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That concludes our coverage of day one of the English Open. Join us again tomorrow for more action from the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.
The Masters
'It is about balancing and doing what works for you' - Robertson
16/01/2022 AT 22:03

Around the tables

Gary Wilson 0-3 Ben Woollaston
Neil Robertson 4-0 Andy Hicks

Lucal Brecel knocks Mark Allen out of the English Open

It might look a shock in terms of their respective rankings, but everyone in the game knows what a talent Lucal Brecel is. Facing the man that has just won the Northern Ireland Open might have looked a nightmare draw for him, but Allen wouldn't have been too chuffed either; the A game of both would have them in the top 16 in the world, and what a treat for us to get a tie this good this early. Brecel has now beaten Allen the last two times they've faced each other, and this could be an energising victory for him after a difficult couple of years.

Allen 1-4 Brecel

A gritty 68 from Brecel secures frame and match!

Allen 1-3 Brecel (0-67)

A long blue to the yellow pocket with the rest wobbles and drops to bring up the half-century. It's been a difficult few years for Brecel, who has slipped right out of the top 16, and you can sense that this is big for him. Frame ball red goes, and the pink makes sure; he's going to do it!

Allen 1-3 Brecel (0-42)

He's riding his luck a bit with position a little, but Brecel has cleared a path to one corner pocket for the pink, currently housed on the black spot. It's opening up now, and this is one with blues and pinks if he can just hold it together for a few more shots.

Allen 1-3 Brecel (0-20)

There's trouble for Allen at the start of the fifth, as he catches a safety too thick and leaves a red over the bottom right. Brecel booms it in, careers into another red and the white drifts into perfect position on the pink. A right touch, as they say! It's not an easy table with the pink and black tied up, but it's a scoring chance and he's setting about it.

Allen 1-3 Brecel

A total of 73 bags a very quick frame for Brecel, who needs one more for victory.

Allen 1-2 Brecel (0-63)

An attempted canon on a red near the pack goes wrong for Brecel, but he recovers position by bridging the pack and thin-cutting his next red into the bottom left. He seals a half-century with the blue and he's soon left with a difficult cut on the black, sending the white in and out of baulk, to keep going. A mid-range red to the bottom right follows and he's plum on the black. The cue ball has clocked up some mileage in this one.

Allen 1-2 Brecel (0-29)

Brecel gets away first with a superb long red into the yellow pocket after a containing safety from Allen behind the black wasn't containing enough. He's going for this, Brecel, and he's into the reds early. A good recovery pot on a red to the right middle lands him on the green, and this is ticking along nicely so far.

Around the tables

Gary Wilson 0-2 Ben Woollaston
Neil Robertson 2-0 Andy Hicks

Allen 1-2 Brecel

Frame ball blue goes, followed by another red and Brecel is home and hosed. A total of 39 puts him back in front.

Allen 1-1 Brecel (2-51)

A long bout of safety ensues, before Allen gambles the lot on a long red to the bottom right and misses. With the lead Brecel already has, and the position of the reds, this is bother for Allen. A further 20 are added, and there's plenty more coming you fancy.

Allen 1-1 Brecel (2-31)

Allen's away first in frame three, sweeping a red into the bottom left, but he can't convert brown to left middle to follow. That's left an opening for Brecel, who racks up 31 but misses the pack completely when trying to play off the bottom cushion after potting the black. He's shorted his safety too, allowing Allen to drop a red in as a shot to nothing before tucking the red in behind the green.

Allen 1-1 Brecel

Allen tidies up the reds, off the last of which he jabs in frame ball blue to the green pocket with the rest. The yellow follows before Allen lays a snooker, from which Brecel careers into the pink and duly concedes the frame.

Allen 0-1 Brecel (33-27)

A horrible miscue on the white when trying to deep screw off the black launches the cue ball into the air. It lands on the black so it's not a foul, but it's an abrupt end to the break. Brecel then plays a poor safety that leaves Allen an easy red to the right middle; in it goes, and Allen soon nudges the remaining reds open to become favourite for this frame.

Allen 0-1 Brecel (29-18)

A couple of good recover pots keep Allen's break chugging, but after potting an awkward red to the right middle he goes in-off to hand the initiative back to Brecel. There's a straight red on from the D, which Brecel drops in to land on the black. If he can affect a good split on the pack this is a real chance for Brecel.

Allen 0-1 Brecel (11-6)

Brecel cracks in a long red to the green pocket at the start of the second, but just runs past the baulk colours and doesn't leave one on. He then gets the next red down with a thing cut, but again can't find position and instead draws four from a snooker as Allen's first one-cushion escape drops short. A poor safety from Allen then leaves a red on the bottom knuckle, which Brecel misses by a whisker when trying the up-and-down off the bottom cushion. Allen steps in to snick it in instead, and he's got a chance.

Allen 0-1 Brecel

Allen goes in-off from a safety, and now requires a snooker. He quickly finds himself in one, from which he can't escape. With Brecel on an easy red, Allen concedes the frame.
Elsewhere, Tom Ford has beaten Alexander Ursenbacher 4-0.

Allen 0-0 Brecel (0-64)

A reprieve for Allen as Brecel overshoots position on the blue. He still pots it, but leaves a double on frame ball red. He doesn't give it every chance, thumping it with gusto, and it catches the high knuckle of the right middle and flies to safety. It's a mountain for Allen with 67 left and the black tied up, but he's still in there.

Allen 0-0 Brecel (0-51)

Brecel breezes to a half-century, and the frame looks a formality with the number of reds required in the open. He won't have to free the black either; this is an impressive start.

Allen 0-0 Brecel (0-32)

Allen misses an attempt at a red to yellow pocket, and leaves Brecel on a red to the bottom left. That goes, the brown follows, and it's the first serious chance of the match. The black is tied up but he's got pink and blue to work with, and a load of reds to go at.

Let's go!

Between the two Allen has won four of the five matches, but Brecel won the most recent one - and what a one. The Belgian Bullet nicked a decider against the Pistol in a belter of a match at the 2019 Masters.

Up next...

What an intriguing match we've got for the finale tonight; it's Mark Allen, recent winner of his own home nations tournament in Northern Ireland, against former ranking event winner Luca Brecel. Stay tuned.

Around the tables

Alexander Ursenbacher 0-3 Tom Ford
John Higgins 4-1 Zhao Jianbo
Mark Lloyd 0-4 Paul Deaville

Ronnie O'Sullivan advances in the English Open

Breaks of 65, 58, 80 and 100 from Ronnie O'Sullivan saw off David Lilley there, who played well enough to take the lead in the opening frame but failed to capitalise on several chances in the third. You can't keep sending O'Sullivan back to the table, and the 2017 English Open champion soon showed why. O'Sullivan will now face Michael Georgiou in the next round.

O'Sullivan 4-1 Lilley

It is the round ton! O'Sullivan finishes with an exact century to move through to the next round.

O'Sullivan 3-1 Lilley (95-8)

There's the half-century with a black, and he's on the next red. We're done here. A ton to finish? It'll be a round one if so as he takes a blue off the final red...

O'Sullivan 3-1 Lilley (52-8)

Trouble here for Lilley, as he misses a long red and serves up an easy starter for O'Sullivan just above the black. '147, please!' shouts someone from the crowd. Banter! O'Sullivan loses position early in the piece though, making 22 before Lilley counters with a red to the right middle and a black. It's O'Sullivan that gets in next though, hosing in his seventh long red out of seven in this match to land on the yellow. A few shots later he plays a preposterous positional shot after landing straight on the blue, coming off the top knuckle of the left middle and going back across the table and behind the pack to land on his next red! Mozart. He's humming now, and this is superb to watch.

Around the tables

Alexander Ursenbacher 0-3 Tom Ford
John Higgins 3-1 Zhao Jianbo
Mark Lloyd 0-3 Paul Deaville

O'Sullivan 3-1 Lilley

Light work. O'Sullivan clears up to the brown for an 80 that puts him one frame from victory.

O'Sullivan 2-1 Lilley (60-20)

O'Sullivan goes for the pack early off the blue, and the split is very handy indeed. Lilley's tiny lead evaporates as O'Sullivan races to a break of 55. One more red will do it...

O'Sullivan 2-1 Lilley (5-20)

It's a fluke for both players at the start of the fourth frame, as Ronnie doubles in a red when playing safe before Lilley misses a long red by a huge distance, which flicks off the green and deposits into that pocket to leave him on the black. It's a fight for position early on, but an excellent cut on a red to right middle keeps the break going. It curtails on 20 though, as he misses a red with the rest to the bottom left. Lilley then looks to be back in with a wafer thin cut on a red to the bottom left, but goes in-off from it and it's a chance for O'Sullivan.

O'Sullivan 2-1 Lilley

O'Sullivan starts mopping up, and takes the final red brilliantly along the bottom cushion and into the bottom left. Frame ball green soon goes as O'Sullivan tidies up to the blue, and he takes the lead in the match with a break of 58.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Lilley (22-46)

O'Sullivan gets a red-black down before missing a difficult, deadweight red with the white welded to the side cushion. he gets back to the table to pot red-blue before position goes awry again, and again he goes in-off from a sloppy safety. Lilley plays a shocker in return though, opening up the six remaining reds and leaving O'Sullivan an easy starter. That could prove to be a big error in this match.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Lilley (7-42)

Lilley gets in again, plugging a red to the bottom left and catching a nice kiss on the black to land plum on it. It's another good chance, but again it goes begging when a canon on two reds goes awry and leaves him on nothing, nixing his break on 16.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Lilley (7-26)

Lilley fearlessly drains a long red to the bottom right after O'Sullivan's break-off in the third frame. A total of 12 comes from the chance before he ends up buried inside the pack after trying to open them off the pink, and without a red to go at. Safety follows, before Lilley misses a wild attempt at a long red and goes in-off. That doesn't leave anything, but Lilley serves up a red to the left middle from his next visit. O'Sullivan can only take a yellow with it though, before playing a risky safety by leaving Lilley a tempter to the left middle. Lilley is tempted, and makes it; there's a few on here, but Lilley can only make 14 before shorting position on a red to end his break.

Around the tables

Alexander Ursenbacher 0-1 Tom Ford
John Higgins 1-1 Zhao Jianbo
Mark Lloyd 0-1 Paul Deaville

O'Sullivan 1-1 Lilley (69-4)

A poor safety from Lilley leaves O'Sullivan straight on a red to the green pocket, and O'Sullivan adds that and a green to leave Lilley needing two snookers. A few shots later he then tags in a long red to the yellow pocket followed by the pink, and we're all square.

O'Sullivan 0-1 Lilley (65-4)

What was I saying? The half-ton is up in no time, but O'Sullivan overruns frame ball red and he's on nothing. To compound things, he then goes in-off from his safety. There's 67 left on; it's a tall order, but Lilley's still in it.

O'Sullivan 0-1 Lilley (30-0)

A prolonged safety exchange opens the second frame, with reds scattered all over. Whoever gets in first will be a massive favourite to take the frame and it's O'Sullivan, who glides a red into the left middle and lands on the black. This is a practice table, and I'll be very surprised if Lilley gets back to it in this frame. O'Sullivan is quickly up to 30 and counting.

O'Sullivan 0-1 Lilley

Lilley drains the final three reds, and then everything up to the blue to take the lead. Whatever nerves he had at the outset look to have gone completely.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Lilley (7-64)

This is excellent from Lilley, who moves to 55 by plugging frame ball pink into the right middle. He made sure of it, and plays safe thereafter. There's only 51 left out there, so O'Sullivan needs two snookers.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Lilley (7-43)

Lilley nicely tidies up the red O'Sullivan missed, and settles in to the first proper break of the match. It's all red-pink as the black is out of commission in baulk, but he's picking them off smoothly as his break moves to 34 and counting.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Lilley (7-9)

Signs of nerves from Lilley, who plays two poor shots in a row and leaves O'Sullivan on a red to the right middle. It goes, but O'Sullivan fails to split the pack and land on the pink thereafter. After a bout of safety Lilley gets a look at a red over the bottom right. It's a gimme, and he's away. On nine however he misses a slighlty off-straight red to the bottom left, and O'Sullivan is in. The Rocket can only add six though, before missing a red to the bottom left by a huge margin. Scrappy stuff so far.

Boys baized

Here we go then; we've got a fair few in tonight and they're letting us know. It's a world away from the cavernous echoes of the Marshall Arena last season, and lovely to hear.


Facing the rocket tonight is David Lilley. He's never won a ranking event title either, but he will be at the Champion of Champions in Bolton in a few weeks; last season, he beat Jimmy White 5-3 to claim the World Seniors Championship.

The drought

Since winning his sixth world title back in August 2020, Ronnie hasn't got his mits on any of the ranking event titles. He's hardly tanked - he reached five finals last season - and certainly doesn't seem overly bothered by it. Despite that, it is becoming a bit of a story, and will be so until he inevitably lifts silverware to the sky again.

Evening folks

Welcome to live coverage of the evening session of day 1 of the English Open from the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.
Anyone who followed the baize last season will be very au fait with this venue, which was the site of snooker’s bubble during lockdown. Tonight we’ll have action from the final qualifying round, as the 2017 champion of this event Ronnie O’Sullivan takes on David Lilley, a late replacement after Igor Figueiredo had to withdraw due to travel restrictions.
That’s up first, with a chaser of recent Northern Ireland Open winner Mark Allen versus Luca Brecel to follow. We’ll also keep you updated on all the action from the other tables.


Rocket ready for lift-off

So we will be back at 6:45pm (GMT) on Monday with six-times world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan facing the world seniors champion David Lilley as he chases a first ranking title victory since his Crucible triumph last year. You never know what you are going to get with the Rocket, but it will be great to watch.
We also have the new Northern Ireland Open champion Mark Allen facing Belgian number one Luca Brecel in what could be an epic encounter. Brecel famously defeated Allen 6-5 in the first round of the Masters in 2019 when Allen was defending the title at Alexandra Palace. Updates here while you can stream the English Open LIVE and on demand on discovery+.

O’Sullivan sends balls flying round table in ultra-aggressive break-off

Selby 4-2 Lam

Next up for Selby is Jamie Wilson in the last 64. Whatever happens, Selby returns to world number one after this event with Trump and the world champion Selby continuing to trade places at the summit. Be nice to do it as English Open champion.

Around the tables

Latest results from the afternoon action at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.
  • Mark Selby 4-2 Sanderson Lam
  • Stuart Bingham 4-1 Ng On Yee
  • Shaun Murphy 4-3 Duane Jones
  • Yan Bingtao 4-1 Aaron Hill
  • Barry Hawkins 4-1 Reanne Evans
  • Judd Trump 4-1 Matthew Selt

Selby 4-2 Lam

Selby gets the job done against Lam. Game of two halves. Or something like that. Selby in control before briefly losing it and recovering to get over the line.

Selby 3-2 Lam (51-22)

Selby a few pots from victory after Lam's missed red. In goes the green and brown. And that is victory for the world champion.

Selby 3-2 Lam (9-22)

Bad miss by Lam on a cutback on a red on top cushion. Brilliant black to a middle pocket, but could not take advantage. That might be lights out for Lam here. All there for Selby to finally close this out. Probably about an hour after he should have.

Around the tables

A 4-1 win for Stuart Bingham against former women's world champion Ng On Yee, who won the first frame but lost the next four. Bingham with breaks of 99, 80 and 85 and a meeting with Fergal O'Brien in the last 64.

Selby 3-2 Lam (9-14)

24 minutes and counting. The longest frame of the match so far with both men desperate for a scoring opportunity.

Selby 3-2 Lam (7-7)

Selby could do with a few more pots like this. No question his game has taken a bit of a downward trajectory in past few frames.

Selby 3-2 Lam (7-7)

Some nice stuff from Lam, who is growing in confidence. Both men trying to seize the initiative at the start of this sixth frame.

Selby 3-2 Lam (0-0)

All gone a bit scrappy and Selby has gone off the boil. Which suits the underdog. Sanderson looked like a Lam to the slaughter, but he is still alive and kicking. Needs the next two frames to cause quite a stir on the first day of this tournament.

Trump reacts to Wilson plea

This is worth a watch as Judd Trump, fresh from a 4-1 win over Matthew Selt, offers his thoughts on Kyren Wilson's complaints about lack of time on the showpiece tables.

‘You have to earn it!’ - Judd Trump responds to Kyren Wilson ‘naked’ jibe

Selby 3-1 Lam (6-59)

Lam with a lead of 49 points and four reds left on table. Drops in a fine cut on red and slots the green to leave Selby needing a snooker. Suddenly momentum in this match is with Lam.

Selby 3-1 Lam (6-30)

A few errors suddenly appearing in Selby's game. Will give Lam a bit of optimism as he returns to the table.

Around the tables

Shaun Murphy has edged out world number 93 Duane Jones 4-3 to reach the last 64. Led 2-1 then trailed 3-2 before winning 4-3. Murphy with breaks of 89, 50, 55 and 50 to overcome Jones, who contributed 55, 88 and 83. He faces Joe O'Connor in the next round.

Selby 3-1 Lam (0-0)

The world champion still needs one more frame for victory. Lam avoided whitewash, but remains a strong second favourite in this contest.

Selby 3-0 Lam (30-64)

A rearguard action from Lam as he battles to a 44 in leaving Selby needing a snooker before sinking a brilliant red with the rest as his insurance policy. 53 from Lam. Selby leads 3-1.

Shot of the day

Might even be shot of the tournament. What do you think of this frame winner from Selby? Simply does not get any better than this pot..

‘That's the shot of the day so far - no question!’ – Selby produces magic on day 1 of English Open

Selby 3-0 Lam (30-22)

Lam missing a red to a centre pocket. A rare chance to score eludes Lam, who is looking a bit dejected with his lot. Selby with an opportunity to complete the whitewash, but he misses a red with the rest. Which is a surprising error.

Selby 3-0 Lam (0-0)

Long red from Selby puts the finishing touches to the frame before he drops in the pink. One more frame needed to claim victory.

Selby 2-0 Lam (73-0)

Selby declares on 73 after a red stays out. Lam needing two snookers which is the green baize equivalent of attempting to get blood out of a stone. Difficult to see a way back here for the former world number 77. Looks certain to be 3-0.

Selby 2-0 Lam (59-0)

Selby trying to pot a red with the extended spider. Which he does to get back out on the black. Superb technique there with a difficult piece of furniture as break moves swiftly to 59. Chance to win frame for a 3-0 advantage.

Around the tables

Masters champion Yan Bingtao running out a 4-1 winner against Ireland's Aaron Hill. Yan won the final three frames, finishing with knocks of 63 and 75. He will face 1995 world finalist Nigel Bond in the last 64.

Selby 2-0 Lam (0-0)

Look at this exquisite red from Selby. Gives you an idea of how much confidence he is playing with. Was the key ball in leading to that glorious 113 break.

Selby 2-0 Lam (0-0)

A lovely run of 113 from Selby after his 90 in the first frame. Looks to be fully focussed on the business at hand. Needs two more frames to secure his progress.

Selby 1-0 Lam (94-0)

Selby well over the line in the second frame. If Trump was impressive in his opening victory, Selby certainly not too rusty himself. A man on a mission here and has chance of a century as the break reaches 81.

Selby 1-0 Lam (23-0)

Selby with an immaculate red down a side cushion after a safety shot was not overly obvious. That was more like vintage Ronnie O'Sullivan. Stunning stuff from the world champion and he is back among the balls.

Top Trump

Look at this little gem from Trump. Fair to say, he is going to take some stopping this week after that 4-1 victory over Matt Selt.

‘Another absolute humdinger’ – Trump makes statement as he begins English Open defence

Selby 1-0 Lam (0-0)

Selby securing the first frame in some style. A lovely break of 90 gives him the first frame of the day after a few early errors from both men.

Selby 0-0 Lam (29-12)

Selby destroyed David Gilbert 9-1 to win this tournament two years ago and has chance to score a few points here. Both men missing easy blacks early on, but suddenly the world champion among the balls after a poor safety shot by Lam.

Around the tables

A 4-1 win for Barry Hawkins over the women's world champion Reanne Evans. Breaks of 146, 72 and 57 enough for the world number 14 to seal his progress to the last 64 and a meeting with Jak Jones.

Selby 0-0 Lam (0-0)

And we are off and running with the Jester in action. Selby 12-1 clear on head-to-head frames and 3-0 up against the Leeds potter Sanderson Lam. The world champion will be looking to build on that formidable record.

'You have to earn it'

Trump tells Eurosport why world number five Kyren Wilson can't guarantee his place on main TV tables. "Unless he wins the big events, he won't be there," said Trump. "I've been there and done it. You have to win the World Championship and be world number one. You have to earn it."

Trump at home in Home Nations

Trump has apparently played 71 matches in the Home Nations and won 65 of them over the best of seven frames. Not a bad record that.

Around the tables

Latest scores for you elsewhere on this opening day in Milton Keynes. Barry Hawkins made a 146 break in the second frame against Reanne Evans. Not too shabby from the former world finalist.
  • Barry Hawkins 3-1 Reanne Evans
  • Shaun Murphy 2-1 Duane Jones
  • Yan Bingtao 2-1 Aaron Hill

Trump 4-1 Selt

Trump will face former European Masters champion Jimmy Robertson in the last 64. Knocks of 90, 53, 73 and 109 from the world number one. One suspects he will take some beating this week as he defends the title. Selt was pretty good too with an 89 of his own, but just tough competing against a bloke who is clearly relishing the chance to play some proper attacking snooker.

Trump 4-1 Selt

This has been a superb match, but Trump just too good. A brilliant century break of 109 to finish. Magical from Trump.

Trump 3-1 Selt (75-0)

Selt with another early chance, but can't cash in. Trump will look to put this match to bed here and now as the break reaches 63 and counting.

Trump 3-1 Selt (0-0)

A lovely break from Selt there. In the 80s and he is finally on the board. Needs another three like that if possible. Big ask, but he is still punching.

Trump 3-0 Selt (0-58)

Break moves to 58 from Selt. A lot more like his natural level of ability as Trump is forced to play the rare role of onlooker. Chance to get one on the board following a good safety shot early on with Trump missing from distance.

Trump 3-0 Selt (0-10)

Selt with another early chance in the fourth frame. Really needs to make a sizable contribution here.

Trump 3-0 Selt (0-0)

This really is the measure of a champion talent. He has only missed one ball in three frames here as he puts the frame to bed as quickly as you like with a 73 break. Out for another toilet break needing one more frame to reach the last 64.

Trump 2-0 Selt (1-0)

Another fantastic long red from Trump to give him control of the table. Rolls up behind brown, but that is a measure of proper technique working close to perfection. Mistake from Selt as he leaves a red to left middle and this could be more bad news for his opponent.

Trump 2-0 Selt (0-0)

Selt really needs a response here. Huge frame coming up for his hopes of avoiding an early exit in deepest Buckinghamshire. 90 and 53 from Trump against the Romford man as he breaks off for the third frame.

Trump 1-0 Selt (69-25)

Stunning piece of cueing from Trump to slot the penultimate red to a middle pocket and that really should be that. And quickly is as the world number one finishes up to the blue. Selt being punished for lack of power punching when it matters. School of hard knocks this. Trump leads 2-0. Looks ominously good among the balls.

Trump 1-0 Selt (53-25)

Selt attempts to play a telling safety with two reds left on the table, but has managed to knock the yellow safe. That is not good news for his hopes with Trump over 20 points clear.

Trump 1-0 Selt (53-17)

A break of 53 from Trump. Misses a tricky red. Tough cueing along the top cushion and Selt has been handed an unlikely reprieve. Can he claw his way back into this frame?

Trump 1-0 Selt (7-17)

Glorious opening red from Trump to end the brief tactical joust. Rolls a blue into the right middle bag. Selt will have to suffer here as these could have been his. What will Trump make here?

Trump 1-0 Selt (0-17)

Out of position on 17. That is an abrupt end to a decent scoring chance. Should be making more than 17 there. Will that come back to haunt the world number 34? He will hope not. Back to a safety exchange as both men jostle for position.

Trump 1-0 Selt (0-16)

Half-chance for Selt. Rolls the red in dead weight from longish range. That is superb stuff that. Really is. Comes out on the black and he is in among the balls. Important for Selt to score here as a black struggles in with the break on 16.

Trump 1-0 Selt (90-0)

A 90 break from Trump. Classy, classy stuff. Selt having a few shots to get a feel for the table, but not much more than that. The Juddernaut is looking sharp in his latest title quest.

Trump 0-0 Selt (64-0)

Nice opening red from Trump and the world number one is off and running. Among the balls, looking as smooth as Bristol Cream and this should really be the opening frame in the bag. Just doing what he usually does: potting balls for fun. All the reds in the open. Plenty of options.

The boys are on the baize

Tenth meeting of these two with Trump winning seven of their past nine encounters. No question the 2019 world champion starts a strong favourite in this one.

Trump begins title defence

"He loves the attention and limelight," said Trump of his opponent Matthew Selt, the former Indian Open champion, ahead of his opener at the English Open. Trump defeated Neil Robertson 9-8 in last year's final behind closed doors in Milton Keynes. Of course, fans are allowed back in today at the Marshall Arena. Trump defeated Selt 4-1 in their last meeting in the semi-final of the Gibraltar Open earlier this year. Almost ready to go with this one. Remember first to four frames reaches the last 64. Easy to forget Trump also reached the final of this event in 2016, losing to 9-6 to Liang Wenbo.

Around the tables

Bit of early news from the morning matches at the English Open and it is a shock defeat for former UK champion Stephen Maguire, who has lost 4-3 in the first round to Mark King. The Scotsman made breaks of 86, 51 and 68, but lost the final frame to the former Northern Ireland Open winner.
Ding Junhui had no such issues as he completed a 4-1 win over Andrew Pagett while Kyren Wilson was comfortable in a 4-0 victory against Noppon Saengkhan. Former world semi-finalist Anthony McGill defeated Gao Yang 4-1 to book his spot in the last 64.

Latest English Open results

  • Mark King 4-3 Stephen Maguire
  • Anthony McGill 4-1 Gao Yang
  • Ding Junhui 4-1 Andrew Pagett
  • Kyren Wilson 4-0 Noppon Saengkham

Today's action

Snooker returns to a familiar setting this week as the English Open takes centre-stage in Milton Keynes and Monday's action sees a wonderful line up of big names.
Defending champion Judd Trump opens his campaign against Matthew Selt while Ronnie O'Sullivan takes on David Lilley. World champion Mark Selby is also in action as he faces Sanderson Lam.
The Marshall Arena held the majority of tournaments during the coronavirus pandemic as the sport maintained a strict bubble, but fans are now welcome again as Trump returns to defend his title.
Six-time world champion O’Sullivan will make his first appearance since his shock whitewash to Hossein Vafaei at the German Masters, but Mark Williams misses out after testing positive for Covid.
Northern Ireland Open champion Mark Allen is also in action along with Selby, John Higgins and Kyren Wilson.


Round 1
Mon 1 Nov 10am
  • Anthony McGill [16] v Gao Yang [80]
  • Stephen Maguire [9] v Mark King [59]
  • Kyren Wilson [5] v Noppon Saengkham [38]
  • Ding Junhui [10] v Andrew Pagett [96]
Mon 1 Nov 1pm
  • Judd Trump [1] v Matthew Selt [33]
  • Barry Hawkins [12] v Reanne Evans (f) [115]
  • Shaun Murphy [6] v Duane Jones [92]
  • Yan Bingtao [15] v Aaron Hill [82]
Est. Mon 1 Nov 3pm
  • Stuart Bingham [13] v Ng On Yee (f) [120]
  • Jack Lisowski [14] v Mark Joyce [63]
  • Oliver Sykes (a) v Allan Taylor [75]
  • Mark Selby [2] v Sanderson Lam (a)
Round 2
Mon 1 Nov 7pm
Alexander Ursenbacher [42] v Tom Ford [24]
Round 1
Mon 1 Nov 7pm
  • Mark Lloyd (a) v Paul Deaville (a)
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan [3] v David Lilley (a)
  • John Higgins [7] v Zhao Jianbo [74]
Round 2
Est. Mon 1 Nov 8pm
  • Gary Wilson [28] v Ben Woollaston [52]
Round 1
Est. Mon 1 Nov 8pm
  • Neil Robertson [4] v Andy Hicks [104]
  • Mark Allen [11] v Luca Brecel [44]
- - -
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