First Place: Peter Eastgate - $9,119,517: "Things just went my way. It kind of summed up the heads up. I had him crippled to below 20 million and I was lucky that he hit two pair where I hit the wheel. It was kind of inevitable for those two hands to get it all in. Ivan was a very tough opponent. He's an excellent player and we'll see a lot more of him in the coming years. I wasn"t thinking about the records or anything like that. I just was thinking about playing my game. I spoke to (Hellmuth) yesterday. He wished me luck and gave me a handshake."
Second Place: Ivan Demidov - $5,809,595: "It's easier to play against less creative players. This table was a lot more willing to gamble. It was a lot more aggressive. I really had no idea how he was going to play heads-up and he has way more experience than me. So maybe I was playing a bit passive and sometimes I made the bad calls when I should have just folded. I still called way too much and it cost me a lot of chips. I also made a few big bluffs at the wrong time."
Third Place: Dennis Phillips - $4,517,773: "I had over 300 people here. I came into this tournament saying I was going to have fun and that's exactly what I've done. I guarantee you, I had a blast for the last four months. I was able to meet a lot of people, I was able to do some things for charity. It was all good."
Poker Race Trophy
DoggyP75 - Q&A
19/12/2008 AT 11:48
Fourth Place: Ylon Schwartz - $3,774,974
Fifth Place: Scott Montgomery - $3,096,768: "I was behind when I got it all-in, so I don't consider that a bad beat. I certainly wanted to finish better that fifth."
Sixth Place: Darus Suharto - $2,418,562: "I can't lie. I feel pretty disappointed."
Seventh Place: David Rheem - $1,772,650: "I put my heart into it. My heart is broken right now. I feel like ****. You can quote me on that. I feel like ****."
Eighth Place: Kelly Kim - $1,288,217: "I just wanted to wait and wait and wait as long as I could. Every hand you wait and survive there's a better chance to sneak up. The support was awesome. I'm glad I was able to win that one hand to give them something to cheer about."
Ninth Place: Craig Marquis - $900,670: "When you flop a set, you expect to win the hand. That was certainly unfortunate for me, but that's why we play this game."