British Olympic skier Izzy Atkin says it would be a dream if her and her younger sister, Zoe, were to both qualify for the 2022 Beijing Olympics.
With just a year to go until the Winter Olympics, Izzy hopes she will be there with her younger sister in China.
“Going to the Olympics is the pinnacle for most athletes," the GB Snowsport star exclusively told Eurosport.
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"It has been a dream of ours since we were little, and it would be a dream come true if both of us qualify for and compete at the Beijing Olympics.
"However, it’s still a year away, and we are focusing on our skiing, progressing and having as much fun as we can on the way.
It would certainly be very special if both of us can share the experiences at Beijing.

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Zoe's career best result was winning the Copper World Cup Halfpipe in 2019. The 18-year-old insists the two do not have a sibling rivalry and that they celebrate each other's successes.
"I was there when Izzy competed in PyeongChang and seeing her do it definitely inspired me," she said.
"It would be really cool to compete in Beijing with Izzy, but we are concentrating on the here and now.
"We really aren’t competitive with each other as, first and foremost, we are family. We also compete in different disciplines [Izzy competes in Ski Slopestyle and Big Air, and Zoe competes in Ski Halfpipe].
"However, we support each other in our sports to be the best we can be."
Izzy added: "Zoe's performances do not put any pressure on me. I would be very happy for her if she does well and I also know she would feel the same if I do well.
We are very supportive of each other in our skiing, we push each other on. First and foremost, we are sisters, it's just even better that we both enjoy skiing as well!

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