Who doesn’t love a mixed team relay? Good news: four more have been added to the programme for Beijing 2022, creating nine in total, while there are three other new events to sink our teeth into.
The Winter Games are fast approaching with the Opening Ceremony getting underway on February 4.
So what are the seven new events and what do they entail? Let’s find out…
Beijing 2022
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Bobsleigh: Women’s monobob

Those familiar with Cool Runnings (which is everyone, right?!) will know there’s usually a pilot, a brakeman and two super strong fast guys to help get it moving. But in the case of the monobob, that no longer applies – with one person in a smaller bobsled having to do the whole lot.
There are now an equal amount of bobsleigh events for men and women after organisers adding the women’s monobob to the programme for Beijing. Competitors will get four runs, with the combined times deciding the medals.

Short track speed skating: Mixed team relay

Teams of four athletes (two men, two women) will battle it out in a fast and furious event over 2000m. To make it extra spicy, each skater will race twice in the order woman-woman-man-man-woman-woman-man-man.
Expect carnage!

Ski jumping: Mixed team event

You know the drill by now: four athletes in each team, two men and two women. The event will take place on the normal hill and the scoring system is the same as the men’s ski jumping team competition.
There are two competition rounds, with the best eight teams in the first advancing to the second to content the medals.

Freestyle skiing: Big air (men and women)

Big air made its debut at PyeongChang 2018 in the world of snowboard, now freestyle skiing is getting involved in China. It’s all about one jump off one enormous ramp and, as the name suggests, a whole lot of air.
Athletes get three attempts to impress a panel of judges with their tricks, with their best two scores added together to decide the final rankings.

Freestyle skiing: Mixed team aerials

Just when we were getting used to the two men, two women format the aerials came along and ripped it up. Each team will be made of three athletes, with at least one woman or man in each (i.e. two men + one woman; two women + one man).
For those unfamiliar, aerials is a freestyle skiing discipline which sees athletes perform an array of in-air tricks in a bid to wow the judges.

Snowboard cross: Mixed team race

It’s got strong competition from curling, but snowboard cross might be our favourite event at the Winter Olympics. Athletes charging down a mountain course on a snowboard, with collisions and drama inevitable.
Now there’s a mixed team event too. One man and one woman will unite, with the second athlete going down the same course as soon as their teammate has crossed the line.
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