She only enters her teenage years next week, but Team GB’s skateboarding star Sky Brown is already dreaming of becoming a two-sport Olympic champion.
The 12-year-old, who is the focus of an exclusive discovery+ documentary called ‘Reaching the Sky’, will make history as Britain’s youngest ever summer Olympian at Tokyo 2020, and before she even picks up her board at the Games, she has told Eurosport she is targeting surfing success at Paris 2024.
Somewhat under the radar given her profile, especially in the USA, where she lives, Brown is also on Surfing England’s junior squad, with British Surfing looking to invest in talent after UK Sport committed £1.35m in funding.
Tokyo 2020
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“That’s actually what I want to do, in Paris 2024, it’s my dream,” she told Eurosport, after she was asked if she could also become an Olympic surfer.
I want to do good in surfing and skateboarding because I love them both. I really hope to do it in Paris, maybe both!
At the Tokyo Games, Brown says she wants to inspire other girls who are of a similar age and show them what is possible. From the outside, it looks like she is completely fearless. Just last year, she suffered life-threatening injuries after a fall in training - in a video she posted which went viral. She got back up on her board as soon as she could, and is a true star of the sport - highly rated by multiple world champion Nyjah Huston. But despite appearances, she says it is a bit of a facade.
“I get scared all the time, in skateboarding, I get scared a lot!”
“Also that’s what’s cool about skateboarding, you never know what’s coming next. I do get scared all the time but I like the feeling of beating my scaredness, it’s a bit like beating myself.”
Brown says it’s “very cool” to make history at the Tokyo Olympics, and she was “very shocked” to get the call up, even though winning bronze at the World Championships in 2019 put on course.

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She will experience the full bubble life in Tokyo, where she will be joined by her dad. For most British athletes, there will be little partisan support, but as she is half-British, half-Japanese, she may be an exception.
“I was born in Japan, lived there for a long time, I speak Japanese, so I hope there will be some Japanese fans!
“I don’t want Japan to feel bad because I went to England, I love both countries, I hope I can bring the countries together.”
Brown is destined to be one of the stars of the Tokyo Games, despite her age, but she seems to take it all in her stride. But when it comes down to it, what she is doing is very simple for her: “I just skate and surf, have fun, and it’s nice to have lots of people who are supporting me, it pushes me.
“I’m just doing my thing, having fun - I’m just a girl doing what she loves!”
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