We're nearly at the end of an incredible fortnight of sporting action with the Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony fast approaching.
Time has flown past since the world watched as Naomi Osaka lit the Olympic cauldron at the opening ceremony inside the Olympic Stadium.
Since then we've seen hundreds of medals handed out with each athlete earning the right to stand proudly on their podium after years of hard work.
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Everyone will have a favourite moment and Team GB fans have been treated to some truly incredible ones.
Tom Daley winning his first Olympic gold medal, Kate French scooping gold in the modern pentathlon and 13-year-old Sky Brown claiming bronze in the skateboarding are just a handful of examples.
Plenty of sports including rowing, swimming, taekwondo and tennis have long been finished but there are still several medal matches and events taking place on the last day of the tournament.

When do the Olympics finish?

The final day of competition will be Sunday, August 8.
Thirteen medal events will take place on the final day of the Olympics, including four in boxing and three in track cycling.
As is tradition, the men's marathon concludes the athletics schedule and takes place on the final Sunday.
There are also finals matches in handball, volleyball, basketball and water polo.

When is the Olympic closing ceremony?

The closing ceremony will begin at 12:00 BST on Sunday, August 6 to officially close the Games.
It will take place at the same venue as the opening ceremony, the Olympic Stadium, once again without spectators present in the stands.
There is also set to not be many athletes with competitors told to fly home within 48 hours of their event finishing to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Expect plenty more fireworks at the closing ceremony

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How to watch Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony

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Where is the next Olympics being held?

With last year's Tokyo 2020 Olympics delayed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is only three years to wait until the next summer Games.
Paris, France will host the 2024 Olympics and is scheduled to take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024.
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