Jack Lisowski produced a moment of brilliance that had Eurosport’s commentary team in raptures during his clash with Jak Jones in the second round of the Gibraltar Open.
Leading 2-1 in frames but trailing by 41-0 in the fourth, Lisowski looked in a spot of bother as his opponent Jak Jones left him tight up against the baulk cushion.
It was not a friendly table, so Lisowski attempted to pot his way out of trouble, and he did it in some style.
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“Oh brilliant, that is brilliant,” was Eurosport commentator David Hendon’s view after Lisowski let fly, while digging down on the cue ball, and watching the red flash into the bottom-right pocket. “Like a thunderbolt.
“This is why we like watching him, as he is capable of pulling out shots like that.”
“An unbelievable shot,” said Joe Johnson. “A touch of brilliance.”
Lisowski, who is battling to guarantee himself a seeding at next month's World Championship, went on to close out the match 4-1.
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