Jamie Chadwick has opened up about meeting Caitlyn Jenner for the first time, describing the star as "easy-going" and "cool".
Chadwick, who drives for Jenner’s W Series team Jenner Racing, discussed how she was invited out to Malibu to meet her team boss for the first time.
Jenner, an Olympic decathlon gold medallist in 1976, is a huge media personality in the USA having appeared on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ as well as attempting to run for governor of California in 2021.
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At the start of the year she founded Jenner Racing which competes in the W Series, an all-female racing championship.
Speaking to Orla Chennaoui and Greg Rutherford on The Breakdown podcast, 2021 W Series champion Chadwick revealed what it was like meeting such a huge celebrity after joining the team this season.
“I'd had a few phone calls with her,” she said. “So I kind of got to know her a little bit prior to going into the house and meeting her. But yeah, a little bit [nervous]. I think you always are, even if it's any team boss, aside from being Caitlyn Jenner.
“I think you're always a bit nervous. But yeah, fortunately, she's so cool. So yeah, that put me at ease.
“I just think she's actually so understated and easy-going, she's got an old classic car that we went out in and, honestly, there's a side of her that I would never have even known even though she's so well known.
“I kind of got to know her a lot better. And yeah, it was kind of cool to just get that personality out of her.”
Chadwick, who also won the W Series title in 2019, has been a development driver with Formula One team Williams since 2020, with hopes of one day becoming the first female driver to compete at a Grand Prix since 1976.
A star in her own right, the 23-year-old admitted being wowed by the lifestyle of a global celebrity but was equally pleased at how down to earth Jenner was.
“There’s a few pinch yourself moments,” she added “Especially because I'm from sport. It’s two different worlds.
“There’s certain sports where there's more of a crossover. And Lewis Hamilton sort of lives the celebrity dream a little bit. But for me, I've never been exposed to that and, to be honest, don't really have that much interest in being exposed to it either.
“Which is why I think it's so nice that Caitlyn is just a normal person. And I can just have a normal conversation with her. Because that's kind of all I want in a boss.”
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