Skateboarders often fall from great heights when a trick goes wrong on a half pipe - but the people capturing the stunning stunts are not usually the ones most in danger, until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!
Australian Kieran Woolley was completing a trick on a rail when he collided with a cameraman, knocking him on to his back before sharing a light-hearted moment on top of the bowl.
After initially ramming into the cameraman, Woolley put his hands to his helmet in shock before he received a thumbs up from his new acquaintance. He responded with a thumbs up of his own before they shared a fist bump.
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The member of the media team was probably a little too close to Woolley, but he showcased his status as a pro, filming the Aussie skate off while still on the floor.
"Sorry mate, didn't see ya there" said Woolley on Instagram after the race.
The 17-year-old ended up finishing fifth in the final, with gold going to his team-mate Keegan Palmer.
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