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Gibraltar Open
Huge shock as O'Sullivan crashes out in first round in Gibraltar
25/03/2022 AT 12:51
Zhao Xintong 2-2 Dylan Wells
Tom Ford 1-1 Jamie Jones
Andrew Higginson 1-1 Stuart Carrington
Tian Pengfei v Anthony Hamilton

Judd Trump beats Sunny Akani 4-1!

He plays Liang Wembo or Robert Milkins next; good luck with that one, old mates.

Trump 3-1 Akani (63-37)

I'm afraid not. Again, he loses control of the white and his safety isn't good enough to trouble Trump, who's quickly back with his hand on the table. He's played well tonight, much better than in his first match, and Sunny has done alright too.

Trump 3-1 Akani (30-29)

But a cannon on the pink fails to free the next ball in the way Judd was hoping, so he half-tries to cut one and ends up missing and leaving Sunny a longun; he drains it superbly, then sees off the green, and now back at the business end he's got a chance to pull one back.

Trump 3-1 Akani (24-24)

Yeah, it's not long before Sunny leaves one - that's the thing with Judd, he's the complete player - and a difficult starter is despatched like it's nothing. There's a fair bit of work to do because a lot of the reds are in each other's way, but there's only person better than Judd at determining the order in which to remove them, and Ronnie O'Sullivan is chilling at home.

Trump 3-1 Akani (5-24)

A superb long red from Sunny, clipped hard from centre to corner, sets him away. He loses the white slightly but is still on the black, and begins working this into something. But he loses the white again when clattering the pack potting the blue, watching it slide off the pink and in-off. He leaves nothing, so it's time for some safety.

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Zhao Xintong 2-1 Dylan Wells
Tom Ford 1-0 Jamie Jones
Andrew Higginson 1-0 Stuart Carrington
Tian Pengfei v Anthony Hamilton

Trump 3-1 Akani

Just the 124 for Judd who, along with Kyrizzle Wilson, has made a ton in every tournament he's played this season. In comms, Phil Studd says that if you wanted to show someone how to build a break you could do a lot worse than show them what we've just seen - though when he plays the blue right-handed, it becomes too ridiculous for even the imagination to contemplate.

Trump 2-1 Akani (66-0)

He's working this out every bit as beautifully as you'd like him to. One of his greatest strengths as a player is the redemptive potting that mitigates poor positional shots but there's been none of that here, just expert cue-ball control.

Trump 2-1 Akani (38-0)

Sunny has a hack at a long run and misses by plenty. It doesn't cost him anything up front but it does allow Judd to control the exchange so that when someone gets in, it's him. Very quickly, he's in the balls, but plotting a route through the is not straightforward as the black is near the blue pocket and lots of reds are blocking each other. But he manoeuvres to get himself on a red that will free up the black spot, and now he's really in business.

Around the tables

Zhao Xintong 2-1 Dylan Wells
Tom Ford 1-0 Jamie Jones
Andrew Higginson 0-0 Stuart Carrington
Tian Pengfei v Anthony Hamilton

Trump 2-1 Akani

Good work from Sunny, who misses on 75 but with the frame secure; Judd isn't bothered to try for snookers, as you wouldn't be if you were him.

Trump 2-0 Akani (0-45)

Sunny sinks a decent red and eventually batters into the pack off the black. He needs to make a tricky pot to exploit the split which he does, cut into the corner, and the frame is now at his mercy, all the hard work done.

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Matthew Selt 4-3 Barry Hawkins (finished)
Zhao Xintong 2-1 Dylan Wells
Tom Ford 0-0 Jamie Jones
Andrew Higginson 0-0 Stuart Carrington
Tian Pengfei v Anthony Hamilton

Trump 2-0 Akani

The thing about Trump is that he's no longer just a potter, but a ridiculously good tactician. Sunny has a problem.

Trump 1-0 Akani (51-43)

I'm surprised! On the stretch, Judd misses a red - there are three left - to the green pocket. But when Sunny misses one too, Judd drives it home and swerves the white most of the way down the other end to develop a ball that's gone safe. Brilliant shot. He runs out of position shortly afterwards but it doesn't matter because with all the central colours on their spots he lays a snooker on the last red, the red kissing the brown and the white behind the black. Sunny misses once then goes in-off escaping another tricky situation, and that's going to cost him the frame.

Trump 1-0 Akani (29-43)

He does his best, but cannoning what are now three on the black cushion he gets no luck, trying for one to the middle knowing it'll likely drift past and safe, which it does. Judd then leaves him another one, a thin cut to middle; he misses, and that is going to cost him. I'd be surprised if Judd didn't clear up from here.

Trump 1-0 Akani (20-30)

Oh dear. Sunny plays a dreadful safety, trying to take the white through a gap that doesn't exist, and Judd works his way down to the business end where three balls are stuck together and two others are close; the remaining three are huddled near the side. He tries to disturb some off the black but only leaves a long red which he misses by a way; that gives Sunny a nice starter and now it's his go to try waking things up.

Trump 1-0 Akani (5-29)

A fine red then a fine blue puts Sunny at the table, but shortly afterwards he finds himself in the middle of the table with nothing on. He has to play safe and we might have a protracted exchange now, given the unfriendly positions of the balls.

Trump 1-0 Akani (5-16)

Judd misses a red into the middle and Sunny then gets in, easing home a red - he had no choice but to take it on because there was no obvious safety available. A black follows, then another red and a difficult black, but he doesn't get position on the next ball and a poor safety allows Judd a shot to nowt. He bags it, obviously, then opens the pack off the brown only to land on nothing, so he plays safe.

Around the tables

Matthew Selt 4-3 Barry Hawkins
Zhao Xintong 0-1 Dylan Wells

Trump 1-0 Akani

Sunny is renowned as one of the hardest workers and keenest students on the tour; well he's got the best seat in the house to see the best in the business craft yet another majestic ton. "Played with screw and right-hand reverse running side", says Neal, - your guess is as good as mine -and Judd works out position on the difficult blue. But he can't quite see off the pink, so has to make do with a mere 124. Pathetic.

Trump 0-0 Akani (74-0)

Trump 0-0 Akani (28-0)

Judd isn't playing as well as he can these last few weeks, but he's right into it here, despatching a long red taken on as a shot to nothing and having at the table; very quickly, he digs into the cluster and this frame already stenches of over.

Around the tables

Ricky Walden 4-3 Si Jiahui (finished)
Chen Zifan 4-3 Leo Fernandez (finished)
Chang Bingyu 2-4 Chris Wakelin (finished)
Matthew Selt 3-3 Barry Hawkins
Zhao Xintong 0-0 Dylan Wells

The players are with us

Evening all

Mark Selby laid down the gauntlet to the defending champ this afternoon; if he wants to win here, and if he wants the cashish from topping the Home Nations Series, he'll have to go through him. But first, he's got to go through Sunny Akani, the Thai 53 in the world - and make no mistake, he can play ball.

That's us done for the afternoon

Join me again for Trump v Songsermsawad at 7pm GMT! Hellsyeah!

Around the tables

Ricky Walden 3-2 Si Jiahui
Chen Zifan 1-1 Leo Fernandez
Chang Bingyu 2-3 Chris Wakelin

Mark Selby beats Ken Doherty 4-2!

He finishes with a second straight ton129 this time - pathetic, he's getting worse - and plays Chris Wakelin or Chang Bingyu next. He's still in the hunt for the overall bonus, and his potential semi with Trump will be a belter.

Selby 3-2 Doherty (97-10)

A blue effortlessly stroked into the green pocket, leaves Ken needing snookers; there's a moment of concern when it looks like it might go onto its own spot and in so doing prevent the white, which it'd be partially touching, from moving up the table. But there's no room so it goes where the brown isn't, the next red disappears, and this has been a brilliant comeback from Mark. Which is not at all surprising, Mark being brilliant.

Selby 3-2 Doherty (53-10)

There aren't many better competitors than Mark in all sport, and when you marry that character to his level of skill, you have one of the most intimidating propositions possible. Since Ken tossed him a rubber ring at 2-0 he's been very good indeed, and it's hard to see him missing before this is well sorted.

Selby 3-2 Doherty (6-10)

Mark sends down a decent starter and then my system crashes; it returns with Ken at the table but cracking the pack off the blue, he ends up embedded in it and without an obviously telling safety. So he pushes at the nearest ball, leaves Mark a starter, and with the reds nicely spread, this is a pretty handy chance to win f&m.

Around the tables

Ricky Walden 3-2 Si Jiahui
Chen Zifan 0-1 Leo Fernandez
Chang Bingyu 2-1 Chris Wakelin

Selby 3-2 Doherty

A beautiful 130 clearance takes Mark one away. When he plays like this, there's not many can live with him.

Selby 2-2 Doherty (73-0)

Mark goes into the pack off the blue, the split is friendly, and this will be 3-2, I'm sure. Sat in his grey syoot and spotty bow-tie, Ken scratches his head like Stan Laurel; he knows that it wasn't this frame things went wrong for him, it was losing control of the white when set to go three in front.

Selby 2-2 Doherty (28-0)

Mark clips an easy enough long one into the top left, then a poor pink leaves him with a difficult one into the yellow pocket; he drains it well, gets onto the black, and already Ken will be fearing the worst.

Around the tables

David Lilley 3-4 Mitchell Mann (finished)
Ricky Walden 3-2 Si Jiahui
Chen Zifan v Leo Fernandez
Chang Bingyu 2-1 Chris Wakelin

Afternoon all

Who's there for a bit of Mark Selby v Ken Doherty?!

Good morning

Follow our live text updates from 13:45 UK time later today with world number one Judd Trump the biggest star in action this evening.
While Trump takes on Sunny Akani later on, before that we have Mark Allen, Kyren Wilson, Mark Selby, Jack Lisowski and Ken Doherty all in action.
Perhaps the standout fixture this afternoon will be former world champions Selby and Doherty facing off from 14:00.
As ever, enjoy the action live on Eurosport, and the Eurosport app.

Gibraltar Open



Today's schedule

  • Iulian Boiko 4-3 Fergal O’Brien
  • Mark Allen 4-0 Jamie Curtis-Barrett
  • Brandon Sargeant 1-4 Aaron Hill
  • Mark King 1-4 Luca Brecel
Round Two
  • Zhou Yuelong 1-4 Alexander Ursenbacher
  • David Lilley 3-2 Mitchell Mann
  • Hossein Vafaei 4-1 Allan Taylor
  • Kyren Wilson 4-0 Fan Zhengyi
  • Ricky Walden v Si Jiahui
  • Chen Zifan v Leo Fernandez
  • Chang Bingyu v Chris Wakelin
  • Ken Doherty v Mark Selby
  • Scott Donaldson v Joe Perry
  • Matthew Selt v Barry Hawkins
  • Zhao Xintong v Daniel Wells
  • Jack Lisowski v Jak Jones
  • Judd Trump v Sunny Akani
  • Tom Ford v Jamie Jones
  • Andrew Higginson v Stuart Carrington
  • Tian Pengfei v Anthony Hamilton

Wednesday's results

  • Stuart Bingham 4-0 Gerard Greene
  • Dominic Dale 0-4 Tian Pengfei
  • Barry Pinches 2-4 Anthony Hamilton
  • Liam Highfield 3-4 Fraser Patrick
  • Scott Donaldson 4-2 Peter Lines
  • Kacper Filipiak 0-4 Alan McManus
  • Jak Jones 4-3 Ryan Day
  • Rod Lawler 4-3 Jordan Brown
  • Lee Walker 2-4 Jamie O’Neil
  • Pang Junxu 4-3 Igor Figueredo
  • John Astley 2-4 Ali Carter
  • Anthony McGill 4-0 Louis Heathcote
  • Haydon Pinhey 1-4 Sunny Akani
  • Hamim Hussain 0-4 Jamie Wilson
  • Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4-0 Sean Maddocks
  • Billy Joe Castle 3-4 Ben Woollaston
  • Dylan Emery 4-0 Ben Hancorn
  • Oliver Lines 4-1 Riley Parsons
  • Simon Lichtenberg 3-4 Lu Ning
  • Neil Robertson 2-4 Lei Peifan

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