The 32-year-old is the third-fastest skier in history on downhill skis and the British downhill record holder.

His top speed is 231.66km/h, more than double the legal speed limit on UK motorways.

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Last season, Farrell got the first of seven world records he is hoping to break over the next three years, reaching 104.956km/h to become the fastest non-motorised man indoors in any discipline.

His next will be trying to set a new mark skiing down a sand dune in Namibia, and he admits the thrill of the ride is what draws him in.

"I used to race alpine and then ski cross and then I realised they weren't fast enough for me," he said.

"I do really enjoy the discipline. It is almost made for me, I love the speed and the technology around it and the preparation.

"Going so fast is a very interesting experience, a feeling of power and also absolute concentration since you are really thinking only about one thing at that moment," he said.

"It's almost a sense of relaxation that you can actually feel what you're doing and see yourself from the outside.

"It's only a 15 to 17 second run so everything goes by very fast. You can almost see your life go in front of you.

"Because of my business background and my creative mind, I can have a competitive advantage over other racers in the material preparation and the whole sort of aerodynamic aspect of the sport."

As Farrell says, his entrepreneurial mindset marks him apart from your standard athlete, having set up his first business aged just 18.

As well as running several companies and being partner of a few others, he helps the International Ski Federation with the marketing for speed skiing.

The 32-year-old also plays the part of business mentor for young entrepreneurs studying at the IE Business School in Madrid, where he lives.

Although he is not taking his eye of the ball when it comes to his aims for this season, as he looks to add to the overall FIS World Cup Speed Ski downhill title he won in 2014.

"In a year's time, I'd like to be overall third, in the end that's secretly my minimum of what I'd want for this season," he added.

"Being on the podium of the overall World Cup, getting a FIS crystal medal would be a very important step for me. "That and skiing over 245km/h which is almost more important because in the end, speed skiing is about speed and our ultimate goal is to beat the overall world record."

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