Thomas Bach has stressed the importance of togetherness on Olympic Day.
Olympic Day is an annual event that commemorates the founding of the International Olympic Committee on 23 June 1894. The 2022 theme is Together, For a Peaceful World.
And International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach said on Thursday that the Olympic Movement represented a powerful symbol for peace.
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“The Olympic Games, which unite the entire world in peaceful competition, are a powerful symbol of peace,” said president Bach.
“Our Olympic mission is not a political mission. Our Olympic mission is a humanitarian mission.”
Bach added that the Olympics’ guiding principles of solidarity and peace can represent a “unifying force” in troubling times with conflict on the rise across the world.
“Without solidarity there is no peace,” Bach said.
“In these divisive and confrontational times, people around the world are longing for a unifying force that brings humankind together.
"In this respect, the Olympic Movement has a lot to offer with our mission to unite the entire world in peaceful competition."

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