DoggyP75 (Finland)
Poker Race Trophy Valencia
Q: How was the overall experience in Spain? Was it your first trip there?
Poker Race Trophy
DoggyP75 - Q&A
19/12/2008 AT 11:48
It was not my first to Spain, but definitely the best trip so far. PokerRoom really made an effort to make the weekend unforgettable and they succeeded in that beyond my wildest imagination.
Q: Were you nervous at all during the semi-final tournament with all the lights and cameras, etc.?
Surprisingly not. Before and during the whole trip in Valencia I was just as calm as I normally am. The reason for this may have been that I thought that my chances for winning were quite slim.
Q: Have you kept in touch with any of the other qualifiers from the various trips you were on? Are any fans going to make the trip to Vienna with you to root you on at the finals?
I have been in touch with some other Valencia semifinalists, especially with Marky_Crash, who is also playing in the final and I also keep in touch with the other Finnish player, Grinch1974. My brother and some of my friends are flying from Helsinki to support me, and also a couple of friends who are living in Vienna are coming as well.
Q: There's quite a lot of money up for grabs in the $500,000 guaranteed finals, with a big difference between $285,000 for first and $10,000 for sixth. Will you be playing to win or are you looking to play it safe and try to move up the paytable as far as possible?
I don't think that the amount of money involved or the prize structure will affect my game. I will play like I normally do, trying to play the best poker that I can and make the right decisions in each situation. Will see how far it takes me.
Q: Any special plans for what you'd do with the winnings? Obviously it depends on where you finish, but do you have a trip planned or your eye on car or anything like that?
Maybe travel a little bit more and play some bigger live tournaments. I have also been planning to buy an apartment for a long time, so that could be one target for the money as well.
Q: Anything else you'd like to share?
I'd like to thank PokerRoom for this fantastic promotion, and to wish all the other finalists good luck - see you in Vienna!
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DoggyP75 takes the title
11/12/2008 AT 14:20
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20/11/2008 AT 19:28