China's team of Liang Wenbo and Ding Junhui beat the Republic of Ireland's side of Doherty and Fergal O'Brien 4-1 in Thailand but Doherty was incensed when Liang turned up for his singles match against Fergal O'Brien not wearing a bow-tie.

Doherty felt Liang should have been docked the frame according to the rules of the sport.

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"Liang turned up to play without his dicky bow (bow-tie) on in the second frame and that's a dress code violation," said Doherty.

"The referee didn't realise it at first and Liang just gets a letter and fine for a dress code violation but he should've been docked a frame.

"If you play in one of the biggest tournaments, which this is, every advantage does make a difference.

"I'm not saying it would have had a big bearing on the match and it's not sour grapes but if they got docked a frame you never know what would've happened.

"It would have made it 1-1 and swung the frame to our advantage.

"A player forgot his chalk once and was docked a frame. I also forgot my waistcoat once and was told I wasn't allowed to play.

"Waistcoat, dicky-bow, they're all part of the dress code. It makes it easier on the neck to not wear it and there's no strain on your neck.

"If you play in the final of the World Championship and take your bow tie off in the last frame you'll have a better chance and all you'll get is a letter or £250 fine - I know what I would rather have."

A World Snooker spokesperson denied that China should have been docked a frame for the violation.

"Liang's violation of the dress code will be reported to the WPBSA disciplinary committee. However, players cannot be docked a frame for this violation alone.

"It's a completely different situation to the incident Ken referred to (Shaun Murphy v Stephen Maguire, 2004 Grand Prix) when Maguire was docked a frame because he wasn't ready for play at the start of the match."

The issue sparked a debate among the players at the tournament but world number one Mark Williams said he was in disagreement with Doherty and indeed added that he was anti-bow-tie altogether.

"I'm one of those who think we shouldn't wear bow ties and I don't see how you can say you should get a frame deducted for not wearing a bow tie. The ref should've told him and that was it," he said.

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