The presidents of the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee are being urged to ban Russia and Belarus from sporting events, following the invasion of Ukraine.
Ahead of the Beijing Paralympics starting this Friday, 60 athletes from Ukraine and 14 other countries have sent a letter direct to IOC boss Thomas Bach and his IPC counterpart, Andrew Parsons.
Sporting organisations are taking a stand against Moscow, although FIFA has been criticised for not introducing a ban.
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Football’s global governing body has instead blocked Russia from competing under the country’s flag - which is something the IOC and IPC have already done because of their recent doping history.
Poland are refusing to play a World Cup play-off with Russia, while the Football Association has confirmed that none of its England sides will face the country until further notice.
Swimming's global governing body FINA has also called off the World Junior Swimming Championships, which were due to be held in Kazan this August.
Ukraine’s health ministry said yesterday that 352 civilians had been killed since Russia began its attack on Thursday, while explosions have been heard on Monday morning in the capital Kyiv and Kharkiv in the north east.
"Russia's invasion of Ukraine, supported by Belarus, is a clear breach of the Olympic and Paralympic Charters - a breach that must be met with strong sanctions," the athletes said in an open letter, supported by the Global Athlete advocacy movement.
"Your lack of action will send a message to every athlete in the world that you have chosen Russia and Belarus interests over athlete interests. Your legacy will be defined by your actions."
The IPC is under pressure to take a stand against Russia, with four days to go until the Winter Paralympics begin. A spokesperson has confirmed the situation will be discussed in a board meeting on Wednesday.
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