Around the tables

  • O'Neill 4-2 Jordan Brown
  • Tom Ford 4-2 Stuart Carrington
  • Robbie Williams 3-2 Stuart Bingham

Jack Lisowski beats Luca Brecel 5-2!

British Open
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15/09/2022 AT 10:34
Lisowski has yet to win a ranking title but he's getting closer and is playing well enough to be a threat. He plays Williams or Bingham next.

Lisowski 4-2 Brecel (68-22)

Yup, this is good from Jack who eventually misses a red, leaving Luca needing three snookers with two reds left. He eliminates one, then a black, and tries a snooker ... but Jack escapes.

Lisowski 4-2 Brecel (33-14)

Jack cues really nicely to send home a red but it's a difficult table and he can't manage any more. Luca, though, gets in next only to quickly offer a go at clinching f&m. There's a lot of work to do, but a lovely shot on the pink, gently cannoning two reds, opens everything. That shot should be the matchwinner.

Around the tables

  • O'Neill 4-2 Jordan Brown
  • Tom Ford 3-2 Stuart Carrington
  • Robbie Williams 2-2 Stuart Bingham

Lisowski 4-2 Brecel

Jack came really close to teefing another one, this time for the match. He might've taken that red long to the yellow pocket., but he misjudged what was possible and his is still in the balance.

Lisowski 4-1 Brecel (30-70)

Can he even turn it into a frame?! He misses a red to clinch it - with the rest, again - but Jack will have to go some, needing high-value colours and nothing but the black up the table. Other hand, he gets to be in the last eight if he finds a way. But trying to disturb the final red, close to the middle pocket but on the cushion, he knocks it out and thinks he can cut it ... but he can't, and that will be the frame to Luca.

Lisowski 4-1 Brecel (0-57)

This is just what Luca needed. Can he turn a run into a ton?

Lisowski 4-1 Brecel (0-6)

A safety exchange opens frame six and with the reds well spread, one error could mean curtains. And it's Luca who makes it, leaving one to the middle, but Jack gets nowhere near and leaves plenty.

Around the tables

  • O'Neill 4-1 Jordan Brown
  • Tom Ford 3-2 Stuart Carrington
  • Robbie Williams 2-2 Stuart Bingham

Lisowski 4-1 Brecel

A fine long red from Jack welted into the green pocket, clinches the frame, and a pink into the middle makes double sure. He needs one more to make the last eight.

Lisowski 3-1 Brecel (69-25)

Suddenly the balls are better located and Luca finds his snooker, but Jack escapes via swerve, then escapes from another next shot.

Lisowski 3-1 Brecel (69-25)

Quickly, Luca has to play safe and doesn't do a particularly good job of it, then after some safety, during which he plays a good shot to develop the pink, he flukes a red and can't pot any of the blue, pink and black, one of which he needs to win the frame. He now needs a snooker, problem being the colours aren't nicely situated for such,

Lisowski 3-1 Brecel (69-16)

But frame-ball is a difficult mistress and from tight to the top cushion, Jack needs to cut into the top right ... and he can't! There are two reds on the top cushion and one on the side, so I'd prefer to be Jack still, but this is more of a chance than Luca will have expected.

Lisowski 3-1 Brecel (45-0)

Just what Luca needs. Jack unloads the suitcase at a red, jawses it, and kisses off two colours take a different one into the middle! But it might just cost him the frame, because he misses the next red and leaves a chance! Except Luca miscues with the rest, and now Jack can get to the black. This isn't far off 4-1.

Lisowski 3-1 Brecel (25-0)

Jack gets in again sand quickly manufactures a pretty closed table into a nice little lead - without pink and black. But then he hits the wrong red coming down off the black which forces him to play safe up to baulk.

Off we go again

Around the tables

  • O'Neill 3-1 Jordan Brown
  • Tom Ford 3-1 Stuart Carrington
  • Robbie Williams 2-0 Stuart Bingham

Lisowski 3-1 Brecel

Luca will be extremely relieved, but he's still in big trouble as they go to the interval.

Lisowski 3-0 Brecel (52-57)

The colours are on their spots and all Luca needs to do is drain them. Jack's missed some big chances in this frame.

Lisowski 3-0 Brecel (52-38)

Oh dear. A difficult red, diagonally across the table into the green pocket ... and Luca misses it by a way. But just as I'm about to consider him 4-0 down, Jack cannons into two reds while potting the pink, and one of the goes in!

Lisowski 3-0 Brecel (51-32)

Running out of position, Jack is faced with a double. He spends a while in contemplation, then misses, and for some reason doesn't leave the white on the cushion. This is an absolutely key visit for Luca - if he can't make it count, he'll be close to home.

Lisowski 3-0 Brecel (35-16)

Jack was 3-1 up this morning and ended up playing a decider but when Luca can't make more than 16 from his first go we're soon looking at 4-0. On 20, Jack, goes into the pack, the split is ok but good enough, and if he can deal with this he's nearly there. But he'll know that a miss here and Luca suddenly receives an unexpected fillip, so he needs to keep focused. The way he's playing, I'd expect that to be so.

Around the tables

  • Jamie O'Neill 2-0 Jordan Brown
  • Tom Ford 1-1 Stuart Carrington
  • Robbie Williams 1-0 Stuart Bingham

Lisowski 3-0 Brecel

Luca is in big trouble and it's of his own making - two of these frames have been steals.

Lisowski 2-0 Brecel (34-54)

Oh dear. Jack plays a table-tapping safety and Luca can't respond, offering Jack the table to clear.

Lisowski 2-0 Brecel (34-54)

He finds a pot though ... only to ruin it was a poor positional shot, then Jack makes an error that lets Luca back in. But a poor positional shot from Luca, sinking an easy red to middle, leaves him in trouble; can he keep chasing? He sees away the last red, but yellow off its spot to green down the side cushion is difficult, but not as difficult as the pot, which is frame ball ... and he misses it! But he doesn't leave it, so we'll have a round of safety to see what happens next. These are key moments in the match.

Lisowski 2-0 Brecel (32-24)

But no! Bridging awkwardly, he can't cut a red in, and is making all sorts of angry faces as he returns to his seat. Luca has work to do - there are five reds clustered beneath the pink - but if he digs into the nicely, he's in business. And he does ... but winds up on nothing! Ouch.

Lisowski 2-0 Brecel (26-0)

A poor break-off from Luca leaves Jack a red into the middle and he sinks it, shortly after which he pots the yellow - just - and comes off the side cushion to develop the black! That's a lovely shot and gives him a realistic shy at 3-0 because there are various loose reds available.

Lisowski 2-0 Brecel

Around the tables

  • Jamie O'Neill 1-0 Jordan Brown
  • Tom Ford 0-1 Stuart Carrington
  • Robbie Williams 1-0 Stuart Bingham

Lisowski 2-0 Brecel

Jack clears to blue - which wipes its feet on its way in - but gets itself down, and Luca has a lot of work to do.

Lisowski 1-0 Brecel (38-47)

No! He misses a red and Jack has a great chance to steal, saying which makes me sound like I'm hosting Family Fortunes. But in the meantime, Jack elminates balls, and this is going to sting Luca like a rude word.

Lisowski 1-0 Brecel (0-47)

He cannot. He can't get position on a red so plays safe, and a poor shot from Jack leaves him a dolly. This will be one-all.

Lisowski 1-0 Brecel (0-46)

Now it's Luca's chance, a terrific pot getting him underway. Of course, what was so brilliant about Jack's effort, other than the effort itself, was that he went on and won the frame because of it; can Luca do likewise?

Around the tables

  • Jamie O'Neill 1-0 Jordan Brown
  • Tom Ford 0-1 Stuart Carrington
  • Robbie Williams v Stuart Bingham

Lisowski 1-0 Brecel

A really good run of 59 is enough to put Jack in front.

Lisowski 0-0 Brecel (29-4)

Or not. He runs out of position and Joe assumes that's end of break, but actually he glides in a green, gets a lovely little bounce off the side knuckle, and starts taking red-blues.

Lisowski 0-0 Brecel (12-4)

Both these lads played earlier, Brecel whacking Noppon Saengkham and Lisowski taken to a decider by Louis Heathcote, in what was, by all accounts, a pretty decent match. It's been nearly two years since Luca reached a ranking quarter and I'm sure he'll not wait to be asked tonight ... and there he goes, getting underway with a smart pot to the yellow pocket. But after a yellow, he takes on a very difficult pot and in missing it hands Jack a pretty simple starter ... which he jawses. So here comes Luca again, looking at a difficult cut into the corner from tight on the side cushion ... and it's there, right in the heart of the pocket. No, I have not been possessed by John Virgo, I just enjoy that line. Anyway, he then plays a magnificent pot, clipping a red that's close to the side cushion parallel with the rail and into the hole, with power. This is a good chance now.

The boyz will shortly be baized

Both Liswoski and Brecel

Play, quick, attacking snooker, but Lisowski is the better player in the better form, so unless Brecel gets on a roll, I'd expect him to progress. The winner plays Robbie Williams or Stuart Bingham.

Hello, good evening, and welcome

Tonight we'll be focusing on Jack Lisowsi v Luca Brecel, but also have:
  • Jamie O'Neill v Jordan Brown
  • Tom Ford v Stuart Carrington
  • Robbie Williams v Stuart Bingham

That's us done for the afternoon

Join me at 6.45pm GMT for Jack Lisowsi v Luca Brecel, which should be a lot of fun.

Around the tables

  • Ding Junhui [9] 5-0 Dominic Dale [66] (finished)
  • Barry Hawkins [20] 4-2 Jak Jones [88]
  • Fergal O'Brien [120] 0-5 Joe O'Connor [49] (finished)

Judd Trump beats Joe Perry 5-3!

That was a sensational clear-up in the circumstances and the black, cut gently into the middle, was delicious. Trump meets Ding in tomorrow's last eight - that'll be at 2pm GMT.

German Masters schedule

Thursday January 28


  • Stuart Bingham 5-2 Zhou Yuelong
  • Louis Heathcote 4-5 Jack Lisowski
  • Luca Brecel 5-1 Noppon Saengkham
  • Pang Junxu 3-5 Robbie Williams

Round two


  • Judd Trump 5-3 Joe Perry
  • Ding Junhui 5-0 Dominic Dale
  • Barry Hawkins 5-2 Jak Jones
  • Fergal O'Brien 0-5 Joe O'Connor


  • Jamie O'Neill v Jordan Brown
  • Tom Ford v Stuart Carrington
  • Robbie Williams v Stuart Bingham
  • Jack Lisowski v Luca Brecel
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