Liang Wenbo has been described as being “bang out of order” for attempting to pull a "stroke" during his match with Dean Young in British Open qualifying.
Liang, in his first match back on tour since serving a suspension for bringing the game into disrepute after pleading guilty to assaulting a woman - was 3-2 down with Young at the table and on a break when he stepped from his chair to question the spotting of the black.
Young had just potted the black and with the spot occupied by a red, the colour was placed on the blue spot.
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At that moment, Liang leapt from his chair - despite Young being at the address position and ready to play his next shot.
Young turned round in apparent shock when he saw Liang appear, and returned to his chair as his opponent and the referee had a conversation.
Liang leant over the table above the black spot to make his point that he felt it would spot.
The official used his measure to prove that the black would not spot, at which point Liang went back to his chair and Young resumed his break.
Young potted the red and went on to win the match and book his place in the first round of the British Open.
Unsurprisingly, the incident prompted a lot of debate - with Robert Milkins one of the players to offer his thoughts.
“This is a stroke, bang out of order when opponent is at the table,” Gibraltar Open winner Milkins wrote on Twitter. “Happened to me once at the Crucible.
“Let the ref do his job.
“If you’re gonna question the ref about the spotting you better make sure you’re 110% sure you’re right, which is impossible as two reds near black spot!”
Fellow professional Steven Hallworth added: "Absolutely shocking. Not to mention everything else concerning him. Disgusting conduct."
Fraser Patrick said: "Pathetic, Dean in to win and he's doing that."
Mark Allen commented: "Funny, I had an experienced pro do this to me for no other reason than to try and disrupt my rhythm in a deciding frame."
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