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British Open
'Biggest win of my life' - Day defeats Allen in incredibly tense clash to win British Open
02/10/2022 AT 22:21

Around the tables

Mark Allen 3-0 Stuart Carrington
Duane Jones 2-3 Barry Hawkins
Joe Perry 4-0 Hossein Vafaei

Judd Trump advances

Si took the first frame tonight, but Judd brushed him aside thereafter as he won four in a row inclusive of a brilliant total clearance of 139. Si had a few chances in those frames but never really looked like he had the belief to cash them in, such is the aura that Judd now exudes around the tour. After Ronnie's surprise elimination tonight, Judd can go back to number one in the world if he wins this tournament. More motivation then, as if it were needed, to go all the way here in Milton Keynes.

Trump 4-1 Si

There it goes, as a black takes Judd to 74 with 67 on. He eventually makes 82, and that puts this one to bed.

Trump 3-1 Si (52-0)

It's an effortless half-century, with the cue ball barely moving more than a foot at a time. The three reds below the pink will be enough here, and they're all on. This looks like lights out for Si.

Trump 3-1 Si (20-0)

A long, long safety exchange starts frame five, and Si cracks first as he catches a red full ball on his way back up the table and leaves Judd in. He pots the black to get to 20, getting it back on its spot, and this is a big chance to seal frame and match.

Around the tables

Mark Allen 3-0 Stuart Carrington
Duane Jones 2-2 Barry Hawkins
Joe Perry 4-0 Hossein Vafaei

Trump 3-1 Si

Judd lets his arm go to bank a total of 36 and the frame. He needs one more for victory.

Trump 2-1 Si (65-28)

Si gets to 14 via a brilliant pink long into the green pocket. He can't pot the red to follow though, but doesn't leave it. There are three reds left, and this is an important juncture in the match. Si gambles everything on a long, straight red to the bottom right, but misses badly and the balls go all over. When they land, it's made for Judd to dish; he survives a wobble on the black after one red, but takes frame ball blue after his next one.

Trump 2-1 Si (51-14)

Judd mops up the open reds before negotiating the six that are near cushions. He nudges one out and pots it long to the green pocket, but leaves the next red hanging in the jaws of the bottom right after rolling it along the bottom rail. It's a handy lead given the state of the table, but Si is still in this.

Trump 2-1 Si (12-14)

These are two very attack-minded players, but neither can choke down a pot to start frame four. There are reds all over now, and eventually Si gets in after a wild miss from Judd leaves an easy starter. The black is tied up but blue and pink are on. He makes 14 but is losing position all the time, and eventually goes in-off when potting the pink. There's a red in the D that Judd picks off, followed by the blue, and he could make a bit of hay here.

Around the tables

Mark Allen 2-0 Stuart Carrington
Duane Jones 2-2 Barry Hawkins
Joe Perry 2-0 Hossein Vafaei

Trump 2-1 Si

Judd seals the frame with a break of 26.

Trump 1-1 Si (65-1)

Judd gets a red down in baulk, and then lays a brutal snooker tight behind the green. With all six reds in the open and a minimum of one cushion needed for an escape, it looks tough to get this safe. Si escapes at the second attempt, but he's left a red on to the left middle. It's bullet straight, and Judd almost chases it in with the white, but rolls out off both knuckles to land on the blue. Blimey! A quick 14 puts him across the winning line though, with more coming.

Trump 1-1 Si (46-1)

A surprising miss here, as Judd rattles a short red out of the jaws of the bottom right to bring his break to an end on 45. After some safety, Si tries a low-risk double and misses, but loses the white and he's left a red to bottom left. Judd drains it before getting an almighty kick when trying to pot the blue which throws it offline completely.

Trump 1-1 Si (21-1)

Can Si go tit-for-tat here? Apparently not. He drills in a long red to the bottom left, but then misses the green and almost flukes it into the yellow pocket. In not leaving Judd anything he's been incredibly fortunate. The luck runs out though when a poor safety at his next visit leaves Judd a tap-in to bottom right, and he's quickly away again.

Trump 1-1 Si

Clinical stuff. The frame goes, and so do all the balls on the table. It's century number 860 in this outstanding career, with a dash of naughty snooker chucked in from brown to black. It's been said before, but this man can play; a stunning 139 levels it up.

Trump 0-1 Si (55-0)

The pack duly gets the crack it needs, as Judd motors to a half-century. The frame looks nailed on to be sorted in the next couple of shots and I daresay we've got a ton incoming.

Trump 0-1 Si (25-0)

Judd gets in quickly in frame two, looking to hit right back. He's doing that alright, flying to 25 and if he can give the pack a compliant whack after the next few shots, this could be a very quick hit.

Trump 0-1 Si

Well, well, Judd misses a fairly routine pink and he's left Si a chance to dish. Si can't cut in the final red though, but flukes a snooker that Judd escapes from but leaves the red on. It's another chance, and Si pots the red and brings the brown, which he'll need, into play. Si calmly mops them up, and leaves himself straight on the pink along the top cushion for the frame. Can he do it? Yes he can! It drops into the yellow pocket and Si takes the lead.

Trump 0-0 Si (39-38)

A red and black go down from Si, and we're level in the frame. Judd gets in next though, opening the frame right up with a red into right middle that brings others into play. That's a tremendous shot, and he looks likely to put this one away from here.

Trump 0-0 Si (38-30)

Si gets another chance, throwing everything at a red to bottom right that misses badly. He's left Judd on an easy starter, and that 30 point lead could quickly evaporate here. Sure enough, it does; Judd is on 32 already and if he can open up three reds below the pink, Si is in trouble. Amazingly, Judd manages to snooker himself on a red in baulk and his shot that follows leaves a red on to the left middle. It's a tough cut, and Si misses it off the near knuckle.

Trump 0-0 Si (0-30)

We're off, and Si gets off to a flier by deadweighting a red into the bottom right to land on the black. There's a nice spread on here and he's started confidently, on 22 and counting already. It's a big match for Si, who has regained his place on tour this season after dropping off it in 2021. He got to the quarters at the European Masters and he's still only 20, so there's plenty of time to cash in his obvious talent. He misses a red to right middle on 30 though, which nixes this early effort.


You want more? Judd Trump and Si Jiahui will be baizeside shortly.

Around the tables

Dominic Dale 1-4 Jack Lisowski
Mark Davis 0-4 Kyren Wilson
Andy Hicks 2-4 John Higgins

Alexander Ursenbacher stuns Ronnie O'Sullivan (reprise)

Alexander has now faced Ronnie three times in ranking events, and turned him over in all of them. Even better, his mum was in the crowd tonight to watch her lad for the first time, as he kept up his stunning record against the greatest of all time. It was a bitty match, strewn with errors from both players, but Alexander is unlikely to give any amount of hoots; he's through, and will play Joe O'Connor in the next round.

O'Sullivan 1-4 Ursenbacher

He's done it again! Alexander secures the victory as Ronnie concedes with three snookers required.

O'Sullivan 1-3 Ursenbacher (24-65)

Alexander takes a sip of water before taking frame ball red with the rest to the bottom right...and it's in, with position secured on the blue!

O'Sullivan 1-3 Ursenbacher (24-50)

It's a bit loose this from Alexander, as he rides his luck to get position on the pink after a blind cut on a red to keep going. He's composed himself now though, and brings up 50 for the frame. The required points are all in the open for him, if he can hold it together here.

O'Sullivan 1-3 Ursenbacher (24-24)

Ronnie had a good look at the exit door there, but fires back with 24 of his own. He overruns position on his next red though, and he may be in trouble now as he badly misses another left-handed cut, this time on a red to the bottom right, and Alexander is back in.

O'Sullivan 1-3 Ursenbacher (0-24)

Alexander will just want one chance here, and he gets it immediately in frame five. Three reds and two blacks go, and it's all about the split off this next black; the pot goes, the white hits the pack but only four reds go in the open. Alexander takes on a tough cut to the right middle...and it rolls around on the lip and somehow stays up! It looked impossible for that not to drop, but it didn't and Ronnie is in.

O'Sullivan 1-3 Ursenbacher

Well now! Alexander pulls out a sensation pot on red to yellow pocket, the frame ball he needed. When he then tucks the white in tight behind the brown, Ronnie stays put and folds it; Alexander is on the brink of another famous win over the Rocket!

O'Sullivan 1-2 Ursenbacher (23-59)

Ronnie pots two reds and blacks, but misses a red left-handed to the bottom left and it rattles out. Alexander needs red-colour-red, but makes a hash of position from the first red and has to play safe. It's a mess of a frame, this.

O'Sullivan 1-2 Ursenbacher (7-58)

A pink to bottom left rings in another half-century for Alexander, who has taken these very nicely indeed. His next red is an awkward jab at a red to the green pocket with the rest though, and it jaws out to give Ronnie a reprieve.

O'Sullivan 1-2 Ursenbacher (7-28)

Ronnie sends a red into the black and knocks it in, giving away seven. Alexander then gets control of the frame, getting the first good look at a red over the bottom left and dropping it in. Very quickly he clears reds away from the area around the black spot, and a deft red into the right middle despite awkward cueing keeps his break ticking. There's a few on here for him.

O'Sullivan 1-2 Ursenbacher (7-0)

A poor dump shot from Alexander leaves Ronnie a red into the right middle, and he drops it in to land on the brown. All of a sudden he looks to be in his rhythm, before missing a black off its spot to end his break on six. This is a patchy effort from him so far tonight. A long bout of safety follows, before a misjudgement from Alexander leaves Ronnie a path to a red over the bottom right, which he makes. He's not on the black though, so it's back to baulk.

Around the tables

Dominic Dale 0-2 Jack Lisowski
Mark Davis 0-2 Kyren Wilson
Andy Hicks 2-1 John Higgins

O'Sullivan 1-2 Ursenbacher

A 45 for Ronnie is enough to give him a foothold in this one.

O'Sullivan 0-2 Ursenbacher (55-18)

A chance gone begging? Alexander pots the red, but badly misses a blue to right middle and he's left Ronnie in. Usually you'd have your mortgage on a frame-winning clearance here, but he's been so poor tonight so far that anything is possible. Gradually though he's picking them off, and one more red plus a colour will get it over the line.

O'Sullivan 0-2 Ursenbacher (18-17)

Alexander drains a red to right middle, but can't land on a colour. His ensuing safety is poor and leaves Ronnie a long red to the bottom left, which he makes and lands on the blue. Can he get going here? A good recovery on the blue takes him to 18 and puts him in the lead, and a handy split on the reds has given him a chance. Ronnie the misses a red to the right middle though, and he's left it.

O'Sullivan 0-2 Ursenbacher (0-16)

A calmer Ronnie plays a containing safety at the start of frame three, but he's left a red on to the left middle. Alexander, clearly believing that fortune favours the brave, gambles everything on it and gets it, holding for the blue. A tidy cut back on red to right middle soon after keeps him going, but a trip into the pack only leaves his a difficult, close quarters jab ob a red long to the green pocket. No matter though - he's absolutely middled it! He can't find a similarly audacious pot on a red to left middle soon after though, and his break is done on 16.

O'Sullivan 0-2 Ursenbacher

Alexander picks off the final red, on his way to a 22 to put this frame to bed. We could have an upset on the go here; Ronnie is out of sorts and frustrated tonight, while Alexander is - just about - taking advantage.

O'Sullivan 0-1 Ursenbacher (22-58)

It's a red-yellow for Ronnie in response, and with the colours the way they are this one looks destined to be settled by the final red. In trying to bash it to safety, Ronnie sends the red into the brown and the latter shoots into the yellow pocket to give four away. Alexander can't pot the free ball that follows, and a visibly annoyed Ronnie again whacks another safety and once again goes in off. Now he needs a snooker; temper, temper!

O'Sullivan 0-1 Ursenbacher (19-50)

Ronnie gets in and picks off six, before trying to drive the black into the bottom left and move three reds on the left rail. The pot misses badly, but then Alexander misses an even wilder attempt on red to bottom left and Ronnie has a chance. This one yields just seven though as he misses a shocker of a short red to the green pocket with the rest. Alexander needs only red-colour-red, but misses the colour in that combination when the pink fires out off the knuckle of the left middle.

O'Sullivan 0-1 Ursenbacher (6-49)

Oof, it's gone the way of the pear here. Alexander should put the frame away, but a poor shot when potting a red to reach 45 leaves him stuck behind the pink and without a colour to go at. That's end of break, but with five of the six remaining reds in awkward positions it's a long way back in this one for Ronnie.

O'Sullivan 0-1 Ursenbacher (6-24)

Apparently Alexander's mum is in the crowd tonight, watching her boy for the very first time. Isn't that nice? Her boy has played a bad safety here though, and Ronnie is on a gimme to the left middle. It goes wrong quickly though, as he goes in-off again when potting a red to nix his break on six and give away four. Here comes Alexander again; he's replied with 20 and counting so far.

O'Sullivan 0-1 Ursenbacher

Frame ball red takes Alexander's break to 56, and a lovely red along the bottom cushion into the bottom left soon after keeps him going. A total of 69 is enough to sort the frame; Ronnie comes to the table to pot a few and get his arm moving, before Alexander mops up what's left up to the pink.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Ursenbacher (0-53)

Don't Fear The Ronnie. Alexander clearly doesn't, and a lovely shot with the rest to pot a red to bottom right sees the white split the remaining pack open, and he's on the pink. He's ticking along nicely here, jabbing the white around and barely moving it more than a foot each time, as the scoreboard ticks over 50.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Ursenbacher (0-18)

We're underway, and Ronnie immediately goes in-off and leaves a red over the bottom right. It's an early chance for Alexander, but he can only make eight from it. No matter; he's back in soon after with a red from the D, deep-screwing back for the blue. This is a confident start.

Here we go

Our MC Tahir Hajat brings out the players. It's best-of-seven to advance, let's get it going.

Heads up

Not many people have a winning record against Ronnie, but Alexander does. In their three meetings to date he leads 2-1, including a sensational deciding frame victory at the 2020 UK Championship. There's not much else on Alexander's CV - one semi-final appearance at the English Open in 2017 is his best performance in a ranking event - but he plays with little fear and will not be intimidated by who he's playing.


Welcome to live coverage of the evening session of day one of the British Open. We’ve got both of the finalists from the 2022 World Championship in action tonight. The runner-up in that tournament, Judd Trump, will take on Si Jiahui later; first up, it’s world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan against Alexander Ursenbacher.


Thanks for joining us

We will return at 6:45pm with world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan in action against Alexander Ursenbacher. Judd Trump faces Si Jiahui on the main table after the Rocket launches. See you back here for more live updates from the season's third ranking event in Milton Keynes.

Dott 4-1 Brecel

A vintage performance from the 2006 world champion. He closes with a century of 139 to complete a 4-1 triumph against the Scottish Open champion Luca Brecel. Superb result. Dott to face Anthony McGill in the last 64.


  • Mark Selby 4-1 Ricky Walden
  • Anthony McGill 4-1 Wu Yize
  • Yan Bingtao 4-2 Oliver Brown
  • Mark Williams 4-1 Andres Petrov
  • Zhao Xintong 4-1 Bai Langning
  • Stuart Bingham 4-0 Lei Peifan
  • Luca Brecel 1-4 Graeme Dott
  • Shaun Murphy 2-2 Gary Wilson

Zhao 3-1 Bai (89-1)

Bai misses a red attempting to clip off it. Zhao slots long red and that will complete the victory for the UK holder. He will face Stuart Bingham in the last 64 on Tuesday/Wednesday. Should be a classic battle.

Zhao 3-1 Bai (63-1)

56 from Zhao, but red eludes him. Bai needs one snooker otherwise he is heading home. Too many basic mistakes and has paid a heavy price.

Zhao 3-1 Bai (51-1)

Looks for all the world like 4-1 coming up. Break reaches 45 with a few more to come. Bai has had his chances. Zhao picks out brown with rest and is back on red at business end of table.

Zhao 3-1 Bai (14-1)

Zhao sees a blue stay out trickling towards the middle pocket. He looks unhappy with that mistake. No wonder. But Bai then slots a red before jawing a pink to the opposite centre bag. Chances coming and going for the underdog.

Zhao 3-1 Bai (0-0)

Zhao looking for one frame for a potential last-64 clash with 2015 world champion Stuart Bingham or Lei Peifan. Bingham leads that match 3-0 at the moment.

Zhao 2-1 Bai (63-50)

Well, there we go. Looked for all the world like 2-2, but Bai broke down at key moment and pays a heavy price. Zhao doing what he does best. Mops up the balls he needs to the black and leads 3-1. Pressure fully on Bai out there.

Zhao 2-1 Bai (21-50)

But he is out of position seconds later. Poor decision-making as he can't see out the frame. Three reds left up.

Zhao 2-1 Bai (12-49)

A thumping attempt at a yellow doesn't drop, but the object ball wheels around the angles before going in off a red. Wow. What a fluke that is. That could even prove to be a frame-winner for Bai. Look all there for the taking.

Zhao 2-1 Bai (12-13)

Zhao yet to truly get up to full speed as a routine blue doesn't drop and Bai has been presented with a golden chance to score at this visit. First meeting of these players at a professional tournament.

Zhao 2-1 Bai (4-5)

Some nice tactical shots being exchanged with black hanging over a top pocket. Real scoring chance for whoever can carve out the next opportunity.


  • Mark Selby 4-1 Ricky Walden
  • Anthony McGill 4-1 Wu Yize
  • Yan Bingtao 4-2 Oliver Brown
  • Mark Williams 4-1 Andres Petrov
  • Zhao Xintong 0-1 Bai Langning
  • Stuart Bingham 1-0 Lei Peifan
  • Luca Brecel 0-1 Graeme Dott
  • Shaun Murphy 1-0 Gary Wilson

Zhao 2-1 Bai (0-0)

Zhao could be 3-0 ahead, but will settle for 2-1. Bai's highest break only 28 so far. That has to change otherwise this match looks like it is heading in one direction.

Zhao 1-1 Bai (79-8)

Zhao picking off the balls needed to ensure he moves 2-1 clear of Bai. Adds 28 to go with the earlier 46. Should be more than good enough with Bai chasing three snookers.

Zhao 1-1 Bai (51-4)

A run of 47 from Zhao before he runs out of position. A decent lead in this third frame before he rolls a white into the green bag attempting a safety shot.

Zhao 1-1 Bai (25-0)

Safety errors by Bai and he could be punished by the scoring power of his opponent. Zhao with hand on table early in the third frame.

Zhao 0-1 Bai (107-10)

Another 61 break from Zhao, but this time he has levelled up the contest at 1-1. Classy play from the world No. 7. First to four frames will reach the last 64.

Zhao 0-1 Bai (72-10)

Blunder by Bai and Zhao is going to heavily punish that mistake by mopping up the balls to restore parity at 1-1. A fine response by the UK champion. As you would expect.

Zhao 0-1 Bai (39-0)

A rapid knock of 39 from Zhao, but he runs out of position and can't hole a red to a middle pocket. Back to the table comes Bai. This not exactly a safety battle so far.


  • Mark Selby 4-1 Ricky Walden
  • Anthony McGill 4-1 Wu Yize
  • Yan Bingtao 4-2 Oliver Brown
  • Mark Williams 4-1 Andres Petrov
  • Zhao Xintong 0-1 Bai Langning
  • Stuart Bingham v Lei Peifan
  • Luca Brecel v Graeme Dott
  • Shaun Murphy v Gary Wilson

Zhao 0-0 Bai (66-67)

Error by Zhao on the yellow has presented his opponent with chance to steal. Huge moments in this first frame. Bai unearths yellow, green and brown. Pops in blue, pink and black to steal the frame by a point. Brown to blue was a terrific shot. Zhao forced to suffer when he had frame in his grasp.

Zhao 0-0 Bai (66-40)

Zhao with a superb little cameo of 61. Just needs the double on final red to leave Bai needing a snooker, but object ball doesn't drop and he has left the red. Bai responds with red and pink. Needs the colours to pinch the frame by a point. Can't roll in yellow. Zhao chasing the yellow.

Zhao 0-0 Bai (20-33)

Bai quickly up to 28 before a long attempt at a red eludes him. Zhao with a bold pot on a red as he attempts to offer up a rapid response. Looks so comfortable among the balls.

Zhao 0-0 Bai (1-1)

Two young Chinese talents take centre stage. Both these men like to attack as much as possible.

Selby 4-1 Walden

Mark Selby is through to the last 64. Breaks of 62, 87 and 69 seals his spot in the last 64 and a match against Mark Joyce.

Williams 4-1 Petrov

Next on the main table will be UK champion Zhao Xintong against Bai Langning. Mark Selby has moved 3-1 clear of Ricky Walden. The four-time world champion contributing runs of 62 and 87 so far.


  • Mark Selby 3-1 Ricky Walden
  • Anthony McGill 2-1 Wu Yize
  • Yan Bingtao 3-1 Oliver Brown
  • Mark Williams 4-1 Andres Petrov
  • Zhao Xintong v Bai Langning
  • Stuart Bingham v Lei Peifan
  • Luca Brecel v Graeme Dott
  • Shaun Murphy v Gary Wilson

Williams 3-1 Petrov (71-15)

Not exactly vintage Williams, but didn't have to be. Was always in control of the match and he advances to a last-64 meeting with Ben Woollaston as Petrov comes forward to offer the handshake. A learning experience for him out there.

Williams 3-1 Petrov (48-15)

Willo moves to 33 with more to come. Enough balls in the open to get the job done at this visit. A little bit straight on black and he misses red to a centre pocket. Swipes the cue through the air in frustration like a lightsaber. Far from happy with that, but Petrov can't punish the error.

Williams 3-1 Petrov (8-15)

Another error by Petrov as he can't drill a red into a centre pocket. Plenty of reds out in the open for Williams to attack. Can he produce the winning thrust at this visit?


  • Mark Selby 2-1 Ricky Walden
  • Anthony McGill 2-1 Wu Yize
  • Yan Bingtao 2-1 Oliver Brown
  • Mark Williams 3-1 Andres Petrov
  • Zhao Xintong v Bai Langning
  • Stuart Bingham v Lei Peifan
  • Luca Brecel v Graeme Dott
  • Shaun Murphy v Gary Wilson

Williams 2-1 Petrov (76-41)

Williams needing yellow and green for the frame. Rattles in mid-range yellow and lands plum on green. In goes green and brown. That will be the 3-1 lead for the world No. 8, who is playing in fits and starts, but good enough to extend his advantage. He needs one more frame to progress to the last 64.

Williams 2-1 Petrov (38-41)

Williams has went off the boil after losing that third frame. Undercooks an attempted pot on pink and we are down to final two reds with Petrov well in the fight. But he misses the two reds trying to run safe. Bad error.

Williams 2-1 Petrov (33-29)

Williams produces a rapid knock of 33, but then misses a black off the spot. That is an unexpected error.

Williams 2-0 Petrov (54-67)

Williams sees a yellow stay out to a top pocket and Petrov responds with an immaculate clearance to the black. He punches his fist and perhaps that is what he needs to change the direction of travel in this match. That is quite majestic from the outsider.

Williams 2-0 Petrov (54-40)

Williams somehow into the lead in this third frame as Petrov fails to escape from the snooker with one red left on the table. Goes for it a second time, but again misses with white dropping down a pocket. Makes contact on third occasion, but leaves the red and this is chance for a 3-0 advantage.

Williams 2-0 Petrov (12-36)

Petrov with another glaring miss on a straight pink. Pressure of the moment getting to him and Williams is handed a reprieve. A lead of 24 points for the Estonian player.

Williams 2-0 Petrov (1-21)

Williams throws his cue at a long red. Miles off with that attempt and Petrov is presented with a favourable opportunity to accumulate some points. The long game not yet there for Williams, but looks very comfortable at close range.

Williams 2-0 Petrov (1-15)

A bout of safety play slows down the sense of one-way traffic. Petrov would dearly love to break up the narrative of this contest.

Williams 2-0 Petrov (1-15)

Stunning long red by Petrov early in the opening frame, but quickly out of position again on only nine. Really finding his feet in every sense as a tour newcomer. Williams sizing up his options as Petrov then sees a red to a middle pocket elude him.

13:30pm – Monday afternoon latest

  • Mark Selby 1-0 Ricky Walden
  • Anthony McGill 0-1 Wu Yize
  • Yan Bingtao 0-1 Oliver Brown
  • Mark Williams 2-0 Andres Petrov
  • Zhao Xintong v Bai Langning
  • Stuart Bingham v Lei Peifan
  • Luca Brecel v Graeme Dott
  • Shaun Murphy v Gary Wilson

Williams 1-0 Petrov (82-8)

Less than 30 minutes gone and Williams is two to the good with a break of 76. Looks like he means business out there. Halfway to the last 64.

Williams 1-0 Petrov (69-8)

Some delightful shot-making by Willo. He's got the slow walk on too. Which is always a dangerous sign for the bloke sitting opposite him. Second frame safely under lock and key.

Williams 1-0 Petrov (42-8)

Williams really beginning to flow out there. Petrov feeling the pressure of the TV cameras as Williams moves to 42. Floating the balls home with such ease.

Williams 0-0 Petrov (71-31)

Too many mistakes by Petrov in this opening frame and it is going to cost him. The Estonian player chasing two snookers with one red left up. Down goes the red, but he misses the black and that will be that. A 1-0 lead for the defending champion.

Williams 0-0 Petrov (44-14)

Well, the Estonian player misses an easy red on 14 near a side rail, but Williams quickly breaks down after running out of position. No damage done.

Williams 0-0 Petrov (36-0)

Looks to be in really splendid touch early on. Mindful of his work around the black spot and has opened up a few reds in the process. Already looks like a frame-winning chance for the Welsh icon. But a red stays out to a centre pocket. Didn't expect that miss and neither did Petrov, who rolls a red down table into the yellow pocket. Chance of counter attack.

Williams 0-0 Petrov (14-0)

Nice opening red from Williams to get his afternoon off and running. Hand on table early on in first frame to get moving. First to four frame reaches the last 64 of the season's third ranking event.

12:55pm – Monday afternoon order of play

  • Mark Selby v Ricky Walden
  • Anthony McGill v Wu Yize
  • Yan Bingtao v Oliver Brown
  • Mark Williams v Andres Petrov
  • Zhao Xintong v Bai Langning
  • Stuart Bingham v Lei Peifan
  • Luca Brecel v Graeme Dott
  • Shaun Murphy v Gary Wilson

12:50pm – Williams has 'nothing to prove'

Mark Williams admits he would be happy to win one tournament this season ahead of his British Open title defence in Milton Keynes.
The three-time world champion meets tour newcomer Andres Petrov in his opening match at the Marshall Arena on Monday with a last-64 tie against Ben Woollaston the reward for victory.
He insists he has one eye on bringing up a quarter century of ranking titles in the months ahead.
The Welshman lifted the British Open with a 6-4 win over Gary Wilson in the final a year ago and reached the Masters and World Championship semi-finals last season with two agonising semi-final defeats to Neil Robertson (6-5) and Judd Trump (17-16) respectively
Williams turned professional in 1992, but the world No. 8 is arguably playing the best snooker of his gilded career having reached the semi-finals of the European Masters, losing 6-2 to an inspired Barry Hawkins.
"To come through and win 24 events, including a few worlds, a couple of UK Championships and the Masters. I have nothing left to prove to anybody. I will enjoy whatever time I have left playing," said Williams.
“If someone said I’d win a competition at the start of last season, I’d have bit their hand off.
"I think the same this season and if I could get my hands on silverware again, it would be brilliant. It is going to get harder as the years go by, but one thing I am good at is giving 100%. I will always be out their trying my hardest to get the win."

12:45pm – Welcome to the Marshall Arena

The British Open has been moved from Leicester's Morningside Arena to Milton Keynes this year. We'll be focusing on three-time world champion Mark Williams, who begins the defence of his title against tour newcomer Andres Petrov of Estonia this afternoon.
Mark Selby is facing Ricky Walden in his tournament opener. We'll keep you updated on that match. Boys on the baize at 1pm.
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'It's not really been about the men' – Selby hails one giant leap for women's snooker

Mark Selby admitted the result of the World Mixed Doubles final was not as important as showcasing the women's game to millions of snooker fans on television.
The four-time world champion partnered fellow English player Rebecca Kenna in the inaugural event at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. The pair won all three group matches to reach the final before losing 4-2 to Neil Robertson and Mink Nutcharut.
"I've enjoyed it. The last two days have been great," said Selby. "It's not really been about the men I don't think.
"It's been about the girls obviously and they've done fantastic.
"It's been fantastic to see them live on TV and get the exposure they've been craving for many years."
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