The IOC is re-testing all Russian athletes' samples from the event after Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of Moscow's discredited anti-doping laboratory, blew the whistle on what he said was a state-sponsored doping programme.
Russia denies his allegations, saying it is the victim of a politicised dirty tricks campaign designed to besmirch its reputation and curb its sporting success.
The IOC's latest move brings the total number of Russian athletes handed life bans to over 20 this month.
Sochi 2014
IOC bans 11 Russian winter athletes for life for Sochi 2014 doping
22/12/2017 AT 16:31
The Kremlin earlier on Wednesday said it would act to protect the rights of Russian athletes, slamming the bans as part of a broad anti-Russian campaign in the West.
"We strongly reject all allegations that the state may have been involved in any way in forcing doping on Russian athletes," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call with reporters.
Rodchenkov, who prosecutors in Russia accuse of forcing sportspeople to resort to doping was "already an odious figure in Russia", Peskov said.
"Unfortunately, his sponsors and those sheltering him have a tin ear about this ... And therefore the situation certainly remains complicated and the interests of our athletes suffer."
The IOC's executive board is due to take a decision in December on the participation of Russian athletes in the next Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang in 2018 based on the findings of an IOC Disciplinary Commission chaired by Samuel Schmid, a former president of Switzerland, the IOC said.
Sochi 2014
IOC bans three more Russian athletes for life over doping
01/12/2017 AT 13:23
Sochi 2014
Kremlin vows to defend Russian athletes after lost Sochi medals over doping
27/11/2017 AT 11:59