All the previous winners from this year's Tour were in attendance for the £3,500 buy-in event which drew 184 players to the capital with Foltyn defeating Jeff Duvall in a three hour plus heads up battle.
For 24-year-old Foltyn from Doncaster it was comfortably the biggest payday of his career although he has cashed five times at the World Series of Poker including a final table appearance at the No Limit Hold'em Short Handed event in 2006.
Foityn, who has also cashed on the European Poker Tour and in the Aussie Millions Championship and is regarded as one of the top online players in Britain, entered the final table fifth on chip count with 330,100.
Rowe takes down a million
19/12/2008 AT 11:46
Norwegian Eirik Svanes led the way with 618,300 while Guy Steel (492,400), Jeffrey Duvall (481,300) and Stuart Rutter (434,100) also had big stacks.
Stuart Nash (166,900), former Republic of Ireland striker Tony Cascarino (97,500), Surinder Sunar (75,300) and Richard Ashby (63,700) faced an uphill struggle.
Ashby and Sunar were both playing in their second UK Tour main event final table but were the first two to depart, eliminated by Foltyn's pocket rockets and Svanes's full house respectively.
Nash finishes seventh after raising All-In from the button holding King, ten with Rutter calling with a pair of Jacks and former Chelsea and Celtic star Cascarino, who won the event in Bolton earlier this year, was out in sixth after his Ace, eight ran into Steel's pocket kings.
Svanes took his stack over a million when he eliminated Rutter in fifth thanks to an Ace kicker but he then lost most of his stack to Foltyn before gifting the remainder to Duvall and the Norwegian was out in fourth.
Foltyn then knocked out Steel in third place after the club the jeweller needed on the river didn't materialise and he began the heads-up with 1.7 million chips to Duval's million.
The lead changed hands several times before Foltyn called Duval's All-In raise with a board showing 8sKh5c7h. Foltyn had 6-4 and Duval's 6-5 meant he could only split the pot at best but a queen on the river sealed his fate.
The second year of the UK Poker Tour concludes at the G casino in Luton on December 4 and 5 where the Champion of Champions tournament will take place with all the winners of the side events, whose results are listed below, booking a late place in the line-up.
1st Paul Foltyn £167,050
2nd Jeffrey Duvall £96,600
3rd Guy Steel £69,000 96
4th Eirik Svanes £46,900
5th Stuart Rutter £35,900
6th Tony Cascarino £27,600
7th Stuart Nash £22,100
8th Surinder Sunar £16,550
9th Richard Ashby £13,800
10th Mazar Nawab £8,300
11th Gregory Howard £6,900
12th Tim Flanders £6,900
13th Martin Green £6,900
14th Ash Hussain £5,500
15th Jim Moult £5,500
16th Robin Keston £5,500
17th Ariel Adda £5,500
18th Ketul Nathwani £5,500
£250 PL Seven Card Stud
1st Henry Nowakowski £5,450
2nd Paul Parker £3,050
3rd Ray Nicholas £2,250
4th William Davies £1,600
5th Andy Andreou £11,000
6th Jeraint Hazan £900
7th Laurie Taylor £700
8th Neil Channing £550
9th Edwin Biber £400
£500 PL Omaha Hi-Lo Freezeout
1st Paul Parker £8,000
2nd Marc Goodwin £4,450
3rd Lloyd Greensite £3,300
4th Mick McCool £2,350
5th Paul Alterman £1,650
6th George Rousou £1,300
7th Ian Turner £1,050
8th Eric Dalby £800
9th Gary Mills £600
£1,000 NL Hold'em Double Chance Freezeout
1st Kjetil Naess £22,750
2nd Jeff Kimber £17,500
3rd Chen Tse £17,500
4th David J Lloyd £17,500
5th William Martin £17,500
6th Kim Wittendorff £6,500
7th James Akenhead £5,250
8th Karim Vegas £4,250
9th Charalambos Xanthos £3,000
10th Christian Heeringa £1,750
11th Bradley Viner £1,500
12th Martin Bader £1,500
13th Gary Solomons £1,500
£500 PL Omaha Double Chance Freezeout
1st Pascal Heynsen £13,750
2nd Marc Goodwin £7,500
3rd Robin Keston £5,500
4th Simon Trumper £4,000
5th Knut Rysstad £2,750
6th Sam Trickett £2,250
7th Alex Rousso £1,750
8th Benedetto Passantino £1,500
9th Tim Flanders £1,000
£300 NL Hold'em Freezeout
1st Christopher Skinner £15,260
2nd George Kyriacou £8,820
3rd Marc Goodwin £6,300
4th Spyros Mouzoura £4,280
5th David J Lloyd £3,280
6th Lalit Khajuria £2,520
7th Julien Thew £2,020
8th David Garbacz £1,510
9th Norman Gold £1,260
10th David Penly £760
11th James Morris £630
12th Jerome O'Shea £630
13th James Lorenz £630
14th Phillipa Flanders £500
15th Michael Panteli £500
16th Michael Greco £500
17th Scott Reid £500
18th Sami Mahmoud £500
£500 NL Hold'em Freezeout
1st Richard Wheatley £26,250
2nd Priyan Demel £14,750
3rd Vishal Kawatra £10,500
4th Louise Duffy £7,250
5th David Gregory £5,500
6th Paul Parker £4,250
7th Andreas Hoivold £3,500
8th Erik Svanes £2,500
9th John Duthie £2,000
10th Kim Wittendorff £1,250
11th Jerome Bradpiece £1,000
12th Stuart Nash £1,000
13th Espen Hagen £1,00
14th Richard Simmonds £750
15th Nathan Lee £750
16th Kjetil Naess £750
17th Sunny Chattha £750
18th Elliott Peterman £750
£200 NL Hold'em Rebuy
1st David Rudling £11,650
2nd Paul Dack £10,000
3rd Bruno Fernandes £10,000
4th David Mitchell £4,700
5th JP Kelly £3,300
6th Espen Hagen £2,600
7th Andrew Seden 2,100
8th Tony Phillips 1,650
9th Albert Sapiano 1,200
£300 NL Hold'em Freezeout
1st Sam Trickett £7,900
2nd Osman Hasan £4,450
3rd Mick Cook £3,300
4th Guy Harris £2,350
5th Chaz Chattha £1,650
6th Stephen Phillips £1,300
7th Darren Fuller £1,050
8th Rob Garfield £800
9th Andre Sochousky £600
Hussain reigns in Luton
19/12/2008 AT 11:44
Barbosa wins in Poland
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