Seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry had little sympathy for Mark Williams after the Welshman was unceremoniously knocked out of the British Open by world No. 44 Ben Woollaston.
Williams lost 4-1 in a bitty encounter that saw Woollaston profit from his opponent's profligacy when at the table, with the three-time world champion simply unable to locate any potting consistency.
Woollaston will go on to face Jak Jones in the third round.
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Speaking on ITV Sport, Hendry said: "He [Williams] said after his first match he's hardly been practising.
"You can't wing it.
"I know he won this tournament last year getting through matches but you've got to put the work in and he hasn't done. I'm sure he'll put the work in before the next big event.
"He was poor tonight.
"Ben just made the least mistakes, it wasn't like there was heavy scoring.
"At the end you just didn't fancy Mark potting anything, he'd gone a bit and lost confidence."
Ken Doherty concurred with Hendry that Williams' preparation - or lack of - was to blame for his uncharacteristically sub-par display.
Doherty, the 1997 world champion, said: "Williams started off with a really good break in the first but it was a catalogue of errors [afterwards].
"I think if the first one had've gone in, he might have got some momentum, but it was the beginning of the comeback from Woollaston, and he started to play well.
"They were shots you wouldn't normally expect him [Williams] to miss.

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"But as Stephen said, if you're a bit rusty, there are no shortcuts at this professional level. You're not going to get away with it, and it came home to roost a little bit."
Woollaston has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome recently, and afterwards he spoke more about his ongoing battle to manage the condition.
“It has got better recently so I am trying to be positive,” the 35-year-old said.
“On the good days I feel 60 or 70% of my usual self, but then I have days where I just completely crash.
“I can only practise for one or two hours a day and it’s hard to look after my kids when I’m at home. [Wife] Tatiana has been a massive support but it has been hard for her as well.
"Some people never recover from this kind of illness but I am hopeful because in the last few months I have been better.
“I am doing my best in matches and I have managed to win a few this season. I have no expectations. Tonight’s win was one of my best in recent seasons and the short matches suit me better.”
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