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We'll be back from 1.45pm tomorrow, with your German Masters semi-finals that line up thusly:
2.00pm - Judd Trump vs. Barry Hawkins
British Open
'I was so upset I couldn’t eat anything' – O'Sullivan conqueror reveals sad reason for weight loss
7.00pm - Tom Ford vs. Jack Lisowski
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Jack Lisowski is through to the semi-finals

Lisowski started the match like he'd blow Bingham off the table, only to see his 3-0 lead whittled away and force the match into a nervous final few frames before it was settled. Lisowski recovered well to see the match over the line, while Bingham will rue a slow start that ultimately left him too much to do. Lisowski's quest for a first ranking event title continues, as he advances to the last four of the German Masters.

Bingham 3-5 Lisowski

It's done; Bingham leaves the yellow on to the right middle, and Lisowski pots it to draw a line under this one.

Bingham 3-4 Lisowski (23-63)

Bingham goes all out for a red to the green pocket, risking everything. He's missed it, and left it on as a thin cut for Lisowski. It's virtually frame ball, and Lisowski drops it in followed by pink and the final red, before laying a snooker. Bingham now needs three snookers to stay in the tournament.

Bingham 3-4 Lisowski (23-53)

Lisowski needs one of two touching reds to win the frame at this visit, and it doesn't look like either will pot without a nudge. He tries to drive in the black to come off one cushion and open them; he misses the pot but splits the reds apart, and is fortunate not to leave one as the black covers the path to the left middle. There's 43 left out there, and Lisowski's lead is just 30.

Bingham 3-4 Lisowski (23-37)

Bingham drives in a long red, but can't land on the black; he then makes a complete hash of his safety, trying to drop in behind the yellow and missing it completely. This is incredibly tense, error-strewn stuff; we've got a mortgage in Shredsville. Lisowski manufactures the next chance, driving in a long red to land on the brown, from where he stuns down to a red on the bottom cushion. That goes, followed by the black; this is turning into a big chance.

Bingham 3-4 Lisowski (22-20)

Bingham picks up four after Lisowski misses a thin contact on a safety, but then gives away six after catching the pink from one of his own. He thin misses a thin cut on a red and catches the top knuckle of the left middle with the white, but Lisowski can only add a red before playing safe.

Bingham 3-4 Lisowski (18-13)

In comms Joe is suggesting there may be a plant within the pack, which would explain why Bingham, now in after potting a long red, is not piling into them either as yet. He eventually plays a soft stun into the reds off the blue, but he's not on a red as a result and it's end of break on 18.

Bingham 3-4 Lisowski (0-13)

A chance for Lisowski now, as Bingham misjudges a thin contact safety on the reds, rattles the white in the jaws of the bottom left and projects the white right in behind a red to land Lisowski an easy starter. What have you got, Jack? On 13 he lands what looks to be perfectly on the blue to open the pack, but he plays the shot to tickle them only and misses the pot to boot. What a strange shot selection, but he's not left anything.

Bingham 3-4 Lisowski

Lisowski pots a red and a black and tries to lay a snooker that might elicit a free ball, but he serves the final red up over the bottom right in trying to do so. Bingham pots it, Lisowski concedes; on we go.

Bingham 2-4 Lisowski (60-12)

Bingham can only add red-yellow before missing a red to the bottom right with the rest and leaving it in the jaws. Lisowski drops it in unconvincingly, and then misses a pink to the left middle to leave Bingham in again. Lisowski is really struggling, perhaps affected by struggling to get over the line in the last frame, and Bingham really needs to take advantage here. He clears up the two open reds with colours to move 48 ahead with 43 left on, and Lisowski comes back to the table needing snookers.
The winner of this match will play Tom Ford in tomorrow night's semi-final, as he's just beaten Joe O'Connor 5-1.

Bingham 2-4 Lisowski (34-11)

A failed plant from Lisowski leaves Bingham a cut on a red to right middle, but it rolls out off the knuckles. That's left Lisowski a red to the green pocket, which he strokes in to land on the brown. He can only add 11 though before missing an off-straight red to the bottom right, and he's left Bingham in.

Bingham 2-4 Lisowski (33-0)

Bingham gets the first look in the seventh, clubbing a red into the yellow pocket, but he can only add the brown before failing to land on a red thereafter. He gets a second bit soon after another long red goes in, and a couple of superb recovery shots on a black then a red after running out of position just about keeps his break going. It curtails on 28 though as Bingham can't land on a potting angle for the black, so he rolls in behind it.
Elsewhere tonight, Tom Ford leads Joe O'Connor 4-1 in their quarter-final.

Bingham 2-4 Lisowski

Lisowski needs blue and pink. Bingham leaves him the blue over the bottom right, which he puts away, only to miss a long pink to the yellow pocket. It's on for Bingham, but he misses a short jab on the pink to the green pocket and sticks it up over the yellow pocket thereafter. Both players have gone here, but Lisowski gets it together and drills in the loose pink to win a remarkable frame.

Bingham 2-3 Lisowski (59-64)

Lisowski leaves a long yellow into the bottom right, which Bingham strokes in to land on the green. That should be the frame, but in trying to drill it in Bingham rattles it in the jaws of the yellow pocket, and it spits out over the right middle! That's a disaster, and Lisowski only needs up to the blue...which he takes on to the right middle for the frame after potting green and brown and he's missed it! Oh my, both players have blown the chance to win this pivotal frame. They're now on safety on the blue, during which Bingham comes within millimetres of going in-off and Lisowski misses the blue completely when playing a thin contact. They're both playing on frayed nerve endings now; to pinch Jimmy White's famous phrase, and also quote Joe Johnson in commentary, we're in Shredsville.

Bingham 2-3 Lisowski (52-57)

The scores go level as Lisowski hits the pink when trying a thin contact on the red. The key ball in the frame is the yellow; it's tight to the upper left rail while all the other colours are out in the open. After a prolonged safety exchange, Lisowski finally drains the last red from distance into the green pocket. The brown follows, and then he lays a snooker off the yellow; advantage Lisowski for now.

Bingham 2-3 Lisowski (46-52)

Bingham tidies up all reds bar the last one, which he can't shift off the left rail after potting the blue. Instead he plays a superb snooker with the white right in behind the black. There's six points in it and 35 left out there, this is a huge moment in the match.

Bingham 2-3 Lisowski (17-52)

Lisowski makes a half ton, but doesn't land on his intended red to right middle and is forced to take one on to the green pocket instead. He miscues it horribly, throwing the pot way off line, and he's left Bingham in.

Bingham 2-3 Lisowski (17-12)

Bingham takes on a plant, which is straight but with the two reds a few inches apart, and he's missed it; that leaves Lisowski on a red to the bottom left, and it's there. The green follows, as does the next red right-handed, and he's on the black. Lisowski's in position now, and could put a big score up in the next few minutes.

Bingham 2-3 Lisowski (17-0)

He's in again! Bingham drains a bullet straight long red into the bottom left to hold for the blue. There's a load on here, but in trying to land on the black so he can get it respotted Bingham flicks off a red and goes out of position, forcing him to play safe. That's a touch for Lisowski.

Bingham 2-3 Lisowski

Bingham tons up for a 105 to win the fifth frame.

Bingham 1-3 Lisowski (67-11)

The fourth to last red goes in, and Lisowski requires snookers. Bingham is right back in this quarter-final.

Bingham 1-3 Lisowski (50-11)

Bingham really is so good to watch when he hits his stride. He survives one scare where he cuts a black so delicately into the bottom right that it barely makes it past the lip of the pocket before dropping in, but he's soon up to the half-century mark.

Bingham 1-3 Lisowski (14-11)

We're back, and Lisowski's away first in the fifth with a long red and then a spectacular deep screw on the brown in baulk to come back down the table. The break stalls on 11 though, and he's forced to play safe to baulk. From there, Bingham picks out a plant to the bottom right, and quickly gets the black respotted to its natural home. This is a chance.

Bingham 1-3 Lisowski

It's an 81 for Bingham, and Lisowski now leads 3-1 at the mid-session interval.
In our other match tonight, Tom Ford leads Joe O'Connor 2-0. See you in 15 minutes.

Bingham 0-3 Lisowski (72-0)

Bingham rattles in the black, using all of the pocket as he does so, and that was frame ball. He's now got a foothold in this match.

Bingham 0-3 Lisowski (56-0)

An excellent split on the reds, screwing into them while potting a loose one to land on the black, has left the frame at Bingham's mercy. He's quickly up to a half ton and looks nailed in to mop this one up in one visit.

Bingham 0-3 Lisowski (17-0)

Bingham's in the position Ding was against Trump earlier today - he simply has to win this frame and go in 3-1 behind. He's off to a good start, slicing a red into the bottom right and pulling up before baulk to land on the brown.

Bingham 0-3 Lisowski

Eventually Bingham makes a mistake, and leaves the red on to the yellow pocket. Lisowski puts it away and then lays a snooker; Bingham concedes, and is now three behind.

Bingham 0-2 Lisowski (19-60)

Bingham is battling gamely for the snookers he needs, and he's landing one almost on every shot; Lisowski is proving equally adept in getting out of them. Absorbing stuff.

Bingham 0-2 Lisowski (19-60)

Bingham claws back four from a snooker behind the blue, and then another four from a snooker behind the yellow. These are jittery moments for Lisowski, as all colours bar the blue are in or around the D and perfectly set for snookers.

Bingham 0-2 Lisowski (11-60)

It's hard work for Lisowski with pink and black up in baulk, and he's having to hit hard through the white to keep getting on the north side of the blue. A tremendous cut on the third to last red is the key shot of the frame, and he pots the last open one after it with blue to follow to leave Bingham needing four snookers with one red remaining.

Bingham 0-2 Lisowski (11-42)

Bingham takes on a wafer thin cut on a red to the bottom right, but misses the initial contact to miss the pot and clips it on the way back up off the bottom cushion. That sends the white into the pink, and Lisowksi is left on choice of reds from the middle of the table. Trouble for Bingham here, as there are so many reds in the open.

Bingham 0-2 Lisowski (11-23)

Lisowski's back in with a beautiful long red into the bottom right, stroked in slowly to land on the black. He can only add 15 before missing a thin cut on the black though, and Bingham's now in. Red-black-red follows but he's lost position again and has to play safe to the green.

Bingham 0-2 Lisowski (2-8)

Bingham gets his first red of the night down, deadweight into the bottom right, but he then undercuts the black and leaves it in the jaws of the bottom left. He doesn't appear to have left anything, until Lisowski picks out a brilliant plant of two reds at least six inches apart, and plants it into the bottom right. After potting the black however he misses a cut on a red, and it's end of break. Bingham then gets a red down but can't fashion position from it; scrappy stuff so far in the second frame.

Bingham 0-2 Lisowski

Another one visit frame for Jack, who takes the second with an 80.

Bingham 0-1 Lisowski (0-69)

He does indeed bag that three ball sequence, and that's the frame in the bank. This is a very impressive start.

Bingham 0-1 Lisowski (0-53)

Nice stuff here from Lisowski, who is slowly working the reds into potting positions. A black takes him to a half-century, and another red-black red will win him another frame.

Bingham 0-1 Lisowski (0-19)

Bingham has a yahoo at a long red to the bottom right at the start of the second, but misses by a long way and leaves it on as a long pot to the bottom right for Lisowski. That goes, and Jack's away again. This is another promosing opportunity, with the black on to both corner pockets.

Bingham 0-1 Lisowski

No ton as Lisowski misses a black off its spot, but 88 is enough to secure the first frame.

Bingham 0-0 Lisowski (6-73)

It's 73 and counting for Jack as he secures the frame with the black. There's still 67 on the table here and all the reds are in the open, so this could be a very big break incoming.

Bingham 0-0 Lisowski (6-53)

A lovely split on the reds when potting the black opens up the frame from Lisowski. He’s scoring heavy here, with the black on to both pockets, and has his half-century already.

Bingham 0-0 Lisowski (6-21)

Bingham flukes a snooker behind the green after missing a thin cut on a red, and Lisowski hits the pink in attempting to drop on the pack from his escape. It's Lisowski that gets in first though with a nice red into the bottom left, and he quickly sets about gathering points.

Let's go!

Our MC Phil Seymour is linking up boys and baize. Best of nine it is for a place in the semi-finals.

The Big Lisowski

He’s getting closer. Jack reached the final of the World Grand Prix in December, only to lose 10-7 to his friend Judd Trump in the final. It was his fourth defeat in a ranking event final, and he’ll be desperate to go all the way in one. If he can keep progressing here then there’s the potential of a re-match with Trump on Sunday.

Ball Run

The quarters here is Bingham’s best run in a ranking event this season, though his recent semi-final appearance in defence of his Masters title was a welcome return to form. He’s also made two 147 breaks in competition in the last two months, so don’t leave the room if he goes red-black at the start of any of tonight’s frames.

The Evening Session

Welcome back, we’re live for the remaining quarter-finals of the German Masters. We’ll be focusing on Stuart Bingham versus Jack Lisowski tonight and providing updates from the other table as Joe O’Connor takes on Tom Ford.


Trump 5-3 (65-12)

A scrappy final frame really but it's the world number one who comes through, to avoid a decider.
Trump showed some moments of absolute class, no more so than with this incredible pot....

'Criminally good!' - Trump wonder shot has commentators purring

We will be back this evening for Stuart Bingham against Jack Lisowski, don't miss it.
Oh and PS, Barry Hawkins has seen off Jordan Brown, 5-1.

Trump 4-3 Ding

Ding's battling well to stay in the argument here, and an additional 15 puts him one behind with two to play.
On the other table Barry Hawkins now leads Jordan Brown 4-1.

Trump 4-2 Ding (14-49)

Ding's back in, but it's scrappy and nervous stuff. He gets a red, green and then the second last red down though despite not having full control of the white, and Trump now needs a snooker.

Trump 4-2 Ding (14-49)

Ding miscues horribly on a straight brown to the green pocket, missing the pot by a mile and abruptly ending his break on 33. Judd can't capitalise though, missing a red to the bottom right, and Ding steps in to convert one into the same pocket. He'll be mighty relieved, because that miscue could have cost him the match. Ding adds 16 before tucking Trump in behind the green.

Trump 4-2 Ding (14-12)

Ding plays a containing safety at the start of the seventh but leaves Trump a look at a red to the right middle from off the bottom cushion. It's such a tight tunnel to the pocket, but Trump drops in to land on the black. Just when it looks like it might be a match-winner, Trump loses position slightly and misses a mid-range red to the bottom left. A chance for Ding then, and he's not in the mood to go back to his hotel room wondering; a brilliant stun shot when potting the blue splits the pack to near perfection, and he's got a big chance here.

Trump 4-2 Ding

Ding can't find a snooker, and Trump soon gets back in to clear up the final two reds and take the frame. He needs one more for a place in the semi-finals.

Trump 3-2 Ding (56-7)

A disaster for Ding as he tries to go round the back of the black and two adjacent reds with a safety shot, but glances into them and frees up a frame-winning chance for Judd. He quickly adds 20 and then drops in frame ball red with the rest, but can't add the pink to make absolutely certain. Ding comes back to the table, but he needs two snookers.

Trump 3-2 Ding (35-7)

Even after a mid-range red right-handed, the table gets the better of Trump as he runs out of position and has to play safe. We've got six reds left out there, and a potentially huge swing in this match to either 4-2 or 3-3.

Trump 3-2 Ding (21-7)

Ding loses position after potting the first red, but then flukes the pink into the green pocket when swerving to hit it. That's outrageous, but he's not on a red. After a lengthy safety exchange Trump gets in, dropping a red deadweight into the left middle from off the bottom cushion, and he's on the pink. It's an awkward table with the black tied up, but he could establish a decent lead at least.

Trump 3-2 Ding (10-0)

Trump plays an attacking safety at the start of the sixth, spreading reds about the place and leaving one on to the bottom left. It works out for him though, as Ding plays a drag shot on the red and it doesn't drop, serving up a chance for Trump to score heavy. He's got the white right in the middle of the table and lots to go at. On 10 though he loses the white slightly and misses a longer than necessary pink to the right middle, and Ding has a chance to counter.

Trump 3-2 Ding

A break of 93 wins the fifth frame for Ding.
On the other table, Barry Hawkins now leads Jordan Brown 3-1.

Trump 3-1 Ding (6-74)

Frame ball red goes down for Ding, followed by the black. After a terrible start to this match he's grafted his way back into it superbly.

Trump 3-1 Ding (6-50)

Ding gets a reasonable split on the pack, but that leaves him a thin black that takes him up the table and leaves a difficult jab at a red to bottom left with the rest. He's missed it though, and it's end of break. A few shots later, he catches the top knuckle of the left middle from a safety and leaves Trump an easy starter, but he can only make six from his visit. Ding's back in now, and a lovely shot when potting the green to split a cluster of five reds below the pink spot has opened this frame right up for him.

Trump 3-1 Ding (0-32)

We're back, and hello, is this a potential swing in progress? Trump breaks off and smacks the white full ball into the blue, leaving Ding plum on an easy one to the bottom left. It's four reds and four blacks so far.

Trump 3-1 Ding

An 83 for Ding reduces his deficit to two frames. That's the mid-session interval, we'll be back in 15 minutes.

Trump 3-0 Ding (0-71)

Ding's break goes to 67, and Judd won't be coming back here. It's been a rough mini-session, but Ding is now in this match.

Trump 3-0 Ding (0-56)

Here's the Ding we all know. He's in his rhythm now and has stroked in a half-century and counting. There are four open reds of the remaining eight here that will be enough to get a frame on the board if he can take a few with high scoring colours.

Trump 3-0 Ding (0-12)

The fourth is must-win for Ding, and he picks up four points as Trump fails to connect on a thin contact safety. He soon gets a scoring chance too, as Trump tries a thin cut on a red to the bottom left and leaves it hanging in the pocket. There's a decent spread of reds here, and Ding could really use a sizeable visit here.

Trump 3-0 Ding

Light work so far for Judd, as a break of 79 secures the third frame.
In our other match it's 1-1 between Barry Hawkins and Jordan Brown.

Trump 2-0 Ding (65-0)

A pink to right middle takes Trump to another half-century. After another red he then comes off potting the blue to split four reds below the pink spot; this is excellent play from the world champion.

Trump 2-0 Ding (28-0)

Trump doubles a red but can't land on the black to get a break going. He's soon back in though; Ding misses a mid-range red to the bottom left, and goes in-off in the left middle to boot. This is a really poor start from him, and he's left Trump with ball in hand and an easy red to the right middle. Trump's away again, and soon gets the black back on its own spot, which is available into both corners. He's affected a nice split on the reds too; this could get away from Ding very quickly here.

Trump 2-0 Ding

Trump does indeed secure the first century of the day, a 101 to extend his lead.

Trump 1-0 Ding (80-2)

My days, what a shot! Trump thin cuts a black into the bottom right and loaded with so much check side that it kicks back off the top cushion, comes down the table adjacent to the right cushion and nudges the final red over the bottom right pocket. That is utterly exceptional.

Trump 1-0 Ding (59-2)

It's a half-century for Trump and he soon leaves Ding needing snookers. There's one awkward red left down the right rail, but if he can plug it he'll surely make his 50th century of the season.

Trump 1-0 Ding (23-2)

Ding gets another red down but it's Trump who manufactures the first proper chance of the frame, dropping a long red into the bottom right to come up for the brown. He quickly clears the black into both corner pockets and he's got a great chance to sort the frame out at this visit.

Trump 1-0 Ding (1-1)

A poor containing safety from Trump leaves Ding on a red to the bottom left. He thunders it in, disrupting the pack as he does so; there are reds everywhere, but he's only on a long blue to the green pocket to keep going. Ding turns it down, perhaps bothered his miss in the first frame, and plays safe. Trump manages to clip in a red as a shot to nothing, but he's not on a colour either and also opts for a safety.

Trump 1-0 Ding

Trump adds 17 and it's enough for the frame.

Trump 0-0 Ding (49-34)

After a passage of safety, Ding tags in a lovely long red to the bottom right and catches the knuckle of the right middle to land on the blue. He's straight on it to the green pocket, without having to do anything for position on the final red, but he's missed it. That's gifted the frame to Trump, who only has to complete a simple clearance up to the brown to leave Ding needing a snooker.

Trump 0-0 Ding (44-33)

A reprieve for Ding here, as Trump gets to the awkward final three reds and misses a mid-ranger to the bottom right. That was tough pot, as his object ball was adjacent to another red. Ding adds red-blue, but can't flick his intended next red into position and plays safe instead.

Trump 0-0 Ding (21-27)

Oof, a shocker from Ding here. He misses a simple black off its spot, and splits the reds invitingly as he does so. That's left a load on for Trump, who's replied with 21 and counting so far.

Trump 0-0 Ding (0-20)

Ding gets the first look as Trump leaves him a red to left middle from baulk. In it goes, but he can only add a blue before missing a deadweight red to the bottom left. Trump then rattles a red in and out of the jaws of the bottom left in reply, and it’s a second bite for Ding.

Here we go then

Our MC Phil Seymour is uniting boys with baize. Best of nine then for a place in the last four.


Concurrently on table 2 today, Jordan Brown and Barry Hawkins will play their quarter-final, and we'll keep you wired in to developments. The winner of that will meet either Judd or Ding in the semi's tomorrow.


It’s been a frustrating season for Ding; he hasn’t made it past this stage of a tournament in three attempts so far. He’s a former German Masters champion though, having sorted out Judd in the final in 2014, and has a decent record against him. It’s eight wins each, although Trump has won the last two. They’ve had a couple of long haul epics at the Crucible, and we should be in for an absorbing afternoon over this best of nine.


What a phase this is for Trump. He’s won three ranking events already this season and been in two other finals; in the last 27 months in total he’s won 12 ranking events, inclusive of the world title, and the Masters. After missing the chance to play in the latter a few weeks back due to a positive coronavirus test, Trump will be jonesing to get his hands on the German Masters. As with so many tournaments right now, he’s the reigning champion.

Back once again for the German Masters

D4 damager, power to the people. Welcome back to live coverage of the German Masters from the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. It’s quarter-final day, and there’s a belter on the way this afternoon: we’ll be guiding you frame-by-frame through Judd Trump versus Ding Junhui.


Hello and welcome

It is quarter-final day. Defending champion Judd Trump faces Ding Junhui for a spot in the semi-final first up at 14:00 on Eurosport and the Eurosport App, and the Chinese player has fired a warning shot at the world number one ahead of the encounter.
China's number one Ding – who hit two centuries in a 5-0 whitewash of Dominic Dale in the last 16 – last lifted a trophy when an impressive 10-6 win over Stephen Maguire saw him secure a third UK Championship in December 2019.
Ding was forced to look on as Trump lifted six titles last year, Ronnie O'Sullivan claimed a sixth world title, Mark Selby equalled Stephen Hendry's record of 11 straight victories in ranking event finals and Neil Robertson became the sport's new UK champion.
With his compatriot Yan Bingtao becoming Masters champion at the age of 20 with a 10-8 win over John Higgins earlier this month, Ding feels it is time he proved a point to the wider world that he is not finished with the winners' rostrum.
“I haven’t won since the UK Championship last season," said Ding, who won the 2014 German Masters with a 9-5 win over Trump.
I am looking forward to winning another one. I’m watching Judd, Neil, Ronnie and Selby keep winning all of the tournaments. I want to join them. I’m not that bad!
Mike Gibbons will be here with frame-by-frame coverage at 13:45.

German Masters




Friday January 29
  • Judd Trump v Ding Junhui
  • Jordan Brown v Barry Hawkins
  • Joe O'Connor v Tom Ford
  • Stuart Bingham v Jack Lisowski
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