The greatest show on Earth has always been the slogan attached to the Olympic Games and the opening ceremonies are usually nothing short of spectacular.
Cast your mind back to 2012 in London when Danny Boyle directed the opening ceremony with the likes of Paul McCartney, Dizzee Rascal, James Bond, the Queen and even Mr Bean made an appearance.
Tokyo 2020 might not have the same atmosphere witnessed at previous opening ceremonies due to fans being banned from attending, but everyone is still expecting loud music, flashing lights and fireworks galore.
Tokyo 2020
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Not only does the opening ceremony officially open the start of the Games, it also allows the host country to show off its culture on the biggest of international stages.
Here’s all you need to know about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremony.

When is the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony?

The opening ceremony will take place on Friday, July 23, starting at 20:00 local time.
Japan is eight hours ahead of British Summer Time, meaning proceedings will begin at 12:00 in the UK.
The opening ceremony will take place at the National Stadium in Tokyo which, if a state of emergency hadn't been declared in the city given the coronavirus pandemic, would have maxed out its 48,000 capacity.

It's unclear how many athletes will be allowed to attend the opening ceremony

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Olympic organisers are yet to confirm how many people will be in attendance with some members of the International Olympic Committee, diplomats, foreign dignitaries and Olympic sponsors still expected to attend.
It also raises the question as to how many athletes will attend.
Usually, athletes competing will do a lap of the stadium with their country and its flag bearers before enjoying the party but it’s yet to be confirmed if this tradition will go ahead given the strict coronavirus measures in place.
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Tokyo 2020
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