The following document is intended to be a guide for potential end user FAQs you may encounter. Note that some of the questions here will not be relevant to you.
How do I access the Olympics VR App
How will process for tickets work for Paris 2024 Olympic Games? What are key dates?
Depending on your region, you will have various options to access VR content for the Olympics.
For the most immersive content, you will need a VR Headset. But don’t worry, if you don’t have one, you can still enjoy content on your mobile phone. Here are your options:
What content will I see in the App?
You will be able to enjoy both live and VOD immersive content for 30 events at the Olympics, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies
Here’s the detailed scheduled for live events. You can opt-in (or opt-out) of notifications for Live event coverage. All times are local Korea times.
Highlights in both stereoscopic 180° format and 2D panoramic format, of up to five minutes in duration, will be created from the VR live sessions. These will be made available the day after each live session by approximately 12.00 PyeongChang local time.
In addition, one edited highlights package from the previous day’s competition will be available daily. This will be in either 180° or 360° format. The highlights from events to be covered are as follows.
Highlights schedule
Please note that the event coverage is subject to change. Some events, for instance, may be postponed and therefore unavailable due to weather conditions.
I want to watch my favourite sport live today, but I can’t find it
The VR app generally covers one live sport per day. Please consult the schedule for which sport is covered and when.
When are the highlights from today’s live event available?
These are generally available the day after the live sport takes place
Why is the commentary in English?
It is not possible to add further commentary to the live sessions so we took the decision to provide English language commentary rather than have no commentary. [Alternatively, if you don’t want English you can listen in natural sound.]
Why is there no [Eurosport] commentary?
It was not technically possible to add our own commentary to the content available in the VR app
What kind of experience will I get in the VR App?
The goal of our VR app is to give you a taste of what it’s like at the Winter Olympics with both 360° and 180° video. For live events, you will have the freedom to choose your camera angle to see the action from your favorite point of view or lean back and watch the director’s cut by selecting “VRCast.” Our app also gives you schedules, leaderboards, and medal counts to stay up to date on the standings for the world’s greatest athletic pursuits.
How do I opt-out of notifications?
If you don’t want to be reminded when Live event coverage is available, then simply opt-out when you first launch the App.
What should I do if my video keeps buffering?
Ensure you have a good WiFi (3G OR 4G where applicable) connection. Our 360° and 180° immersive video content is in high resolution and requires a good connection to enjoy the best experience.For the best experience, we recommend a connection of 20Mbs.
Why does the video sometimes appear pixelated?
We are using a technology that adapts the bitrate of the video you are watching depending on the speed of your connection in order to give you the best possible video playback. The video may start at a low bitrate and playback at a low quality which improves until it hits the appropriate standard for your connection.
I am getting a message that content is not available in my territory
Due to rights permissions, our technology prevents users accessing content from outside permitted territories.You might have been identified as outside the permitted territory because your device is on a foreign-based network, or is routed overseas. If our system does not recognise your IP address then you won't be able to playback content
Otherwise, it may be a network error, so close your browser or router and reopen with a fresh IP address.
If your address is still not recognised, you must contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for further information.
Will I be charged more for using this App?
There is an upfront cost for the Olympics VR App at point of download from your App Store. If you are on a mobile device your operator may charge you for the amount of 3G or 4G data you use. You can reduce data costs by using WiFi when available.
I’m having issues with the app. Who do I contact?
Please ensure you are always on the latest version to have the best experience. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at [https://www.eurosport.co.uk/contactus.shtml].
I’m having issues viewing the web player on my mobile device?
Please note that mobile web browsers are not supported for video playback.
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