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With our featured match done that concludes our coverage tonight. Join us from 12.45pm tomorrow for more action from the British Open.
British Open
'Biggest win of my life' - Day defeats Allen in incredibly tense clash to win British Open
02/10/2022 AT 22:21

Third round draw

Angles and Rob Walker are doing this in the break, and some highlights - potentially, with some matches in progress or to be played - are here:
David Grace/Xu Si v Dean Young/Judd Trump
Mark Selby v Cao Yupeng
Lu Ning v Jack Lisowski/Mitchell Mann
Zhao Xintong v Noppon Saengkham/Fraser Patrick

Around the tables

Anthony Hamilton 2-1 Jamie Clarke
Jack Lisowski 2-1 Mitchell Mann
Robbie Williams 2-1 Lukas Kleckers

Barry Hawkins advances

In this open draw format this tie was the pick of the round, but Barry Hawkins made light work of what looked a taxing assignment on paper. On the baize, he was majestic; Breaks of 72, 120, 78 and 134 put his four frames on the board, and he even registered 53 in the one he lost. Kyren didn't do much wrong, he just ran into a top 10 player hitting top gear in a best-of-seven.

Wilson 1-4 Hawkins

This is the way to sign off; Barry registers his second century of the night, a magnificent total clearance of 134 to take frame and match.

Wilson 1-3 Hawkins (0-75)

Barry does force a couple into the open, and that's all he needs. He takes frame ball red to left middle to move 69 ahead with 67 on, plus he's on the blue. That vanishes, and then Barry picks out a plant to bottom right; we're done here.

Wilson 1-3 Hawkins (0-46)

On 39 Barry overcooks a pot on a red, landing high on black to bottom right. He picks out a great recovery pot though, deadweighting it in to hold for his next red, and he's inching closer. He still has to open the pack compliantly though, which looks like Kyren's only potential out here.

Wilson 1-3 Hawkins (0-16)

It's a simple equation here for Kyren, who needs to blag all three remaining frames to get through. He plays an attacking safety at the start of frame five, and it's served up a red to left middle for Barry. That disappears, followed by a nerveless cut back on black to bottom right and he's on his next red. It's a great look at closing out a match, and Barry sets about it.

Wilson 1-3 Hawkins

A total of 78 puts Barry within one of victory.
Earlier today:

Wilson 1-2 Hawkins (0-70)

Barry is falling over the line in this one; he wobbles in a red, before making sure of frame ball pink. Kyren won't be coming back though, as Barry then bullets in a red from distance followed by the pink. He's felt the pressure in this one, no doubt, but it's off now.

Wilson 1-2 Hawkins (0-53)

What a touch this is! Barry pots the blue, intending to go in and out of baulk; the white catches a stray red on its way though, but nudges it into a perfect potting position in baulk. This is a bit sloppy from Barry, but he's keeping the scoreboard ticking over.

Wilson 1-2 Hawkins (0-29)

It's another chance for Barry as he pots a red as a shot to nothing, and lands on yellow in baulk. The black is out of action but Barry soon gets the pink rehoused on the black spot, and that's turned this into a chance. He splits the pack on 17, but is only left with a red along the rail to the bottom right. He clips it in serenely though and this is a decent chance.

Wilson 1-2 Hawkins (0-11)

Barry pots a nice deadweight red long into the bottom left. A cut back on the black follows, leaving a tricky cut back on red to bottom right with the rest. He drops it in nicely though, and goes up for the yellow, but from there it goes pear; he lands behind the blue after potting said yellow, and it's end of break.

Around the tables

Anthony Hamilton 1-1 Jamie Clarke
Jack Lisowski 1-1 Mitchell Mann
Robbie Williams 2-0 Lukas Kleckers

Wilson 1-2 Hawkins

Kyren empties the table, and he's right in this match now.

Wilson 0-2 Hawkins (26-53)

This is granite stuff from Kyren, as he frees the one tied up red from the pink before draining all remaining reds and going up for the yellow, which is just off the top cushion. He's got no angle on it, but drills the pot home before rolling the green long into the bottom left. What a superb shot! Up to and including the pink will get him on the board here.

Wilson 0-2 Hawkins (26-53)

Kyren gets away with a big miss here; the blue to right middle is so off that he doesn't land on his next intended red, so although it's end of break it's not effectively end of frame to boot. A safety battle ensues, before Kyren finds a lovely shot to nothing on a red to bottom right and has a path to the blue, which is over the right middle. Can he convert this chance?

Wilson 0-2 Hawkins (14-53)

After 249 unanswered points against him, Kyren gambles everything on a long red to the bottom right to hold for the pink. He makes it, and with the remaining reds spread nicely this is a great chance to counter. It confirms everything we know about Kyren; he is not to be found wanting in the moxie department. He starts his comeback, and is on 14 and counting.

Wilson 0-2 Hawkins (0-53)

Here comes the key shot of the frame. With all loose reds dispatched, Barry pots the black and comes off the bottom cushion and into the pack. They split, but he lands on nothing and it's back to baulk with the white; that's a huge let off for Kyren, who is right under it here as he comes back to the table.

Wilson 0-2 Hawkins (0-29)

This could be bothersome for Kyren; in trying to play a dump shot onto the bottom cushion, he catches a double kiss on the red he plays and leaves it on to the bottom right for Barry. It's a tap in, and there's a handy spread on here. Barry is in great touch, and soon scoring quickly again.

Wilson 0-2 Hawkins

Frame ball red takes Barry to 69, and the black into the bottom left ensures that Kyren won't be returning to the table. There's a load left though, and there could be a very heavy score incoming. Sure enough, Barry converts it into a century and eventually a break of 120.

Wilson 0-1 Hawkins (0-58)

It'll be an early mark for Kyren if Barry keeps this up. It's another half-century, and there's very little for Barry to do with the cue ball to put this one to bed. As yet, Kyren hasn't registered a single pot.

Wilson 0-1 Hawkins (0-13)

A safety exchange runs and runs at the start of frame two, before Kyren misses a thin contact and gives away four. Both players then miss mid-rangers, before Barry wriggles a red along the rail and into the bottom right. He then pots the black, trusting to luck on position as he runs through the pack. He gets a slice, and then some; he's on red to right middle and in it goes.

Wilson 0-1 Hawkins

Frame ball red is swiftly dealt with, before a surprising miss on a red to right middle ends his break at 72. Kyren isn't interested in potting a few to get his arm going though, and concedes the frame.

Wilson 0-0 Hawkins (0-55)

A nicely controlled shot when potting the blue sends the white into the pink and frees up a few more reds. Barry's right in a rhythm here, with a half-century soon secured and the frame will surely follow.

Wilson 0-0 Hawkins (0-25)

Barry gets away first, driving a red into the bottom right to go up for the blue. He's straight into it, and in potting the black to reach 25 he sends the white into the pack with delayed screw, and they've split perfectly.

We're off

Our MC Tahir Hajat brings out the players. Here we go then, it's best of seven for a place in the next round.

Hey TC

Can one of these two players join the real top cats of the game this year, and win their first Triple Crown title? They're surely the two hammering at the door the loudest. Kyren's victory last month was his fifth ranking event title, and he's been to the final of the World Championship and the Masters. By contrast The Hawk has bagged three ranking event wins, but landed butter side down in two Masters finals and once over 35 frames on the final two days at the Crucible. That's for another day though; right now, they'll be jonesing for the British Open title.

We’re back

It’s time for the evening session, and I’m your Steve Lamacq of the baize tonight. We’ve got a belter lined up for you, as Kyren Wilson takes on Barry Hawkins for a place in the last 32. In the 26 previous meetings between the two, Kyren leads Barry 14-12 and the two faced off just last month in the final of the European Masters. Kyren nabbed the trophy then, can Barry avenge that defeat tonight?


Thanks for joining us

We will be back at 6:45pm tonight with Barry Hawkins and Kyren Wilson colliding before defending champion Mark Williams meets Ben Woollaston. See you back here for more British Open drama.

Selby 4-1 Joyce

Mark Selby contributed 110, 74, 55 and 54 to advance to the last 32. The four-time world champion looks to be in fine touch.

17:00 – Around the tables

  • Zhao Xintong 4-1 Stuart Bingham
  • Jordan Brown 4-1 Ng On Yee
  • Lu Ning 4-1 Zhou Yuelong
  • Xiao Guodong 4-1 Peter Lines
  • Mark Selby 4-1 Mark Joyce
  • Craig Steadman 3-1 Ben Mertens
  • Cao Yupeng 3-2 Dylan Emery

Higgins 3-4 Yuan

What a match that proved to be. Yuan taking his place in tonight's draw for the third round.

Higgins 3-3 Yuan (64-66)

Well, Higgins escapes from a snooker, but he has left the yellow over a middle pocket. In goes the yellow for Yuan. So nervous out there. In goes the green and he needs the remaining four colours to complete the win. Higgins should have won this match, but has somehow blown it. Yuan sees out the colours quite brilliantly and he is a 4-3 winner. That will sting Higgins, but full credit to Yuan.

Higgins 3-3 Yuan (64-15)

A safety error by Higgins and the final four reds are in the open. This match not yet put to bed. Is there another twist?

Higgins 3-3 Yuan (64-8)

Higgins reaching the key juncture of this break. Not far from the winning post. Fully dialled into his work with five reds left up. Brilliant cut on a red, up for the blue. This looks like the match right here. But he misses the match ball red. 56 in it, 59 still on table.

Higgins 3-3 Yuan (18-8)

Well, Higgins planted a red onto black to concede seven points. Yuan opted to put Higgins back in and he has come up with a quite fantastic long red. Shot of the match you would suggest. But black has been forced onto the pink spot and that doesn't make the run for the line too easy.

Higgins 3-3 Yuan (0-0)

57 and 72 from Yuan in that sixth frame. Chance was there for Higgins, but not taken.
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