There will be no World Cup Ski Jumping events in Japan this season, it has been confirmed.
Rising omicron numbers in Japan - which has found cases in visitors from overseas - has prompted the country to reimpose a ban on foreign visitors.
As such, the International Ski Federation confirmed three ski jumping events would not take place.
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In a statement, the federation said: “The coronavirus-pandemic is affecting the Ski Jumping World Cup again this winter. As the International Ski Federation FIS announced today, the World Cups in Japan have to be cancelled also this season due to the current Covid-19 regulations.
“This decision means that the women's World Cups in Sapporo (08.-09.01.2022) and Zao (14.-15.01.2022), as well as the men's World Cup in Sapporo (21.-23.01.2022), can not take place.
“The International Ski Federation is looking for replacements for the cancelled competitions.”
The events were set to take place a month before the Winter Olympics get underway in China on February 4.
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