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Poker Race Trophy Curitiba/Brazil
Q: How was the overall experience in Brazil? Was it your first trip there?
Poker Race Trophy
DoggyP75 - Q&A
19/12/2008 AT 11:48
A: Yes it was my first trip to Brazil and of course it was very exciting.
Q: What was the greatest moment this weekend - except winning the semi-final?
A: I met a lot of new people there and I had a great time thanks to the PokerRoom support staff and the other players.
Q: What was the best part of the VIP PokerRoom weekend (restaurants, nightlife)?
A: I'm just 22 so the best part of the weekend for me was the nightlife. We were in luxurious restaurants and had a lot of fun. It was an unforgettable time!
Q: Were you nervous at all during the semi-final tournament with all the lights and cameras?
A: It was my first time playing poker in front of TV cameras so for the first 15 minutes I was quite nervous. As I started to concentrate on my game I felt better and, as everybody can see, I did pretty well!
Q: Have you kept in touch with any of the other qualifiers from the various trips you were on? Are any fans going to make the trip to Vienna with you to root you on at the finals?
A: Yes sometimes I chat with Marky_Crash, the player who qualified for three Poker Race Trophy Weekends. We have played a few tournaments together online and I am looking forward to meeting him in Vienna. My girlfriend will be with me in Vienna to support me.
Q: There's quite a lot of money up for grabs in the $500,000 guaranteed final, with a big difference between $285,000 for 1st and $10,000 for 6th. Will you be playing to win or are you looking to play it safe and try to move up the paytable as far as possible?
A: I'm a poker player so of course I will go to Vienna with the intention of winning whole the tournament. In sport you have to be the best, and if you're not you should to stop competing, especially when playing poker.
Q: Any special plans for what you'd do with the winnings? Obviously it depends on where you finish, but do you have a trip planned or your eye on car or anything like that?
A: Naturally my plans depend on how much I win. If I take the first place I will buy a flat and of course I will boost my online bankroll in order to play at the level I want.
Q: Anything else you'd like to share?
A: I just want to say thanks to PokerRoom for the excellent promo - The Race Trophy has been a very special and quite unique innovation. It was a great experience and I wish all other players a good game at the final table.
Poker Race Trophy
DoggyP75 takes the title
11/12/2008 AT 14:20
Poker Race Trophy
Meet the finalists: DoggyP75
29/11/2008 AT 11:45