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We shall return at 1.45pm on Sunday for the build-up to the final of the German Masters between Judd Trump and Jack Lisowski. Our afternoon action starts at 2pm, with the concluding session at 7pm in the evening.
We'll see you then then, take care out there in the meantime.
German Masters
'Good to take punishment' – Trump explains why mauling can boost Lisowski's career
01/02/2021 AT 12:06

Jack Lisowski reaches the German Masters final

They met in the final of the World Grand Prix last month, now Jack Lisowski and Judd Trump will do battle for the German Masters title tomorrow. Lisowski's 6-2 win over Tom Ford was closer than the scoreline would suggest, with Ford well in most frames, but the crucial difference was two nerveless clearances from behind by Lisowski in frames that Ford couldn't get over the line. Lisowski has now reached his fifth ranking event final; can he break through tomorrow and win the first title of his career?

Lisowski 6-2 Ford

An 87 in total for Lisowski wins frame and match.

Lisowski 5-2 Ford (70-13)

A half-ton for Jack, and he's edging closer. He lines up the eleventh red, which is frame and match ball, and in it goes to land perfectly on the pink. Lisowski will be going through to face Trump in the final tomorrow.

Lisowski 5-2 Ford (34-13)

Lisowski piles a red into the bottom left, screwing back up the table to just about land on the green. He's soon at the business end of the table, and striding around it like a man who wants this done in the next ten minutes. The break is at 34 already, and if he can open the pack sufficiently he'll have the chance to make it so.

Lisowski 5-2 Ford (0-13)

Ford again drills in a long red to start frame eight, before tucking Lisowski in behind the green. Jack meets black from his escape, and it's seven away; with his next effort, he clips the blue. At the third time of asking, he locates a red.

Lisowski 5-2 Ford

It's another big steal for Lisowski, as an 81 puts him within one frame of tomorrow's final.

Lisowski 4-2 Ford (54-45)

Lisowski takes the lead in the frame by dropping in the black, landing in behind a red down the left rail. This is perfect for a left-hander, and Lisowski drops it in to land on the black, pot that and go up for the colours. Up to and including the blue will do it.

Lisowski 4-2 Ford (0-45)

A poor positional shot from Ford in getting on a red eventually leaves him with a difficult jab on a red to the bottom right with the rest, and he's missed it. He's left a load on for Lisowski again, can he dish up and nick another one?

Lisowski 4-2 Ford (0-18)

He's in again; Ford clangs a long red into the bottom right at the start of the third, and pulls up short of baulk to land on the yellow. There's a nice spread on here.

Lisowski 4-2 Ford

Lisowski pots a red but can't add a black to it. He then concedes the frame, and Ford is just two behind again.

Lisowski 4-1 Ford (0-65)

Another half-century for Ford, who's in pretty good touch and can still make a match of this. He makes 65 before being forced to play safe; with only 59 on, Lisowski needs two snookers.

Lisowski 4-1 Ford (0-22)

Ford's been in the balls plenty of times in this match and is again at the start of the sixth. It's 22 and counting, with a big cluster of reds still to disturb below the pink spot.

Lisowski 4-1 Ford

He's done it! A nerveless 62 from Lisowski restores his three frame lead.

Lisowski 3-1 Ford (35-60)

Lisowski starts chipping his break together, and moves the final, tricky red over the right middle after potting the pink. The blue follows, and he needs the colours off their spots for a crucial steal.

Lisowski 3-1 Ford (0-60)

A big miss here by Ford, as he rattles a mid-range blue in and out of the jaws of the green pocket. There's still 67 left on here, and it's all in the open bar one tricky red on the right of the table.

Lisowski 3-1 Ford (0-44)

We're back, and Ford immediate gets in again. He gets to 21, but in splitting the reds off the black he lands on nothing, and it's end of break. That's a choker, because they opened perfectly. He's soon back in though after Lisowski leaves him a red along the top cushion and into the bottom right. That goes, and is soon followed by a split on the pack that this time works in his favour.

Lisowski 3-1 Ford

It's a ton, as Ford clears up for 104 and wins the fourth. That's the interval, we'll be back in 15 minutes.

Lisowski 3-0 Ford (0-71)

The tenth red of the frame goes down and that was frame ball for Ford. He'll be on the board at the interval.

Lisowski 3-0 Ford (0-38)

Just as he's ticking along nicely Ford misses again with the rest, this time on a cut to the bottom right. He gets another chance though as Lisowski misses a deadweight red to the right middle, and he should see it out from here.

Lisowski 3-0 Ford (0-30)

Ford gets a chance in the fourth after Lisowski leaves him straight on a red to the right middle. They're well set, and to turn this into a match you feel he needs to sort this in one hit.

Lisowski 3-0 Ford

Oof, Lisowski nearly goes in-off when escaping a snooker, but just about leaves the white in the jaws of the green pocket. He soon gets a clean look at the blue though, and drops it in to secure a three frame lead.

Lisowski 2-0 Ford (67-47)

Lisowski snicks in the final red, followed by the brown. He needs the baulk colours for the frame, which he gets, but then misses a virtually straight blue that would have forced a concession. Needing one snooker, Ford plays on.

Lisowski 2-0 Ford (53-47)

Ford mops up four of the reds with high value colours, before dropping in behind the final red on the left rail. It's a tricky pot with the extended rest, and he overcuts it and leaves it on for Lisowski.

Lisowski 2-0 Ford (53-15)

And now it's 45 as the black goes in, off which Lisowski disturbs a cluster of five reds below the pink. He drops one in the left middle but then has a shocker, missing a black off its spot to bring Ford back to the table. What a reprieve, and there's still 67 out there.

Lisowski 2-0 Ford (28-15)

Ford jumps out into the lead in the third, but miscues on the black when on 15, chipping the white over it like a wedge shot and dunking it in the bottom right. He needs to settle into this and quickly, otherwise it could get away from him. Lisowski is back in now, and up to 21 and counting in this break.

Lisowski 2-0 Ford

A break of 68 secures the second frame for Lisowski.

Lisowski 1-0 Ford (56-0)

It’s another half-ton for Lisowski, who has started very impressively here. There’s 67 left on so he’s just two pots away from a two frame lead here.

Lisowski 1-0 Ford (19-0)

Lisowski flukes a red to the left middle at the start of the second frame. He can’t add to it immediately, but will now, as Ford’s left one in the jaws of the yellow pocket. The break is 18 and counting so far.

Lisowski 1-0 Ford

Ford begins a comeback, involving heavy use of the rest, but he misses the black on 10 and he’s left the frame for Lisowski. As soon as the next red goes down, Ford concedes.

Lisowski 0-0 Ford (68-5)

Lisowksi gets to 68, but he’s awkward on frame ball red and he misses it to the bottom right. He’s not left anything though, so he’s still a huge favourite for this frame.

Lisowski 0-0 Ford (52-5)

A good recovery pot on the black takes Lisowski to 44, and another red-black to his half-century.

Lisowski 0-0 Ford (14-5)

Ford draws four as Lisowski fails to land softly on the pack from a one cushion escape from a snooker. That yields the first chance, but after potting a red Ford then misses the black. Lisowski replies with a deadweight long red into the bottom right, and he’s away.

Let’s go!

Our MC Phil Seymour has baized the players, and we’re all set. Best of 11 for a place in the final.

Tonight, Tonight

There’s quite a prize on offer for these players. A crack at the world number one, and the first chance for either of them to win a ranking event title. If history is any guide, then Tom Ford will be the favourite; he’s beaten Jack Lisowski on all six of the occasions that they’ve played each other.


Join us again shortly

And we mean in about 20 minutes, because we'll be back soon with Tom Ford versus Jack Lisowski in the second semi-final.

Judd Trump is through to the German Masters final

Whatever he goes on to achieve, that will rank as one of the finest comebacks of Judd Trump's career. At 5-1 down he looked detached and completely gone; three quick centuries later and he was right back in the match, and he held his nerve in that tense decider to reach his sixth ranking event final of the season. Barry Hawkins might need a little while to process that one. He had one and a half feet in the final, only for the most dominant force in the game today to flick the switch and turn the match on its head. What an afternoon of entertainment.

Trump 6-5 Hawkins

We’re done now. Hawkins leaves the red on to the left middle, and Trump ends the argument. He clears up to the green to complete a stunning comeback!

Trump 5-5 Hawkins (64-23)

Hawkins pots a red and a black and looks for a snooker off the final red that might force a free ball. On it goes, and the balls are well situated for Hawkins, but so far Trump’s got an answer to every snooker Hawkins puts him in.

Trump 5-5 Hawkins (64-15)

This should be it. Hawkins tries a shot to nothing, but the white catches a red on the way back up and leaves Trump in. He adds red and pink, and Hawkins requires snookers.

'Talk about naughty snooker!' - Trump lands outrageous green

Trump 5-5 Hawkins (57-15)

Trump just about rattles a red into the bottom right, which forces him to finish too straight on the blue and he can’t split the pack with any power. All it leaves is a wafer thin cut on a red with the rest, and he’s missed it by a long way but landed safe in baulk. There’s 51 left out there as Hawkins returns to the table.

Trump 5-5 Hawkins (38-15)

Trump reaches 37, but a poor shot when potting the blue leaves him having to try and pot a red to the bottom left with a trace of side, and he’s missed it. Hawkins comes to the table and stuns in a red to land nicely on the black, and the frame is now in his hands. He plays a tense shot when potting the black though, forcing him into a double on a red to right middle which he misses. This is tense. Trump is back in now after a thin cut on a red to right middle.

Trump 5-5 Hawkins (20-7)

Hawkins leaves Trump a thin cut into the bottom left, and it’s there. He’s on the blue too, and now he’s right in the balls. Trump quickly moves his break to 20, and one good split on the reds could open up the gateway to the final.

Trump 5-5 Hawkins (0-7)

All the momentum’s with Trump here, but a tense safety battle opens this deciding frame. Trump gets the first chance at a pot, a tight one near the bottom cushion, but he can’t convert it. The second falls to Hawkins, as Trump leaves him a red to left middle after a poor safety, and it’s in. He makes seven, but misses a black off its spot; he’s not left anything, but he’ll be annoyed at that.

Trump 5-5 Hawkins

Hawkins sticks the last red up over the left middle, and Trump drops it in; we’re going all the way in this one, what an astonishing turnaround from the world number one. Trump clears up to the pink, and we’ll be having a decider!

Today's schedule

We'll be live from 1.45pm today, with your German Masters semi-finals that line up thusly:
2.00pm - Judd Trump vs. Barry Hawkins
7.00pm - Tom Ford vs. Jack Lisowski

Recap: Lisowski is through to the semi-finals

Lisowski started the match like he'd blow Bingham off the table, only to see his 3-0 lead whittled away and force the match into a nervous final few frames before it was settled. Lisowski recovered well to see the match over the line, while Bingham will rue a slow start that ultimately left him too much to do. Lisowski's quest for a first ranking event title continues, as he advances to the last four of the German Masters.

The Big Lisowski

He’s getting closer. Jack reached the final of the World Grand Prix in December, only to lose 10-7 to his friend Judd Trump in the final. It was his fourth defeat in a ranking event final, and he’ll be desperate to go all the way in one. If he can keep progressing here then there’s the potential of a re-match with Trump on Sunday.

Recap: Trump reaches last four

A scrappy final frame really but it's the world number one who comes through, to avoid a decider. Trump showed some moments of absolute class, no more so than with this incredible pot....

'Criminally good!' - Trump wonder shot has commentators purring



Saturday January 30
  • Judd Trump v Barry Hawkins
  • Tom Ford v Jack Lisowski


Sunday January 31
2pm, 7pm
  • TBC v TBC
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