Mark Williams is hopeful of shaking off Covid-19 in time to take his place in the Champion of Champions, and will continue with his controversial break-off if he feels the table is unfavourable.
Williams made an excellent start to the season with victory at the British Open, but he was forced to miss the European Masters and English Open after contracting coronavirus.
The three-time world champion was frustrated by the setback, as he was happy with his form in recent weeks, but was laid low by the virus.
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“I’m a bit better now,” Williams told the Metro as he prepares to face Neil Robertson at the Champion of Champions. “Taste is coming back slowly. I was in bed for five or six days shivering.
Hopefully I’ll be alright by Tuesday, fingers crossed. If it was last week I’d have had it.
‘I’ve missed two tournaments because of Covid when I had some good momentum and now I’ve got to start from scratch and get that momentum back. It’s a weird one.’
Williams struggled with gout during the Northern Ireland Open, and feels it could be coming back.
“I think the gout is coming back!” Williams said. “I’m taking these tablets again. Normally you get it, can’t walk and take these tablets for two or three days and it’s gone then. I’ve just felt my ankle going again so I’ve started taking the tablets just in case.
“They say to try to eat healthier, but I went vegetarian for two or three weeks before I got it, so that’s weird. I’m back on the meat now. They said don’t drink too much alcohol but I don’t really drink that much now. I don’t want it again because it kills.”
How Williams breaks off at the Champion of Champions will be a topic of debate. He raised eyebrows last season by rolling slowly into the pack, citing a desire not to leave a red for his opponent.
Williams says he will have no worries about using it again, should he feel the table is unhelpful.
"I was [laughing] because I thought it was pathetic we had an email about banning it," Williams said. "I ain’t done nothing wrong.

'I've been getting slaughtered' - Williams not happy with break backlash

"Then John Higgins done it, Ronnie O’Sullivan done it, 10 or more of them were doing it. You’ll soon get sick of leaving a long red!
I don’t do it as much now, but if the table’s playing so you can’t get behind the green, I go back to rolling into the bunch. It’s just a break-off, you know, pfft. Ban the break-off!
“Who was it? I broke off like that and he had the hump, you could tell on his face. I can’t remember who it was but I beat him 4-0. If it annoys people it makes you want to do it more. The more people talked about banning it the more I was doing it.
“You can’t tell Ronnie not to smash the pack. They were trying to ban my break off, I haven’t had an email off World Snooker yet about smashing the pack. They must be happy with that one.”
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