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Thanks for following our live coverage for today, join us again from 1.45pm tomorrow for Judd Trump versus Joe Perry in the last 16. Take care out there, night night.

Around the tables

British Open
'I will enjoy the challenge' – Williams set to test skills on pool table
15/09/2022 AT 10:34
Jordan Brown 2-2 Graeme Dott
Barry Hawkins 0-4 Ryan Day
Mark Joyce 0-2 Joe O’Connor

Judd Trump is through to the last 16

Light work here for the defending German Masters champion as saunters through to face Joe Perry tomorrow afternoon. This wasn't even his B game - maybe his B minus - and he will need to recover his match sharpness after missing the Masters earlier this month. Mark Davis had chances tonight, more than I've seen Trump give away over this length of match for a good while, but he just couldn't take them.

Trump 5-1 Davis

Trump adds 43, and without having to extend himself at all he sweeps imperiously through to the next round.

Trump 4-1 Davis (65-0)

The tenth red takes Trump to 65 for the frame, and Davis now needs snookers. This one’s over.

Trump 4-1 Davis (52-0)

Plot twist, Trump misses a red to the bottom left. Davis is way behind, but he’s not out of it yet. He can’t convert a mid-range red to the bottom right though, and Trump is back in. Surely he’ll see it out from here.

Trump 4-1 Davis (38-0)

Trump pots a red into the bottom right and screws off the pack, bringing reds into play and landing on blue to yellow pocket. That goes too, and the frame is at Trump’s mercy now.

Trump 4-1 Davis (17-0)

A poor break-off from Davis leaves Trump with a red to the left middle to get going in the sixth. That’s a gift, and might be his last shot of the night.

Trump 4-1 Davis

No ton from Trump, but a 68 is enough to sort this one and he now needs one more frame to move through to the last 16.

Trump 3-1 Davis (53-15)

Rhythmic stuff from Trump as he smoothly accumulates a half-century with the black. There’s one awkward red out there still but the frame is a formality, and we might have the first century of the night on the way.

Trump 3-1 Davis (15-15)

We're back underway, and it's Davis who picks up where he left off as he gets the first chance of the fifth. He gets to 15 before missing a black off its spot, and he's left Trump in. That's a horrible miss, and Judd's away and into the pack very early. The split is near perfect, and this is a great chance.

Around the tables

Jordan Brown 1-2 Graeme Dott
Barry Hawkins 0-3 Ryan Day
Mark Joyce 0-2 Joe O’Connor

Trump 3-1 Davis

That’ll do it! Davis snicks in a thin cut on a red to the green pocket, followed by the black, and he’s on the board. That’s us at the mid-session interval, see you again in 15.

Trump 3-0 Davis (15-70)

Davis misses a long red to the bottom right, and Trump gets 15 on the board before making a mess of getting on a red and having to play safe instead. He now needs all three reds with blacks and a snooker to tie.

Trump 3-0 Davis (0-70)

Davis makes 70 before failing to get on one of the five remaining reds and playing safe. There's 67 on, so Trump needs a snooker.

Trump 3-0 Davis (0-55)

It's a half-century for Davis, who has taken these nicely and quite admirably compartmentalised his earlier errors. He booms into the remaining pack off the blue and that's given him a few more reds to go at; can he sort this in one hit?

Trump 3-0 Davis (0-21)

Davis gets another chance as Trump misses a deadweight long red to the bottom left and leaves it on. He's quickly into his break and gets an okay-ish early split on the pack when potting a red to land nicely on the pink.

Trump 3-0 Davis

Trump, who hasn't been on it so far, clears up to the pink to move three frames in front. He's hard enough to beat when you punish his mistakes; if you're not doing that, you end up here.

Trump 2-0 Davis (53-63)

Trump plays a wild safety, swerving around the back of a red near the top cushion and smashing it back down the table. That was reckless, as he was always leaving a pot on the other red playing it that way, and he's handed the advantage to Davis here. Red-green-red-pink follows, before Davis outrageously flukes the yellow into the green pocket! Fate isn't smiling on him for long though; he's snookered on the green, and in trying to escape he misses it, hits the black to give away seven and leaves a free ball. Yikes.

Trump 2-0 Davis (46-50)

Trump gets right back into the frame with 46, before playing for one of the remaining two reds near the left rail. He wallops a pot at the bottom left but it doesn't go; he's right back in the frame though, and he's not left anything.

Trump 2-0 Davis (0-50)

It's Davis' turn to break down on 46, as he misjudges a canon into a red and plays a wafer thin cut on a red to bottom left as a result, which misses. He's left Trump right in here, with a cluster of open reds between the pink and black spots. After losing position Davis let his frustration get the better of him; the safety was the better option there, and he might pay for it.

Trump 2-0 Davis (0-26)

A good safety from Davis forces Trump into a one-cushion escape to slowly drop on a red near the bottom cushion; it's underhit so badly that Davis picks up four and is left straight on a red just above the black for an easy starter. This is a good chance, and one you sense Davis needs to exploit if he's to have any chance tonight.

Trump 2-0 Davis

An effortless 78 from Trump puts him two frames in front.

Trump 1-0 Davis (67-8)

Davis plays a poor safety and leaves Trump on a red to right middle, which goes. Within a few pots Trump banks another frame; this could get away from Davis very quickly here.

Trump 1-0 Davis (45-8)

Trump's back in, jabbing in a mid-range red to the bottom left with the rest, and comes back down the table off the yellow to land on his next red. He looks nailed on to take the frame at this visit, before he overcuts a black to the bottom right and leaves it hanging in the jaws. That's left Davis a plant, which he converts, but he then runs wildly out of position after putting the black, ending up tight to the top cushion and on nothing.

Trump 1-0 Davis (20-0)

Trouble here for Davis as he goes in-off again, and Trump drains a long red from the D to land perfectly on the black. Judd can only make 16 though as his split on the pack leaves him on nothing, and he has to play back to baulk.

Trump 1-0 Davis

A 57 for Trump - inclusive of a stunning, naughty snooker yellow - is enough to secure the first frame.

Trump 0-0 Davis (73-5)

After a safety exchange, Davis is left welded to the bottom cushion and his only option is to pot his way out of bother and slow roll a red to the yellow pocket. It's close, but the pocket spits the red back out. Judd's straight on a red to right middle, and quickly secures enough of what's in the open to leave Davis needing snookers.

Trump 0-0 Davis (50-5)

A reprieve for Davis! Trump plays a loose positional shot off the black, and leaves a delicate cut on a red to left middle. It's the sort of shot he normally devours, but he rolls it out off the knuckles and it's end of break on 46.

Trump 0-0 Davis (34-5)

A chance for Trump as Davis leaves a thin cut on a red to the bottom left. In it goes, and off goes Judd; he's up to 30 in no time and he's got the black on to both corner pockets.

Trump 0-0 Davis (4-5)

Davis is away first here, draining a long red into the bottom left after Trump's break. He's overcooked his pot on the brown with the rest though, and he's not on a red. When trying to play safe back to baulk, Davis then dumps the white straight into the bottom left. A mixed bag of a start for him.

Let's get the boys a-baizin'

Our MC Phil Seymour has introduced both players. Best of nine it is then for a place in the last 16.

Also tonight

We’ll keep you updated with the scores from the other matches taking place this evening:
Jordan Brown v Graeme Dott
Barry Hawkins v Ryan Day
Mark Joyce v Joe O’Connor

The Battler from Hastings

What kind of ask is this for Mark Davis? Big. Very big. Mark’s been a pro for thirty years now, and really hit his stride in his forties; he’s recorded two maxi’s in competitive play, spent two seasons in the top 16 and came close to winning the English Open in 2018 before losing 9-7 to Stuart Bingham in the final. He’s currently at number 45 in the world rankings.

The Juddernaut

The world number one missed out on the Masters a couple of weeks back after testing positive for coronavirus – and while we’re on topic, our very best wishes to John Higgins, who has had to pull out of this event for the same reason. Judd is back though, and he’ll be itching to win another tournament; it’s been over whole five weeks since he last raised a trophy above his head. If he can sweep to victory in the German Masters it’ll be his fourth ranking event win of this season.

Just like that, we're back

Good evening and welcome to live coverage of the German Masters from the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. I hope you’re all well out there. We’ve got more last 32 action for you tonight, with our featured match of Judd Trump versus Mark Davis.


Here endeth the afternoon sesh

Join us at 6.45pm GMT for a bit of Judd Trump v Mark Davis

Dominic Dale beats Stephen Maguire 5-4!

He meets Ding Junhui next.

Maguire 4-4 Dale (0-70)

But no! He screws up the table for one close to the green pocket ... and lands stuck on it! But he sinks it with the aid of the spider and Stephen now needs a snooker, so with no colour on, he rolls the brown onto the side cushion ... and Stephen concedes! He's seen enough and had enough!

Maguire 4-4 Dale (0-62)

As luck would have it, my console crashes while Stephen misses a red that'd get him in and Dominic pounces, rolling about the table potting balls. He looks really calm out there, but still has to dig into the pack; he needs red black red, and has just potted the last loose one...

Maguire 4-4 Dale

Dominic runs out of position with Stephen needing two snookers, but he stays in his seat, looking morose. We've got a decider!

Higgins misses German Masters after positive Covid-19 test

John Higgins will miss the German Masters in Milton Keynes after testing positive for Covid-19.
Higgins, who reached the final of the Masters last week, was due to play Stuart Carrington in the first round on Wednesday afternoon.
Carrington will now receive a bye into the last 16 of the tournament while Higgins will undergo a period of self-isolation.
A statement from World Snooker Tour said: “All other players involved in the remainder of the event have had negative results.
“Since WST events restarted last June, strict Covid-19 regulations have been and continue to be followed, under UK Government guidance.”
Judd Trump will start as favourite for the event after he missed the Masters due to a positive Covid-19 test of his own.

German Masters schedule

Wednesday January 27
  • Kacper Filipiak v Ding Junhui
  • Shaun Murphy v Jamie O'Neill
  • Liang Wenbo v Jak Jones
  • Tom Ford v Yuan Sijun
  • Duane Jones v Joe Perry
  • Dominic Dale v Stephen Maguire
  • Fergal O'Brien v Michael White
  • Stuart Carrington BYE John Higgins
  • Judd Trump v Mark Davis
  • Jordan Brown v Graeme Dott
  • Barry Hawkins v Ryan Day
  • Mark Joyce v Joe O'Connor
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