody," Binder said. "The first thing I said to my crew chief was ‘those lights are really far’!

“It was so weird because obviously I didn’t expect to win at all – I’d never won a GP before – and it felt like something was missing, that I still had an extra lap to do that I hadn’t done or something had happened, you know.

“But when I came back and I stopped and parked and saw my team standing behind the number one board I knew that we’d got it right, and it was a really incredible feeling.”

Jerez may have been his debut victory, but the South African star went on to win another six Grand Prix to claim a maiden world championship.