Tokyo Sports Square

Tokyo Sports Square

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Tokyo Sports Square is a captivating, limited-engagement exhibition that showcases not only the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, but also delectable local specialties and various cultural assets of Japan. The spacious facility offers a wide selection of Olympic exhibits, souvenirs, as well as various Japanese cultural experiences.
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Speaking with the locals here revealed temperate excitement for the games, with soccer and track-and-field events being of particular interest—a lot of hope is aimed at the top Japanese athletes in those events. Additionally, those we spoke with expressed peaked interest in the freshly-added Olympic sports, such as surfing and skateboarding. The visitors really appreciate the facility, as it allows them to support their own Olympians and highlight the charms of Japan for the rest of the world.


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A short walk from the Tokyo Sports Square facility is Ginza—a high fashion district famous for luxury shopping. It’s a sharp contrast with the more casual Yurakucho area we just came from, so would we find any Olympic excitement here?
Strolling through the elegant streets, we spoke with some Japanese people about the games and indeed discovered enthusiasm for the games. While it may be a pity the Olympic games are being held without spectators this time, the people we spoke with expressed a sincere desire to make the best of the situation and look forward to a brighter future. They would cheer-on their favorite Japanese athletes from home, while hoping for the day when foreign tourists could once again take-in the endearing streets of Ginza.

The Tokyo Bay Area

Tokyo Bay Area

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The Tokyo Bay Area, with its numerous freshly-constructed arenas and sports facilities, is an impressively beautiful and modern part of Tokyo ideal for hosting its many Olympic events. It’s also a welcome retreat from the more bustling parts of the city, as it features endless lush green parks, seaside vistas, and a pleasant ocean breeze.
After checking out the Olympic Flame on display, we engaged some locals for their views on the nearby events happening and beyond. Japanese people expressed enthusiasm for athletes and events that Japan has made a lasting mark in. There was tremendous but modest pride in various Japanese athletes--tennis stars Naomi Osaka & Kei Nishikori, inspiring swimmer Rikako Ikee, as well as the Japanese baseball and soccer teams to name a few.
The people of Tokyo are finding many ways to enjoy the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and looking beyond with a hopeful eye. They expressed faith and forward-thinking optimism that things would rebound so that people from around the world could once again be welcomed by their world-renowned hospitality and modest charm.
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