World champion Casey Stoner, who claimed last year's title on a Ducati choc-full of systems including traction control, believes aids are an essential part of the sport, while five-time title winner Valentino Rossi says the opposite.
The 2007 season was one of the least exciting championships in Moto GP history, with races such as those at Jerez, Brno and Misano providing little or no overtaking.
And electronics have been blamed for a detrimental effect on the sport by many critics, who cite them as making the bikes easier to ride.
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Despite wanting to keep electronics in the sport himself - despite a detrimental effect on 'the show' - Ezpeleta said that he wanted a consensus decision from the riders before making any decision.
"I'm obviously not in favour of cancelling the amount of electronics, but for me personally, it's a matter for the riders," Ezpeleta told Motorcycle News.
"In my opinion, if the problem is to solve something just for the show, then I am not in. It doesn't matter to me if riders are overtaking each other, sideways or not.
"For me it's not a case of whether we have traction control or not. But if one traction control is better than the other, then it is up to the people who have the worst traction control to get better."
Ezpeleta is believed to want standard ECUs introduced.
But he denied it was simply to appease Yamaha rider Rossi - a man who has already succeeded in convincing Dorna to propose a single-tyre rule for this season in order to get Bridgestone to supply his rubber.
"I have a very good relationship with Rossi," Ezpeleta added. "But I don't agree with everything he says. I want to know what is the opinion of Casey, of Dani Pedrosa, Marco Melandri too."
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