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Gibraltar Open
Huge shock as O'Sullivan crashes out in first round in Gibraltar
25/03/2022 AT 12:51

More worlds to conquer

Both players acknowledge each other in the post-match interviews, before Trump lifts the Gibraltar Open title above his head for the second time. It's the 22nd ranking event victory of his career, which puts him joint fifth on the all-time list with Mark Williams with only Steve Davis (28), John Higgins (31), Stephen Hendry (36) and Ronnie O'Sullivan ahead of him. At 31-years old, he's got so much time to try and reign in those ahead of him and if he can retain this incredible focus of recent years, it's certainly possible. He'll need more World, UK and Masters titles to elbow his way into those GOAT conversations that are all the rage these days but there is surely no doubt that we're watching the one player of his generation that looks nailed on to join that argument. When the Worlds roll around next month, he's going to be the red hot favourite.

Judd Trump retains his Gibraltar Open title

Seven matches, 28 frames won, three lost. In the best of seven format, Judd Trump is simply phenomenal. There's assumed to be an element of jeopardy over that distance, but if there is Trump has made it redundant; he's won 35 out of his last 36. Spare a thought here for Lisowski, who is so evidently capable of winning a ranking event but has just run into a phenomenal opponent in his last three finals. Trump isn't just Lisowski's problem, he's striking fear through the whole tour; this is his fifth ranking event title of the season and his 14th in the last two and a half years, during which spell he also won the Masters. The transformation of him from natural talent to dominant force really has been something to behold.

Trump 4-0 Lisowski

It's a 94 for Trump as he misses the pink for a century. He does, however, take frame, match, fifty grand and the Gibraltar Open title!

Trump 3-0 Lisowski (70-0)

A black takes the break to 70, and Trump over the winning line; he's going to retain his Gibraltar Open title. The guy is simply awesome.

Trump 3-0 Lisowski (52-0)

A pink brings up the half century, and Trump later splits the pack off one cushion when potting the green. They land nicely, and this looks ominous for Jack.

Trump 3-0 Lisowski (31-0)

Lisowski goes all out at a red to bottom right after Trump’s break. It’s close, but the jaws cough it back out and he’s left an easy starter for his pal into the bottom left. Trump’s break is at 31 already, and he’s moving around the table with serious intent.

Trump 3-0 Lisowski

You know what he does. Trump steps in to clear up the final three reds with colours, including a difficult red along the bottom cushion to land on the black. A 41 in total for Trump up to the brown leaves him one frame away from retaining his title.

Trump 2-0 Lisowski (32-39)

Lisowski crafts a really nice chance for himself, with a lovely green into its own pocket despite awkward bridging to come back down for the reds. Disaster strikes on the pink though, when he misses it virtually straight into the left middle! Oh my, that could be so costly. He's left the frame on for Trump here.

Trump 2-0 Lisowski (32-20)

A touch here for Lisowski, as Trump loses position when playing for the baulk colours and has to play a safety. Lisowski then gets another four after Trump drops a deadweight safety on a red near the bottom cushion short, and from there Lisowski cuts a red into the bottom right. A few shots later and he's punched the cue ball through the pack after potting the black, and they've split nicely; this is the chance he's been waiting for.

Trump 2-0 Lisowski (24-4)

'Don't panic, it's early,' is a difficult shout in this format. Lisowski doesn't need to start taking unnecessary risks, but he needs something to stop Trump's early momentum here, otherwise he'll have no margin for error very, very soon. He has come from behind to win in deciders twice today, so he has that in him, but Trump is a different proposition to Lu Ning and Stuart Carrington. Lisowski picks up four after a long safety battle in which Trump misses a thin contact safety, but then misses a long red down the right of the table and he's served it up as an easy starter to the right middle. Trump's in again, and racking up heavy points around the black spot.

Trump 2-0 Lisowski

It is a century; 106 banks the second frame for Judd.

Trump 1-0 Lisowski (73-0)

The frame's long gone, and a century for Trump looks a certainty. As Fouldsy points out in comms, he hasn't used the black at all in this break.

Trump 1-0 Lisowski (55-0)

One other factor in a best of seven against Trump is that there's no mid-session interval that might disrupt his flow when he's in it. And he's in it here alright; one superb shot on the blue takes the white off three cushions and onto a red in the bottom of the pack; that's such a good shot. The half ton is quickly in the bank, and Trump isn't done yet.

Trump 1-0 Lisowski (20-0)

I've lost count of how many long reds Trump has imperiously swept in to open a frame today, but here's another. He's off again, 20 and counting so far, and a nice split on the reds has developed a very promising chance here.

Trump 1-0 Lisowski

It's an additional 14 for Trump, and he leads in this final.

Trump 0-0 Lisowski (67-18)

Only 18 for Lisowski, who eventually loses a battle for position over several shots and misses a difficult black to the bottom right. Trump needs a red and a colour to leave Lisowski needing a snooker. He gets both, and another red to land on the blue, and he's in the lead.

Trump 0-0 Lisowski (58-0)

Trump survives playing a deadweight thin cut on a red right-handed, which wobbles and pauses before dropping in. It's end of break on 42 now though, as he misses the following red and he's left Lisowski in.

Trump 0-0 Lisowski (44-0)

A poor shot here from Jack; he tries a pool hall special of potting one red in off another with a glance, but connects all wrong and sticks a red up over the bottom left for Trump. That might well cost him the frame, as Trump has piled on 28 already and there's more coming.

Trump 0-0 Lisowski (16-0)

Lisowski breaks, and a red creeps up the table and leaves a cut on to the left middle. Trump knocks it in, and he's on the black. A quick fire 16 is soon on the board, but an attempt to open the pack leaves him on nothing easy, and he misses an audacious red into the green pocket with safety in mind.

Here we go

Our MC Phil Seymour has baized the players. Best of seven it is then for the Gibraltar Open.

You look familiar…

This is the third time this season that these two have met in a ranking event final, which is a record. Trump beat Lisowski in both the World Grand Prix and the German Masters; if he’s going to win his maiden ranking event title, Lisowski will have to get past a player – and a mate no less – that has become a nemesis on the baize.
As brilliant as Trump has been this week though, and as devastating as his record in best of sevens is, the road map to beating him might just have been there in his semi-final. Selt offset the quick start Trump is noted for over this distance but wilted under pressure when it was applied to him in return; some poor shot selection from winning positions allowed Trump dictate the game.
Take the initiative from the start and refuse to cede it seems to be the only way to beat him in a first to four. Even then, it could blow up in your face; that’s just how good Trump is. If we know anything about Lisowski though, it’s that he won’t turn much down. This could be a belter.

The final

So, it all comes down to this. We’ve got a best of seven for the Gibraltar Open trophy, and it’s a tantalising match. Judd Trump, who has won 24 frames and lost just three this week, is looking to retain his title and win his fifth ranking event of the season; Jack Lisowski is seeking the first ranking event title of his career, and it’s underway at 8.00pm.

Judd Trump is through to the final

What an utterly bizarre match that was. Selt looked to have cruised into a 2-0 lead, yet conspired to lose 4-1 as Trump won four frames in a row, two of which he looked nailed on to lose. That was extraordinary, but if you come at the king you simply cannot miss as they say. Selt can reflect on a good week overall, but some of the shots he played there might be in his thoughts for a few weeks yet. As for Trump, he marches on to face Jack Lisowski in a ranking event final for the third time this season.
We'll be back for that from 7.45pm, see you then.

Trump 4-1 Selt

You know how he does; Trump clears up all five remaining balls to take the match 4-1.

Trump 3-1 Selt (45-61)

Not for the first time today Selt misses a thin contact safety, and it's four away. It gets worse; a few shots later he snicks in a thin green to its own pocket but goes in-off in the left middle! Oh my days. Trump has ball in hand and needs these five balls to reach the final...

Trump 3-1 Selt (37-61)

This is magnificent from Selt, given how this match has gone. He judges a canon on the final two reds perfectly, and clears them up to head up for the colours. He only needs the yellow, and nearly snookers himself behind the blue as he goes up for it! Oh my. That leaves a difficult pot with the rest, and he misses it by a wide margin. It's end of break on 61, and Trump can pinch this by a point if he can dish. He drops the yellow into the right middle, but he's not on the green and has to play safe. We're in for another tight finish here.

Trump 3-1 Selt (35-31)

Selt's in, and if he can compose himself after a rough three frames, he's got a chance here. A good canon on four reds below the pink has turned this into a frame-winning opportunity, and a bullet straight red into the green pocket has left him perfectly on the pink.

Trump 3-1 Selt (35-0)

A superb recovery pot on the brown by Trump sends the white around the angles to land on a red down the left rail. That goes too, but he then misses the black off its spot when trying to develop the pack and it's end of break on 35.

Trump 3-1 Selt (22-0)

Trump misses a mid-range red to the bottom right, but Selt then tries a thin cut on the same ball to the bottom left and leaves it hanging in the jaws. This could be trouble, and Trump's quickly up to 22 with the black spot now clear to go into both corner pockets.

Trump 3-1 Selt

It's a ton for Trump, 101 in total, and the defending Gibraltar Open champion is now one frame away from the chance to retain his title.

Trump 2-1 Selt (71-0)

Light work, this; Trump has got the white on a rope here, and is potting balls at a rate. The frame is beyond Selt already. His break off shot was fine enough, but Trump is doing as Trump does while Selt has no other option other than to sit there.

Trump 2-1 Selt (19-0)

Trump's rolling now, as he drops a long red into the bottom right at the start of the third. His break goes to 19 with a wonderful pot on a red that screws the white into the reds, developing several before landing on the blue.

Trump 2-1 Selt

The eleventh red of the frame goes into the bottom right, and Selt now requires a snooker. A round half-century from Trump eventually secures the frame.

Trump 1-1 Selt (50-4)

This is a scrappy one, almost inevitably after the tension of the last frame. Trump jabs a red into the left middle, followed by the brown, and he's back in. The break is 26 and counting; it's still a bit of a scrappy table though, with reds awkwardly placed beside each other, so Trump will need to be precise to finish the frame at this visit.

Trump 1-1 Selt (24-4)

What a frame that was, and Selt will need to get over losing it quickly; he's still in a best of five for a place in the final. It's a bad start to the third for him though, as he goes in-off from a safety and leaves Trump a red to the right middle from the D. To an extent though, Selt gets away with it. Trump racks up 24, but goes in-off himself when trying to develop the pack of reds.

Trump 1-1 Selt

Trump clips a long blue into the yellow pocket, but isn't on the pink. More safety follows before Selt leaves the pink over the green pocket! What a disaster. Trump plugs it, followed by black to left middle, and despite needing two snookers he's nicked the frame!

Trump 0-1 Selt (63-69)

Trump comes perilously close to going in-off when potting the brown; he then picks up five from a miss when Selt fails to connect with a thin contact safety on the blue. Losing this could be a gut-wrenching swing in fortune for Selt, and at the moment it's Trump that's in charge of this safety exchange. Selt then misses the blue again after playing out of a snooker that Trump fluked; his seemingly unassailable lead has disappeared.

Trump 0-1 Selt (49-69)

Trump pots the final red with a black, and then lays a superb snooker that forces a miss from Selt. All of a sudden it has become very tense, and Trump then drops in the yellow and green before tucking Selt right in behind the pink. From there, Selt can't hit the brown, sliding right by it; this one's back on!

Trump 0-1 Selt (28-69)

Selt secures a half century - he hasn't missed a pot as yet - before jabbing in the second last red into the bottom right with the rest. He's plum on the black, which is frame ball, and that disappears too. What a start from Selt! He then leaves Trump in a snooker on the final red, and Trump himself now requires two snookers to win.

Trump 0-1 Selt (28-30)

Trump plugs a solitary red, and picks up four from a miss. He then misjudged a plant into the bottom left, missing it high, and he's left one on for Selt. Once again, Selt drops it in deadweight and he's on the black. A few shots later he develops the pack nicely, and he's soon wiped out Trump's lead with a load more left on.

Trump 0-1 Selt (23-0)

From tight to the top cushion after Selt's break Trump dumps a long red into the bottom right and pulls up before baulk to land on the brown. He's quickly to 23, but is forced to try and split the pack off two cushions after potting the yellow. He doesn't get through the cue ball enough, and he's on nothing.

Trump 0-1 Selt

A break of 67 puts Selt in front.

Trump 0-0 Selt (0-68)

Selt's in again with a long red; this is a nerveless start, and he's here to take it to Trump. He's added 32 so far, with frame ball red going into the left middle to land Selt nicely on the blue. It's so important how you start against Judd, particularly in a best of seven, and this is about as good as he could have imagined.

Trump 0-0 Selt (0-36)

It’s a confident 36 for Selt but no more, as his split on the pack scatters the reds but doesn’t leave him on one, and the white is summarily sent back to baulk.

Trump 0-0 Selt (0-14)

Here we go then, best of seven for a place in the final tonight. Selt's in first with a deadweight red to the bottom left to land on the black. He's started confidently here, his break is at 14 and counting.


His opponent has had quite a week of his own mind; Selt has beaten the returning Stephen Hendry plus Barry Hawkins and Kyren Wilson to get this far. He's the former Indian Open champion so he's used to this stage of proceedings, and if he can go all the way it would be quite a me-to-me present; it's his birthday today.


It's a bit of an oxymoron of a nickname, as it conjures the image of a juggernaut juddering to a halt, but regardless the world number one has been simply unstoppable this week. Trump has won 20 out of 22 frames in the five rounds so far, and his casual dismissal of Mark Allen earlier today was completed in under an hour. Good luck, Matthew.

Jack Lisowski is through to the final

It was a close run thing, but Lisowski came from behind for the second time today to win a match on a deciding frame. Carrington was so close, but it's Lisowski that progresses to his third ranking event final of the season.
We'll be back in fifteen minutes time to see who will face him: Judd Trump versus Matthew Selt coming up.

Lisowski 4-3 Carrington

Lisowski cuts a red into the left middle, and Carrington immediately calls it off. Frame and match go to Lisowski.

Lisowski 3-3 Carrington (52-8)

Carrington misses a long red to the bottom right, and he's left a cut on to the bottom left. It's frame ball for Lisowski, and he drops it in; Carrington is 45 behind with 43 left on.

Lisowski 3-3 Carrington (52-8)

What a nightmare for Carrington; after red-yellow he cuts in an excellent red into the bottom right, but goes in-off in the left middle. From the D Lisowski tags in a long red, and then plays safe. There are three reds left on the table, two of which are tied up.

Lisowski 3-3 Carrington (47-5)

Lisowski does tickle those reds apart, but then misses an awkward red down the left of the table into the bottom left. It's end of break on 33, and Carrington can counter here.

Lisowski 3-3 Carrington (38-5)

This is becoming a good chance for Lisowski, as he adds 24 and counting. There are a pack of four reds beneath the pink that will need nudging apart to win the frame.

Lisowski 3-3 Carrington (14-5)

Lisowski drills in the opening red of the decider, straight into the bottom right and round the angles to land on the blue. He cobbles 14 together, but in going into the pack after potting the blue he glances off the side of it and goes in-off. That's a touch for Carrington, but he can't convert a long red from the D and he's left it over the yellow pocket for Lisowski.

Lisowski 3-3 Carrington

Carrington knocks in a long green and brown, but goes in-off when potting the blue. It's two snookers to tie for Lisowski, who has one go at it then gives it up. Decider klaxon!

Lisowski 3-2 Carrington (30-56)

Rather than shift either of them, he drops in behind instead...and he's mopped up both reds! The black follows the final one and he only needs the yellow to leave Lisowski needing a snooker. That goes and Carrington then plays the green safe.

Lisowski 3-2 Carrington (30-32)

Carrington gets in with a long red, but can only make four as he accidentally glances a red when trying to land on the black and runs out of position. He gets another bite though after a prolonged safety exchange, and Lisowski's lead has now been wiped out. The last two reds are a bit awkward - one near the bottom cushion, one just below the right middle - and will need shifting to win it at this visit.

Lisowski 3-2 Carrington (30-0)

A glorious long red at the start of the sixth by Lisowski flies into the heart of the bottom right, with the cue ball pulling up just short of baulk. He's completed one turnaround already today with a three-frame blast, as he about to do the same here? Not just yet, as on 30 he's lost position on the pink and is forced to play safe.

Lisowski 3-2 Carrington

A break of 70 leaves Lisowski one frame away from victory.

Lisowski 2-2 Carrington (64-8)

The pink is frame ball, and a red to follow into the left middle makes certain of it. For a best of seven, this one has really ebbed and flowed.

Lisowski 2-2 Carrington (49-8)

Lisowski is going for this. On 22 he's out of position on his next colour, but fires the yellow into its own pocket from distance to come back down for the reds. His break goes to 44 with a pink into the bottom left, and there are enough reds in the open to sort the frame at this visit.

Lisowski 2-2 Carrington (5-8)

A big chance for Carrington at the start of the fifth, as Lisowski goes all out at a red to the bottom left and leaves it in the jaws as a simple starter. Just as Carrington gets his break popping though, he plants a red into the bottom left when stunning into the pack after potting the blue. Jack's in, and has a great chance.

Lisowski 2-2 Carrington

Lisowski clears up to the pink and a 74 draws the scores level.

Lisowski 1-2 Carrington (54-52)

Carrington's lead is toast as Lisowski picks off the remaining reds with colours to take the lead. He's going up for the colours, and needs up to the blue to clinch a crucial steal.

Lisowski 1-2 Carrington (0-52)

It's another 30 for Carrington, but he finished too straight on the blue to either disturb the pack or land on his next red and it's end of break. After a safety exchange there's a potentially huge moment as Carrington almost converts a long red into the bottom right; it spits out, rattles in the jaws of the bottom left and stays there. What a chance for Jack now.

Lisowski 1-2 Carrington (0-22)

Carrington isn't in the mood to leave Milton Keynes wondering; he strokes in a superb long red into the bottom left to land on the black at the start of the fourth frame. He makes 22, but in trying to split the pack when potting the black he's only left a difficult cut on a red to left middle, and he's missed it. Lisowski's put him straight back in though, missing a mid-ranger to the bottom left and serving it up over the right middle.

Lisowski 1-2 Carrington

Two reds and two pinks follow, and the third frame is in the books. Carrington eventually makes 72, and hits the front.

Lisowski 1-1 Carrington (9-51)

He can indeed! Carrington is a precise, measured player, and ekes out a half-century here secured with a pink into the bottom left. Two more reds with colours here should put him in the lead.

Lisowski 1-1 Carrington (9-6)

Carrington leaves a mid-range red on the bottom left for Lisowski, but a violent miscue sends the attempted pot miles off line. Yikes. Lisowski quickly sandpapers his cue tip, and gets in first with red-brown in the third, and later with red-green, but it's an awkward table with the black currently out of commission. Carrington then bullets in a red to the bottom left; can he get something going?

Lisowski 1-1 Carrington

Carrington dishes everything for a 62 to take the frame.

Lisowski 1-0 Carrington (21-56)

A superb long red into the bottom left and a nerveless pink to the right middle reassert control for Carrington. The very last red is frame ball, and he rattles it in as a tight cut to the bottom left to land on the blue. We're level.

Lisowski 1-0 Carrington (21-27)

Carrington has gifted a chance to Lisowski here; on 27 he misses a pink to the bottom right and he's left a red on to the left middle. There's a load on here, and if Jack can split two reds to the left of the black spot he could clean this frame up as everything else is in the wide open. Strangely, he goes for those two reds early and misjudges the canon after potting the black completely, landing on nothing. It's end of break, and a reprieve for Carrington.

Lisowski 1-0 Carrington (1-13)

Carrington breaks in the second, after which Lisowski clatters a long red into the bottom right but doesn't land conveniently on a colour. Later on, a poor safety from Lisowski leaves Carrington a difficult cut on a red with the spider, but he drops it in superbly to land on the pink. It's a battle for position early on but the cue ball is under his control now.

Lisowski 1-0 Carrington

A 46 from Lisowski banks the opening frame.

Lisowski 0-0 Carrington (64-35)

Lisowski breaks a safety deadlock with a lovely three ball plant to regain control of the frame. Another brilliant shot when potting the pink lands him on one of the two awkward reds near the bottom cushion, and he's soon on the colours. Yellow is frame ball...and it's there!

Lisowski 0-0 Carrington (36-35)

Lisowski runs out of position now, leaving a very tough red to right middle with the white tight to the bottom cushion. He misses it, and goes in-off; from that Carrington can only add a solitary red. It's a tight opening frame, and there's 59 still out there.

Lisowski 0-0 Carrington (13-30)

A good split on the pack off the blue looks to have provided a gilt-edged chance for Carrington, but he's struggling to keep the cue ball under total control and eventually misses a pink to the bottom left. Lisowski later gets in with a red into the bottom left with the rest, followed by the pink, and this is a decent chance.

Lisowski 0-0 Carrington (0-15)

Lisowski misses a red to the right middle, and he's left one on for Carrington. That goes - just - into the bottom left, and he's got the first chance of the match. He makes 15 before drifting slightly out position on the reds, and misses one up to the green pocket. No matter; Lisowski then leaves a red in the jaws of the bottom left, and it's another go for Carrington.

Here we go

The players are out, it's best of seven for a place in tonight's final.


Currently ranked 59th in the world, Stuart has replicated his career best performance in a ranking event by reaching the semi-finals of this tournament. His last whiff of this stage was in the Riga Masters in 2018. Lisowski leads the head-to-head between the two 5-1, with Carrington’s sole success coming in knocking Lisowski out of the qualifiers for the World Championship in 2014.


Jack had a scare earlier today when he was 3-1 down to Lu Ning in his quarter-final, but he managed to spin that situation around and win three frames in succession to advance to the last four. As has been pointed out to him ad nauseum, he’s still chasing his maiden ranking event victory, having reached five finals in the last three seasons without picking up the trophy at the end of them. Is today the day?

Final four

Here we go then with the semi-finals. Up first we’ll have Jack Lisowski versus Stuart Carrington in around 15 minutes time, followed by a short break and then Judd Trump versus Matthew Selt. The latter of those players beat Chris Wakelin 4-0 earlier to reach this stage.

Judd Trump is through to the semi-finals

Can anybody stop him? It's been victories of 4-1, 4-1, 4-0, 4-0 and 4-0 that have put Trump into the last four of the Gibraltar Open, and he's just dismantled Mark Allen in under an hour. That was simply brilliant from the world number one, and he'll be back later in the afternoon to face the winner of Selt and Wakelin in the second semi-final.
Our first semi-final, Jack Lisowski versus Stuart Carrington, will get going in an hour or so. Join us again from 2.15 for all the action.

'That was unmissable' - Shock as Trump misses two howlers in a row

Trump 4-0 Allen

Trump takes the blue with the rest, and then drops the pink into the right middle. That's all; Trump wins frame and match.
Elsewhere, Matthew Selt is into a 3-0 lead over Chris Wakelin.

Trump 3-0 Allen (48-48)

Allen goes in off from a safety on the last two reds. Uh oh. He's left them both on from the D for Trump, who simply drops one in to land on the pink. Allen's lead is soon gone, and Trump is on the colours; blue will be frame ball.

Trump 3-0 Allen (30-48)

Now or never, Mark; Trump misses a cut on a red to the bottom right, and leaves Allen in. There's one awkward red up in baulk that he'll need, which is tight to the top cushion, but it's a chance. Allen plays up for it off the blue but catches the brown, so he's not on either of the remaining reds and it's end of break on 31.

Trump somehow finds middle pocket with perfect cut on yellow

Trump 3-0 Allen (24-17)

It's the first safety exchange of the day, with reds jabbed up the table from near the bottom cushion, before Allen misses a red into the left middle. It catches the high knuckle and comes back a little, leaving it on as a cut into the same pocket. Trump glides it in, and he's got a good spread of reds to pick off here. This could be big trouble for Allen, as his small lead is quickly wiped out.

Trump 3-0 Allen (0-17)

A chance for Allen! Trump misses a long red into the bottom left, and leaves it on as a cut to the left middle. Allen makes 12, splitting the pack off the black as he does so, but he hasn't landed on an easy red. He takes on a tough one across the table and into the right middle, but he's missed it; Trump can't convert it wither though, and then Allen misses the same ball into the left middle! Incredibly though, Trump misses that same red, which was virtually straight, into the left middle! What a passage of play, that red is cursed. Allen clubs in a different red to settle things down, but can only pot a brown with it before losing position again.

Trump 3-0 Allen

It's a 104 from Trump, and he's three ahead. Mesmerising stuff.

Trump 2-0 Allen (74-0)

The black goes in to make sure of the frame, and it's taken less than half an hour for Trump to move within one frame of the last four. We've got another ton incoming too it seems.

Trump 2-0 Allen (51-0)

A long red into the yellow pocket is stroked in, followed by a pink to the bottom left for a half-century. If Trump left a brew in his dressing room, it might still be warm by the time he gets back to it at this rate.

Trump 2-0 Allen (36-0)

Allen is in serious bother here. Trump hoses another long red into the heart of the bottom right at the start of the third, and he's on the black with the reds already nicely spread. To keep the break going he needs a good recovery shot on pink to left middle, which he again strokes in calmly. This is simply wonderful snooker, what a player. He soon needs another good recovery pot on the blue to the yellow pocket too, but again that glides in without touching the jaws. His position can occasionally go awry, because he can pot balls like that; what an absolute joy he is to watch.

Trump 2-0 Allen

On 60 Trump cuts a preposterous yellow into the left middle. Oh my! A total break of 69 doubles Trump's lead in the match.

Trump 1-0 Allen (73-14)

The blue drops into the right middle to land Trump perfectly on one of the three remaining reds, and we're done in this one.

Trump 1-0 Allen (60-14)

Allen takes on a long red into the bottom right. It's close but it jaws out, and it's left Trump on a red to the bottom left from close range. There's a load on here for Trump, and he's tacked a further 24 to his score already.

Trump 1-0 Allen (36-14)

You get less momentum swings in a best of seven, but this could be one; Trump misses a red high into the bottom right and leaves it on for Allen. Already, you sense he needs to punish that mistake heavily. Allen is quickly in to the pack and it's a good split, but he soon loses position on the reds when going in and out of baulk and it's end of break

Trump 1-0 Allen (28-0)

Allen breaks, but leaves a red on to the bottom right; Trump plants his hand on the table and cracks it right into the heart of the pocket. We've barely been going more than ten minutes, but Allen might be a little worried already. He has a 10-8 head-to-head record over Trump, who looks in no mood for that to be a factor today. Trump is up to 28 already and has partially developed the pack.

Trump 1-0 Allen

A quite magnificent 131 from Trump wins the first frame.

Trump 0-0 Allen (69-1)

A lovely canon into four reds beneath the pink spot when potting the blue has made a ton look inevitable. Frame ball red goes in, and this is an awesome beginning from Judd. He was a bit sloppy in the first two frames against Ursenbacher last night, and looks like he knows he couldn't chance that against Allen.

Trump 0-0 Allen (54-1)

What a start this is from the world number one; he's arrived in perfect touch rather than having to try and locate it during the match. It's a half-century already, and it's been effortless so far.

Trump 0-0 Allen (24-1)

Allen glides in a plant for the first point of the day but can’t find position on a colour and plays back to baulk. Trump then gets in with a lovely long red into the bottom right to land perfectly on the black. He’s off and motoring here, with his break at 24 and counting already.
Matthew Selt and Chris Wakelin are also underway in the other remaining quarter-final, we'll keep you abreast of how that's going.

Here we go

The players are at the baize, it's time. Best of seven it is, for a place in the second semi-final.

The Pistol

If anyone can halt Trump’s progress today, Mark Allen is one of the most likely. It’s been an underwhelming season in terms of ranking events for the Pistol – not even a quarter-final appearance up until now – but he did win the Champion of Champions in November. Along the way, he walloped Judd 6-1 in the semi-finals.


Trump is already £150k to the good after winning the bonus for topping the European Series rankings list after Mark Selby was eliminated on Friday; today he’s chasing the 50 bags that comes with winning the Gibraltar Open, which if he pulls it off would be his fifth ranking event title of the season. Judd was in merciless form yesterday, eviscerating both Robert Milkins and Alexander Ursenbacher 4-0 to reach the last eight.

Semi-final 1 confirmed

Jack Liswoski and Stuart Carrington are through, and will play each other in the first semi-final of the day. That will take place after our next match - the quarter-final between Judd Trump and Mark Allen, on its way in 15 minutes.

Around the tables

The first two quarter-finals got underway at 10.00am, and this is how they currently stand:
Jack Lisowski 4-3 Lu Ning
Stuart Carrington 4-1 Xiao Guodong

Hey Hey

Welcome to live coverage of the final day of the Gibraltar Open. The last eight players will be sorting out the destination of the trophy today and our featured match in the quarter-finals is Judd Trump against Mark Allen, which will get going when the first two quarters have concluded. Of which…


Good morning

Join us for what looks set to be a thrilling conclusion to the Gibraltar Open when our live gets going from approximately 11.15am with Judd Trump's quarter-final against either Mark Allen.
The two semi-finals will follow, one after the other, before the lavish prize for the winner is sorted out in the evening.
For now, you can enjoy the live ad-free feeds from the early action on Eurosport, and the Eurosport app.

Sunday's schedule

  • Stuart Carrington v Xiao Guodong
  • Jack Lisowski v Lu Ning
  • Judd Trump v Mark Allen
  • Matthew Selt v Chris Wakelin
  • First semi-final
  • Second semi-final
  • The final

Saturday's results

  • Lei Peifan 1-4 Stuart Carrington
  • David Gilbert 4-0 Zhao Xintong
  • Jack Lisowski 4-2 Fraser Patrick
  • Lu Ning 4-2 Pang Junxu
  • Soheil Vahedi 4-0 Tom Ford
  • Chen Zifan 3-4 Jimmy White
  • Shaun Murphy 1-4 Anthony Hamilton
  • Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4-2 Ali Carter
  • Judd Trump 4-0 Robert Milkins
  • Hossein Vafaei 2-4 Mark Allen
  • Martin Gould 3-4 Jamie Clarke
  • Zhao Jianbo 1-4 Xiao Guodong
  • Matthew Selt 4-1 Sohail Vahedi
  • Jimmy White 2-4 Chris Wakelin
  • Anthony Hamilton `1-4 Jack Lisowski
  • Lu Ning 4-2 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  • Judd Trump 4-0 Alexander Ursenbacher
  • Mark Allen 4-1 Ricky Walden
  • Stuart Carrington 4-0 David Gilbert
  • Jamie Clarke 1-4 Xiao Guodong

Recap report: Trump is through to the quarter-finals

If he's blowing out his opponents with his B game, can anyone stop Judd Trump winning the Gibraltar Open? In best of sevens it's so important how you start against him; tonight Ursenbacher had enough looks in the first couple of frames to make a match of it, but each costly miss was like a slow puncture and his belief quickly evaporated. When that happens, Trump will have you out of there in an hour or so. Judd goes into the final day, and he'll face Mark Allen in his quarter-final tomorrow.

How to watch the event

The 2021 Gibraltar Open is live on Eurosport.
Watch the event live on Eurosport, and the Eurosport app.
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