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Last 16 draw

British Open
'Biggest win of my life' - Day defeats Allen in incredibly tense clash to win British Open
02/10/2022 AT 22:21
Before we go here are a few potential highlights from the last 16 draw, as conducted by Angles McManus and Rob Walker.
Mark Selby v Lu Ning/Jack Lisowski
Ding Junhui/Robbie Williams v Barry Hawkins/Steven Hallworth
Gary Wilson/Mark Allen v Xu Si/Judd Trump
Zhao Xington/Noppon Saengkham v Yan Bingtao/Jordan Brown

Around the tables

Grame Dott 3-2 Xiao Guodong
Jamie Jones 4-1 Chang Bingyu
Ben Woollaston 2-1 Jak Jones

Mark Selby advances into the last 16

Milton Keynes suits him. Mark played well in the World Mixed Doubles at the weekend, and he's rumbling ominously into form here in the British Open. Cao will rue the two frames he lost where he just needed the remaining colours to win, but this is where the bar is; if you don't nick those against the likes of Mark, you won't be hanging around for long.

Selby 4-2 Cao

With the frame and match in the bank, Mark lets his arm go and makes a 109 , the 730th century of his magnificent career.

Selby 3-2 Cao (77-4)

The break reaches 44 with the pink, and we're done here. It's been patchy, but there's certainly signs that Mark is relocating his best form this season.

Selby 3-2 Cao (56-4)

A good snooker from Mark forces eight in fouls as Cao shorts his escape twice; on the second, he also leaves Mark a red to bottom right. This is a frame and match chance for Mark, reliant on a tough red into the bottom right early on with the white near the left rail. Mark drives it in, comes off two cushions and he's on the black. That's a great shot, and off the black he flowers open a cluster of reds into potting positions.

Selby 3-2 Cao (26-4)

Mark misses a thin contact on a safety, catches the high knuckle of the left middle and leaves Cao a mid-ranger to the bottom left. Cao has to make this, but misses it badly and he's left Mark in. A good split of the pack could end the frame, and in reaching 26 off the black Mark goes into them off the bottom cushion and lands on nothing.

Around the tables

Grame Dott 2-2 Xiao Guodong
Jamie Jones 4-1 Chang Bingyu
Ben Woollaston 1-1 Jak Jones

Selby 3-2 Cao

Mark snicks a thin red into the bottom left. He pots the black to the same pocket, but in trying to develop a red along the rail he knocks it into the bottom right. That should be that, with only 59 left on, and a quick red and black from Cao secures the frame.

Selby 3-1 Cao (0-53)

Cao is giving this break everything. It hits 45 as he drives in the pink, but the white doesn't run through the pack as intended. He's only left with a tough, jabbed cut at a red to bottom left, but he absolutely middles it and lands on the brown. Given the pressure he's under here, that's a great shot to keep going. Soon after though, his break falters just as the winning line is on the horizon, and he misses a red to the bottom right.

Selby 3-1 Cao (0-11)

Has Cao got anything left? After Mark misses a long red, Cao clips a short one into the green pocket and off the green to follow, tries a spectacular deep screw off the green to open the pack. He gets into it so much and runs right past them, so that's end of break. Here's another chance though, as Cao drives in a superb long red to land on the blue. From there he goes into the pack, and he's on one to the left middle.

Selby 3-1 Cao

Frame ball red takes Mark to 69, and he keeps on trucking to make a 90 that puts him within one of victory.

Selby 2-1 Cao (54-0)

With the white near the left rail Mark digs out a superb black to bottom right, and with reds dotted all over there could be a big visit coming here. A pink to bottom left takes Mark to a half-century, and this frame could break the back of this match.

Selby 2-1 Cao (32-0)

Cao could easily have won all three frames here, but trails Mark and it might get worse now; he misses a thin cut on a red to bottom right at the start of frame four and he's left it there. Mark's not hanging about, and it's four reds and blacks so far.

Around the tables

Grame Dott 2-1 Xiao Guodong
Jamie Jones 3-0 Chang Bingyu
Ben Woollaston 0-1 Jak Jones

Selby 2-1 Cao

Cao pots the brown now, but he's running out of balls to work with here. He can't locate a snooker, and eventually Mark drives in a long blue to secure the frame.

Selby 1-1 Cao (62-39)

A nightmare here for Cao, who plays a push shot on the yellow and now needs a snooker to win the frame. Credit to Cao for calling that on himself, but he's now in a bit of bother. He clips in the yellow, and follows it with the green, with a view to getting a snooker on the brown.

Selby 1-1 Cao (58-34)

This is excellent stuff from Cao, who rehouses the pink on its spot which in turn frees up the final red. That goes, the blue follows and if he can take out the colours here, he'll nick it. Cao leaves the yellow mid-range, but he's missed it to its own pocket. The yellow runs safe, but will Cao rue another missed opportunity here?

Selby 1-1 Cao (58-13)

Mark tags a red into the bottom right as a shot to nothing, but can't follow it up with the brown. Cao gets a red down too, but with nothing thereafter; this has gone scrappy, and very defensive. That all ends though when Cao jabs a superb red into the left middle to hold for the black, and he's got a shy at getting back into this. He plays a nice shot to move one red off the right rail and stay on the green.

Selby 1-1 Cao (57-0)

Well, that's a surprise; a loose shot off the blue leaves Mark right up close to his next red, and he can't jab it into the right middle. That's a let off for Cao, who can't respond and misses a red to the green pocket.

Selby 1-1 Cao (51-0)

A safety exchange has left a very dangerous table, and Mark gets the first go at it after draining a red long to the green pocket. This is light work, with 37 and counting already, and with the black on to both corners and lots o' open reds, this frame looks set to be sorted very quickly.

Selby 1-1 Cao (14-0)

Cao misses a long red to start frame three, and Mark clubs a red into the bottom left thereafter to go up for the blue. In total 14 points follow, before Mark misses a mid-range red to the bottom left. Cao can't mop up the remains though, missing badly with the rest to the bottom right.

Selby 1-1 Cao

we're done now, as Cao drills a red into left middle and Mark concedes.

Selby 1-0 Cao (0-70)

A tricky moment here for Cao, as he tries to split two reds from the pink and ends up welded to one of the reds. He recovers brilliantly, potting his next red with the spider and then making sure of frame ball black. The next red doesn't go, but that 70 from Cao leaves Mark needing a snooker with 67 left.

Selby 1-0 Cao (0-54)

It needs a couple of whacks, but Cao has opened the pack and is zoning in on the winning line in this one. Blue to right middle takes him to a half-century, and the frame looks nailed on with what's in the open.

Selby 1-0 Cao (0-21)

It's a great chance for Cao here, as Mark misses a long red and as he tried to hold for the black, Cao gets a tap in. It's a good break so far, 21 and counting, and Cao seems to have quickly shaken off the disappointment of missing that brown in the first frame.

Selby 1-0 Cao

Mark empties the table to move one in front.

Selby 0-0 Cao (61-34)

A superb pink from Cao keeps his break going just when it looked like position had deserted him. The break reaches 33 with the pink, as Cao goes up into baulk for the final red. He drops that in along the rail and into the green pocket, but he misses the brown to left middle and he's served this frame up for Mark when he should have nicked it.

Selby 0-0 Cao (61-6)

A poor safety from Cao leaves Mark a cut on a red to right middle. In at goes, but after potting the blue he chances a canon into the remaining pack and he's on nothing. It's a dangerous table this, with 75 still left on and everything in the open. Cao gets in with a red to left middle, and he's on the blue. This is chance.

Selby 0-0 Cao (55-0)

A blue to left middle takes Mark to a half-century already, and we've only been going a few minutes. The final open red follows, but he goes too high for the blue and has to go into the pack off one cushion from the brown. The split isn't compliant though, leaving only a long red to the green pocket. It's close, but it rattles out of the jaws.

Selby 0-0 Cao (23-0)

Mark breaks, Cao misses a long red to the bottom left and Mark is in. It's a decent chance, and a deft cut back on the black after his first red has served up a real chance straight away. There's not much to do with the white to register a decent chunk of points here, and Mark is up to 23 already.

Here we go

Our MC Tahir Hajat brings the players out into the arena. It's first to four for a place in the last 16.

The Jester

Mark had his issues away from the table last season, and hasn't reached a ranking event final since he won the world title in 2021. He looked in great touch at the World Mixed Doubles a few days ago, and there are signs that he's on his way back to the form that has made him one of the all-time greats.


Welcome to the evening session of day three at the British Open. In this open draw format there’s a great chance for an outsider to come through and take the title, and 100,000 of Britain’s rapidly devaluing pounds. Cao Yupeng, a former ranking event finalist, will be hoping to land the golden ticket – but he’s got some obstacle to get past here. Standing in his way in our featured match tonight is four-time world champion Mark Selby.
We'll be up and running in about ten minutes. Meantime, here's an interview with Ding, who advanced earlier today.


Thanks for joining us

Ding through to face Robbie Williams in the last 32. We will be back at 6:45pm with four-time world champion Mark Selby meeting Cao Yupeng in the last 32.

16:20 – Around the tables

  • Judd Trump 4-0 Dean Young
  • Li Hang 1-4 Mark Allen
  • Tian Pengfei 1-4 Jimmy Robertson
  • Noppon Saengkham 4-0 Fraser Patrick
  • Ding Junhui 4-1 Joe Perry
  • Gary Wilson 2-0 Zhang Anda
  • Gerard Greene 1-1 Ryan Day
  • Zhao Jianbo 2-1 Ian Burns
  • Ross Muir 4-3 Chen Zifan
  • Xu Si 4-2 David Grace
  • Matthew Stevens 4-2 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  • Yan Bingtao 4-0 Andy Lee

Ding 4-1 Perry

The former UK and Masters champion with knocks of 73, 66, 84 and 50. Very impressive showing. "Joe is a very good player. I had to concentrate. Hopefully, I can win more games."

Ding 3-1 Perry (72-35)

Ding finishing off in real style here. Ding going to conclude with another break of 50. Different class from the Chinese icon. He advances to the last 32 in Milton Keynes.

Ding 3-1 Perry (36-35)

Ding out of position on 22 as he fails to get required cannon on reds. A reprieve for Perry, but Ding then unearths a brilliant long red to return to the table. That is a bit special.

Ding 3-1 Perry (1-35)

Quickly up to 34 in this frame. Springs a few more reds from the bunch. Delightful shot. Should be his highest break of the match coming up. But he then misses a straight black on 35. Well, that is a shocker from Joe. He'll be fearing the worst after that blunder.

Ding 2-1 Perry (84-27)

Green doesn't drop, but 84 more than good enough. Very comfortable and back in stroke after being frozen out for half an hour in previous frame. Perry's highest break remains only 41. Not scoring heavily enough so far.

Ding 2-1 Perry (77-27)

Could be a century for Ding on the horizon..frame safe for a 3-1 lead.

Ding 2-1 Perry (69-27)

Ding looking supremely relaxed as he sets about reasserting himself. Has never been out of position and is seeking two more reds to seal the deal. Looks at one with the table.

Ding 2-1 Perry (8-27)

Superb pot on a red by Ding to regain access to the table. Will be looking to release the shackles here after being restrained by Perry's matchplay tactics.

Ding 2-1 Perry (0-27)

Perry growing in confidence after claiming his first frame. Has chance here to make presence felt after slotting a mid-range pink with some ease. But just the 27 at that visit.

Ding 2-1 Perry (0-0)

Lengthy frame, but Perry always the likelier winner. Ding leads 2-1 in the race to four. Finely poised.

Ding 2-0 Perry (23-60)

In goes the final red for Perry with cross double and that is likely to be the winning blow for the Welsh Open winner.

Ding 2-0 Perry (23-59)

Ding gets one snooker back. Difference suddenly 36 with 35 left on. Options for Ding to eke out snooker he needs. Perry has to be careful.

Ding 2-0 Perry (19-59)

Safety error by Ding as Perry returns to table searching for his first frame of the match. Finds the required 18 points to leave Ding seeking two snookers with one red left up. 40 points the difference, 35 on the table. Should be 2-1 to Ding.

15:25 – Around the tables

  • Judd Trump 4-0 Dean Young
  • Li Hang 1-4 Mark Allen
  • Tian Pengfei 1-4 Jimmy Robertson
  • Noppon Saengkham 4-0 Fraser Patrick
  • Ding Junhui 2-0 Joe Perry

Ding 2-0 Perry (19-41)

Well, Perry flukes the pink to a centre pocket only to end up knocking a red in on the same shot. 41 break, but no more than that. Four reds left on table. This frame right in the balance.

Ding 2-0 Perry (13-20)

Chance again for Perry as Ding can't power in a red. Vital that he makes more than 37 to apply some pressure to his opponent.

Ding 2-0 Perry (13-0)

A pink to centre bag eludes him on this occasion, but no damage done.

Ding 2-0 Perry (12-0)

Ding picks out a brilliant plant on reds to get first bite at the table. Judging by his previous two frames, he could make a few at this visit.

Ding 2-0 Perry (0-0)

Ding looks to be in superb touch as he eases 2-0 ahead. Halfway to victory as breaks of 73 and 66 illustrate his well-being.

Ding 1-0 Perry (66-37)

Ding with three reds left on side rail as he moves into lead in frame. Drops in one red with the rest, but has two reds still on the cushion. Opting to roll in behind them. Slides one in and back on the black. This is quite magnificent from Ding. Back for the remaining red. In it goes. And so does the black. Perry needing one snooker. That 66 from Ding as good as it gets.

Ding 1-0 Perry (6-37)

Perry up to 37, but then misses a black off the spot. That is frustrating as he looked to be motoring out there. Forced to sit and see what Ding offers up in response.

Ding 1-0 Perry (0-13)

Perry narrowly fails to sink a long red, but Ding sees a cutback on a red stay out. Chance for Perry to get some points on the board.

Ding 1-0 Perry (0-0)

Solid 73 break from Ding and he holds a 1-0 lead over 'The Gentleman' at the Marshall Arena.

Ding 0-0 Perry (73-0)

Well, he didn't need to open up the reds. Picked out a plant on two reds instead and this is highly impressive. Could easily make a century in the first frame of the match. Remarkable he is ranked at 34 in the world. Such a fabulous talent.

Ding 0-0 Perry (41-0)

Ding looking dialled in to the job at hand. Would fancy him to make a decent break at this visit. Yet to open the pack of reds, but that is coming up. Just picking off the loose reds at the moment.

Ding 0-0 Perry (14-0)

Perry can't land a long red and he has left Ding with a chance to piece together a few points. Looks very comfortable at close range.

Ding 0-0 Perry (0-0)

Welsh Open champion Joe Perry breaks off in this first frame. Could be a fascinating battle this one.

14:22 – Around the tables

  • Judd Trump 4-0 Dean Young
  • Li Hang 1-2 Mark Allen
  • Tian Pengfei 0-1 Jimmy Robertson
  • Noppon Saengkham 1-0 Fraser Patrick

Trump 4-0 Young

Breaks of 52, 84, 100 and 64 as Trump advances in around an hour. "I felt pretty good there," said Trump, who has drawn Xu Si in the last 32. "The last five or six years, I don't look at the next round. You have just got to keep beating what is in front of you. I think this is a fun format.
"You want to keep playing well and I enjoy the challenge of playing the younger players. He looked very promising in spells."

Trump 3-0 Young (64-20)

A classy 64 to finish with. Judd closes out the match in style and he will face Xu Si in the last 32 as he continues his progress at the season's third ranking event.

Trump 3-0 Young (33-20)

Looks like this match will soon be over. Young again breaks down on 20 with a missed black. Bad error and Trump has table at his mercy.

Trump 3-0 Young (0-8)

Trump is now 1/500 on with Young drifting out to 500/1 against. Staggering odds for two blokes sharing a snooker table.

Trump 3-0 Young (0-1)

Can Young stave off the whitewash? Tough ask for the young Scotsman, but he has to maintain composure under demanding circumstances.

Trump 2-0 Young (100-30)

A clearance of 100 from Trump. Splendid level of play from the world No. 2. He leads 3-0 and needs one more frame to reach the last 32.

Trump 2-0 Young (73-30)

Young missed a pink to a centre pocket and has spent the rest of the frame as a spectator. Simply can't afford to miss easy chances against the sport's top players. Chance of a century to finish the third frame.

Trump 2-0 Young (53-30)

Six reds left on table as the Juddernaut draws level on points. Wouldn't be a huge surprise to see him claim the frame at this visit. Springs open two reds via the black and suddenly they are all there for the taking. Highly watchable performance from Judd on this form.

Trump 2-0 Young (8-30)

A decent plant on reds from Young to keep the break going. Tricky pink, but he misses it off spot. And he has set up Trump for what could be a quickfire response. Young will be fearing the worst you suspect.

Trump 2-0 Young (0-16)

These two met in the first round of the Welsh Open earlier this year with Trump running out a 4-1 winner. Young holes a long red before landing on black early in the third frame. Real chance then for the world No. 93 to get moving.

Trump 1-0 Young (84-0)

Could be a century coming up from Trump at this visit. Has been an impeccable piece of scoring, but a red stays out on 84 at pace along the top cushion. Young has seen enough. Trump with a 2-0 lead.

Trump 1-0 Young (51-0)

This is lovely from Trump. In complete control of the white ball as break reaches 57 without too much fuss. Has had to do his work with black out of commission. Which is even more impressive.

Trump 1-0 Young (21-0)

Pink and black are out of commission, but Trump quickly develops the pink to make matters simpler. Looks like he is starting to find his touch as he slams in a blue before running the white around the angles to develop a few reds.

Trump 1-0 Young (15-0)

A brilliant long red by Trump at the outset of this second frame. That is a fabulous pot. Chance to get moving out there.

Trump 1-0 Young (0-0)

In goes the final red from Trump and that is a 1-0 advantage in the race to four. Not a rapid start from Trump, but more than enough to get the job done.

Trump 0-0 Young (63-19)

Young continues to play on for snookers, but needs three of them. One red left up. Looks like a tall order as Trump finds one of his own behind the black. Young escapes from the snooker in fine style. On we go.

Trump 0-0 Young (63-19)

This is much more like it from Trump after a slow start to the day. A break of 52 that is a fine effort with the balls awkwardly placed. Should be a 1-0 lead for Trump.

Trump 0-0 Young (40-19)

A blistering long red from Trump, but he has yet to control the cue ball out there. Only 17 points from the visit before he picks out a brilliant cut on green to keep the break going. Real struggle at the moment, but he continues to pick out some delightful recovery pots.

Trump 0-0 Young (11-18)

Just 17 in response from Young before he opts to run safe. The Edinburgh player looking to keep matters tight in the opening exchanges. Trump not off to a flying start out there.

Trump 0-0 Young (11-1)

Trump missing an easy pink among the balls. Didn't expect him to miss that, but he has. Young handed unforeseen chance to get his hand on the table in this opening frame.

Trump 0-0 Young (10-1)

Some nice safety exchanges from both men early on. The winner of this will face Xu Si in the last 32 after the Chinese player defeated David Grace 4-2.

Trump 0-0 Young (10-1)

Young qualified for this event with a 4-2 win over Liang Wenbo. How will he adapt to the television table is always a concern. Trump seeing a cut on a red elude him early on before firing in a fine long red seconds later.

Trump 0-0 Young (4-1)

Huge odds on Trump winning this. Young 13/1 on in a two-horse race. You can get Trump at 1/20. Which tells you what he is facing today.

Welcome back to Milton Keynes

First up today is the 2019 world champion Judd Trump against young Scottish professional Dean Young before Ding Junhui and Joe Perry collide on the main table. A place in the last 32 is available for the winner today. Should be another fascinating afternoon of elite snooker.
Stay tuned for live text updates from 12:45 BST

Williams final Class of '92 star to crash out

Mark Williams became the final Class of '92 star to suffer an early exit at the British Open after he was unceremoniously knocked out by world No. 44 Ben Woollaston.
After Ronnie O'Sullivan and John Higgins were dumped out in the first round, Williams could only last one round longer as the three-time world champion was simply unable to locate any potting consistency.
And seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry had little sympathy for Williams.
Speaking on ITV Sport, Hendry said: "He [Williams] said after his first match he's hardly been practising.
"You can't wing it. I know he won this tournament last year getting through matches but you've got to put the work in and he hasn't done. I'm sure he'll put the work in before the next big event. He was poor tonight."
- - -
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